Thursday, January 06, 2011

Thursday's Double Feature

SPECIAL EDITION of AC360 in the LKL hour

Tonight's guests were Ted Nugent, James Carville and Debi Mazar. They discussed a wide range of topics that included the birther controversy, today's reading of the Constitution in the House, the birthright citizenship debate and the BP oil spill.

The second half of the special hour was part 2 of Anderson Cooper's interview with Paula Abdul.

The last segment of the special hour was Piers Morgan Unplugged



The program began with a look back at AC's interview on Wednesday night with Andrew Wakefield about the link between inoculations and autism.

AUTISM, VACCINES, ACCUSATIONS OF FRAUD: Brian Deer (journalist, Sunday Times of London)

PENTAGON CHILD PORN INVESTIGATION, 1,700 potential suspects not checked out: Senator Chuck Grassley (R) Iowa

360 BULLETIN: Joe Johns

WHO KILLED BIGGIE AND TUPAC? Murders of gangster rap icons go unsolved: Ted Rolands reporting

FOLLOW UP: John Walsh

THE RIDICULIST: The Interrupter

Oprah talks about Cooper's new talk show:

Oprah Winfrey held her first press conference today in Pasadena, CA to help launch OWN, her fledgling cable network, Inside TV reported.

Her most compelling quote came at the end of the press conference, when someone asked her to comment on Anderson Cooper’s planned syndicated talk show for the fall and whether he has the potential to become the next Oprah.

“No,” Winfrey said unequivocally. “Will he be the next Anderson Cooper? Yes. This whole idea… it was like me [being asked], ‘Are you going to be the next Phil Donahue?’ I created my own way. I’m a fan of [Cooper's]. Obviously, he’s very talented. It would be interesting to see who does watch him, and what [he'll] do that’s different. And I will be rooting for him. He will not, definitively, will not — what I know for sure — he will not be the next Oprah.”

A few more screengrabs from CNN's NYE broadcast:

Blogger's Commentary: I'm happy to be back to blogging with a brand, spank'in new modem that makes uploading clips so much faster and easier. Now if CNN would give us something clipworthy.
I can't help but comment on the choice of panelists for the 'special' hour of AC360. Ted Nugent isn't objectionable, if the right side must be represented. And any night with Carville isn't all bad but WTF were they thinking when they booked Debi Mazar? She was beyond painful to watch. After her first few disjointed, nonsensical observations I was forced to mute or switch the channel when she spoke. I still am not sure if the B lister had any credentials for being a panelist beyond her sublebrity, I just know I wasn't impressed.

On a personal note: Some of you know, because you follow me on Twitter, that I had a very interesting day on Wednesday. My daughter and I decided to meet at the mall to do some shopping and have lunch. We usually don't hit the malls but the one in Chandler had everything we were looking for (Pottery Barn, Yankee Candle, Williams Sonoma & Nordstroms) all in one stop. We got there around 10:30 and didn't get too far into our shopping experience before all hell broke loose. We never did hear the announcement to exit the mall immediately but when we saw a stampede of people running toward us we knew our quiet day of shopping wasn't going to happen. Funny but at first I thought it was a flash mob and my daughter thought maybe they'd announced a contest or money drop outside the mall. But when we saw the look of terror on people's faces and the swat teams with their rifles we knew something was terribly wrong. We got out before the lock down and continued to run until we were well past the mall parking lot and perimeter stores. By then I think every police car, swat team and helicopter in the whole State of AZ had descended on the mall. It was a scene out of a movie.
We were lucky not only that no one was hurt but also that we weren't stuck in the mall on lock down for 5+ hours. We eventually made our way to our cars and headed home to watch the rest of the drama on television.
When AC360 and other news programs played video people had taken of the evacuation I had a *head desk* moment. It just never dawned on me to pull out my phone and film. Guess from now on I won't question why people who run into AC on the street or in a restaurant don't prove it with pictures. ~ Phebe

AC360 Transcript

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judy said...

Good to hear from you Phebe. It has been a while.
Sorry about your experience in the AZ mall.
Is it me or is 360 getting more boring each time I view it??
Yes, Oprah was correct. There will never be another Oprah nor should there be.
If Anderson is to be successful as a talk show host, he must develop his own style, which he has, but as she pointed out, he has to be different...that's the key and it will be interesting to see who will watch his daytime program.
Oprah always has insiteful comments, that's why she's OPRAH.

Anonymous said...

The important thing is that you and your daughter and everybody are safe, Phebe. It wouldn't occur to me either to take out my phone/camera.

I changed channels a lot during 360. The first report on vaccines and autism seemed too much like a repeat of yesterday's. And the Tupac & Biggie murder mystery just didn't interest me.

So is Anderson's new talk show going to be like the 9 pm show he's been doing now? The discussion yesterday with Nugent, Barr and Belcher was entertaining (didn't get to see todays) and it's great to have strongly opinionated people have a good conversation about politics. But would that work for daytime TV audiences?

Oprah's right. Anderson has to be Anderson and create his own talk show like Oprah wasn't Phil Donahue and Phil Donahue wasn't Mike Douglas.


ACAnderFan said...

I am so loving Anderson's 9pm hour. Its so different from what he normally foes. I find it very interesting/entertaining. I like the random people they throw together to have a discussion. If Anderson's talk show is going to be anything like this special edition of 360 we get for two weeks then I think it could work and be really good.

EmmKay said...

Phebe - Glad you got out of the mall situation okay! How crazy!

One comment on your sidenote about pictures of AC, while some sightings might be fiction or mistaken identity, I never get why people think the lack of photos means it didn't happen. Aside from people being caught up in the moment, maybe they just want to be polite.

It's one thing if you meet him at a planned event where he expects to be photographed, but taking photos of him eating dinner is just rude. And if I met him (or anyone else I admire) on the street, I hope we'd have a conversation like normal people and not some crazy fangirl moment with snapping photos.

ACAnderFan said...

@Phebe, glad you and your daughter are safe after that mall incident. I'm guessing its a small number of people who actually take pictures/video of situations like that.

aries moon said...

Phebe, what a close call I'm glad you and your daughter didn't get caught up in the lockdown and that no one was hurt.

Too much Ted Nugent and Mazar had nothing to say, at least Roseanne had some sensible arguments to make the other night.

I hope AC and his daytime team are working on ways to make his show a standout, they still have several months and it will be interesting to see what he's going to bring to the daytime table. But it has to be unique since daytime talk is pretty much been there, done that at this point.