Saturday, January 08, 2011

Some Sunday Reading 1/9/11

After a little break from our Sunday reading, for the holidays, we're back with a few more articles from the Anderson Cooper archives. As always click to enlarge.

The first two pages are from Esquire Magazine circa September 2005
This page from Esquire, June 2006

And this last entry is from People Magazine, May 29, 2006

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ACAnderFan said...

I like the Esquire pages, there's not much to them, but their interesting. I loved the striped suit on Anderson in the 2nd pic. It looks very nice on him :)

judy said...

Wolf Blitzer and Don Lemon did a tremendous job tonite narrating the despicable craziness that is plaguing Arizona.
And why is this happening?
Maybe we should look at John McCain,and Jan Brewer.
What can you expect from a state that allows its citizens to carry concealed weapons out in the open,
lawlessness, that's what.
The AC of 2005, would be on a plane heading to AZ, ASAP.

Anonymous said...

@judy while I'd love to see AC in AZ CNN does have boots on the ground there, but my big question is how long will he be in Haiti? According to the promo 360 is only covering it for one night. I hope we have some positive stories tough I did like the coverage from a year ago, unlike some people. You have to show the bad with the good.

My one pet peeve from the coverage yesterday was the high amount of people reporting Gabby's death just because someone else said it was so. And the NYTimes is not the be all and end all of sources as one blogger seems to think(not this site however)

Anonymous said...

Judy I have to agree with you. The old AC would have been there last night or at least by this morning. I hate the way he has changed over the years.

Thank you

Anderholic said...

I think some of you Anderson "fans" might want to reconsider whether or not your are actually still a fan! Anderson has had the Haiti plans in the works for a long time, and had committed to showing Haiti on the one year anniversary of the earthquake. CNN covered the tragic shooting in Arizonz yesterday very well, but not with Anderson as he already had a big week planned with the Haiti coverage. Why do some of you get so offended that Anderson is covering the devesatation in Haiti (probably the biggest story in 2010, that killed hundreds of thousands of people, and continues to leave millions in jeopardy) instead of changing his and his whole production team's plans to cover a lunatic gunman in an isolated, tragic event that killed 6 and injured 12? I could understand feeling frustrated if there was no coverage on CNN, but they covered the story very well.
It seems like some of you just wait everyday for a chance to hate on Anderson and anything he does!

@judy: perhaps the AC of 2005 was lucky there was only one tragedy at a time and he could cover them all. When there are multiple tragedies occuring at the same time (as in today), he can't possibly cover everything himself! That's why CNN employs other people besides Anderson!

I have been a true fan of Anderson's since he first started reporting for Channel One. I may not enjoy each and every story he does, but I don't hold it against him if he does a story that doesn't peak my particular interest! He is still an excellent reporter, and when he gets to show off his lighter side and personality more (like when he co-hosts Regis and Kelly, the RedicuList and 60 minutes), well, the fangirl in me enjoys that even more!

Anonymous said...

@Anderholic I have to respond to your post. Who are you to question how much of a fan someone is of Anderson or anyone for that matter. Many of you appear to believe that we have to love every little thing he does and if we criticize him or his show we don't care anymore. You are totally and completely off base. I have been a fan of AC's since b4 Katrina, but I don't go into fangirl mode when he gets snarky, but that doesn't mean I don't like it. What you have to understand is that everyone has a different way of expressing their likes and dislikes when it comes to any celebrity.

It's not that I don't care for Anderson, it's more that I despise the way he was put on a pedestal by Jon Klein and made, yes I said made, to be the face of CNN, something I don't think he really wanted. Anderson himself has even said that after Katrina he found it harder to be a fly on the wall and observe because he was promoted so much.

Maybe I'd like to have the old AC back, but I know it will not happen
and I deal with it. As long as he has the passion and continues to report on things that matter I'll watch, thankfully it seems to be coming through more and more since Klein and Doss are gone. It took 5 years for Klein to ruin the show and it's going to take time to repair it, but I can wait.

judy said...

@11:45AM: Thank You. Just because we don't accept everything AC does, doesn't make us less loyal.
It just makes us more analytical.
@11:36AM: I think you are correct on both accounts.
Plans for Haiti were probably made well in advance and the NYT is certainly not the News Bible.

Anonymous said...

@5:55PM Very well said.
Couldn't have said it better.