Monday, January 03, 2011

A Special Edition & Anderson Cooper 360


Anderson Cooper opened a "Special Edition of AC360" by explaining that he was basically filling the 9pmET "time slot for 2 weeks until Piers Morgan got his act together and gets his show on the air."

His first guest was Michael Moore who joked, "I'm your first guest on your new show that will last only two weeks. I'm honored."

FROM THE MOUTH OF MOORE, Outspoken filmmaker dishes on Tea Party: Anderson's interview with Michael Moore, Documentary Filmmaker

360 BULLETIN: Joe Johns

POLITICS, A FAMILY BUSINESS: Anderson' s interview with Rep. Ron Paul (R) Texas and Senator-elect Rand Paul (R) Kentucky

ANDERSON COOPER INTRODUCES US TO PIERS MORGAN: Part 1 of Anderson's interview with Piers Morgan who will be taking over the 9pmET hour on January 17th


And Anderson closed the Special Edition of Anderson Cooper 360 saying he would see us tomorrow night at 9pmET and 10pmET


Anderson opened AC360 giving us a run down on tonight's top stories: Raunchy Navy Tape; Breaking News - Farve Under Fire Sexual Harassment Suit; and Apocalypse Now?


NAVY INVESTIGATES ANTI-GAY VIDEO, Videos contain lewd behavior and slurs: Anderson's follow up interview with Katie Miller and Kirk Lippold

BREAKING NEWS - REPORTS, Brett Farve being sued for sexual harassment by Jets message therapist: Anderson's follow-up discussion with Marcellus Wiley, Bob Ryan and Sunny Hostin

MYSTERIOUS BIRD DROPPINGS, Up to 5,000 birds fall from sky in Ark.: A report by Ed Lavandera

MYSTERIOUS BIRD DROPPINGS, Up to 5,000 birds fall from sky in Ark.: Anderson's follow-up interview with Kirk Cameron, Actor, Producer

360 BULLETIN: Joe Johns

JACKSON'S DOCTOR FACES TRIAL, Defense may argue Jackson killed himself: A report by Randi Kaye

JACKSON'S DOCTOR FACES TRIAL, Defense may argue Jackson killed himself: Anderson's follow-up discussion with Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Sunny Hostin

THE RidicuList: Snooki

EXTRAS: We have lots for you tonight. First there was the Web Exclusive Piers Morgan interview with Anderson:


And caught on a repeat episode of Dr. Phil, Anderson talks about the issue of bullying, suicide and his brother.


And in case you missed it - a cute promo for Anderson & Kathy's New Year's Eve coverage.


From some NYE photos of Anderson & Kathy:


From Twitter:

AC360 Producer, Jack Gray "tweeted" this photo of the 'after party'!

For the next few nights we will be sharing some screen grabs from CNN New Year's Eve Live with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin. Here are a few to get you started ~

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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ACAnderFan said...

360 wasn't very good last nite. Bad story selection. The 9pm hour was better though. Will be interesting too see what direction this 9pm hours goes in the next two weeks.

judy said...

Thank you for all the downloads and extras...I'm saying this now because I will forget later and the pix of AC and Kathy at the so-called after party is probably what
really happened,cute.
AC's Special Edition was a lot better than his regular program 360
which could have well been on HLN, pure sleeze.
What about important topics like J&J's new discovery of a test that can detect cancer cells in the blood?
There must have been some other topics and content that could have been discussed.
Yes, birds and fish lying dead is not a joke, but the way CNN is reporting it, you would think it was....
AC, Snookie should always be on the ridiculist, and the mere fact that she can read, no less write, is surprising.
I do hope 360 doesn't keep on disappointing in the New Year because AC has extra duties.

aries moon said...

Sometimes Anderson is so naive--Michael Moore was correct when he said that the reason for the persistance of birthers and Issa's remark that President Obama is "corrupt" is most likely racism--AC might consider it a "cheap shot" to label folks like the birthers and Issa as racist, but I find it more of a cheap shot and an insult that the President has been relentlessly subjected to the sort of baseless accusations and suspicions that have been thrown at him by birthers and/or Republicans. Some might be sick and tired of hearing it, but it doesn't negate the fact that racism is deeply entrenched and insidious in this country's history and I'm not sure why AC has this tendency to be so dismissive about that. Having said that, I enjoyed the interview--it was lengthy and substantial. Wasn't too interested in Piers or the Pauls. There was very little politics on 360 and although I recognize it's importance, I was kind of relieved to not see any political panel discussions--the other reports weren't especially earth shattering, but they were interesting enough (Kirk Cameron's inclusion had me scratching my head though) and AC's Snooki Ridiculist attack was quite funny.

Thanks for all the pics/clips--a nice bunch of extras.

Anonymous said...

It was nice to see Anderson back. Loved the Interview with MM. As I have a son who lives in MI. I can say right now there are very few jobs avaible but it is a strong state that will with America get back on it feet and brush it self off.

The second hour I watched on and off. Did catch the redickulist with snooki. I got a kick out of Anderson reading portions of her book it was hystericail.


EmmKay said...

Probably not the weightiest of topics last night, but certainly an amusing show which is okay with me since next week will have such a heavy focus on where Haiti is now.

It was entertaining to see Kirk Cameron become a trending topic on Twitter last night.

Anonymous said...

Lisa Bloom hasn't been on CNN/360 lately unless I have missed her. is she still a CNN contributor?

Jazz said...

...because when thousands of birds fall from the sky, Kirk Cameron is the first person I think to talk to. SMDH