Monday, January 24, 2011

Tonight's 360, from Slavery to Mad Men

KEEPING THEM HONEST, Flunking History: Anderson Cooper fact checks Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R) Minnesota

FLUNKING HISTORY, Rep. Bachmann flubs the facts in speech: Follow up discussion with Paul Begala, Professor Eddie Glaude and Susan Molinari former Congresswoman (R) NY

SHOCKING REPORT ON FIRED MICH. ASST. AG, New details on Andrew Shirvell's bizarre behavior: Jeffery Toobin and Deborah Gordon, Chris Armstrong's attorney

ACCUSED ARIZONA GUNMAN IN COURT, Not guilty plea entered for Jared Loughner: Ted Rowlands and Sunny Hostin

360 NEWS BULLETIN: Isha Sesay

OLBERMANN'S EXIT, Reports: Olbermann tried to leave MSNBC earlier: Bill Carter (NY Times) and Colby Hall (


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ACAnderFan said...

360 was OK. The most interesting part was the discussion about Keith Olbermann. I don't know why but I find all these discussions about Keith Olbermann to be very interesting.

I don't watch Mad Men as its usually seems to be on when Army Wives is on but I did like the RidicuList. I liked seeing him get all fired up over his fave TV show. I'd feel the same way if something like that happened to Army Wives.

judy said...

We will soon see what kind of impact, Keith Olbermann's absence has on AC's ratings, or on Rachel Maddow's ratings and if his fans are somehow evenly divided between the two.
Michele Backman is another Republican idiot woman who doesn't know what she's taking about, let alone our founding fathers' intentions.
I too, am a huge Mad Men fan and love Jon Hamm and the entire story line, which AC seemed very adept at following.
Yes, it is disappointing and I suppose ridiculous if AMC and Lionsgate can't reach an agreement.
Again the viewing public is held hostage during their negotiations.
AC has a good memory, I had forgotten about Joan's pregnancy, with married Roger's baby. He MUST lend Isha the DVDs!

Anonymous said...

I misspelled Michele Bachmann's last name in my prior post.
But that's OK. She's unable to spell any of the names of the founding fathers.

Anonymous said...

As a Minnesotan, I'd just like to point out that I do not live in Michelle Bachmann's district so I'm taking no blame for her time in office.

Not surprised Bachmann is playing fast and loose with American history. She always struck me as someone who barely paid attention in class and only studied enough to pass the course with a C grade. I loved Begala's line that Bachmann couldn't win "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader."

The rest of 360 was good but not great. The discussion about Olbermann seemed to be a lot of stating the obvious... well obvious to anyone who knows anything about Olbermann and the TV industry. I like Bill Carter though and recently got his new book about the Leno/O'Brien war. His first book about Letterman/Leno was very good.

I don't watch "Mad Men" and wondering if I should. Anderson likes it so it must be good, right? But then again he also likes the Real Housewives show.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the banter between Isha and Anderson! (maybe even more than Erica?!?).... I acutally LOL'd when Isha was hinting at the upcoming story about Team Coco and Jay Leno, and said "I don't know what team you are on!"... I found it so funny cuz of all the stupid hoopla about whether or not Anderson is gay! He seemed to find it funny too! Why do people care whether or not he is gay?? (They should change the name of Don't Ask/Don't Tell to Don't know/Don't Care!)

Tedi B said...

I haven't watched Mad Men but it's one of those shows that looks really good. I just hate trying to watch a show when I don't know the plot or the characters. I usually watch them online from the begining.

Good show!

Anonymous said...

Mad Men is brilliant and already seems like it's barely on TV with it's only being on late July-October. To make us wait past the summer or into 2012 is insane. Glad AC called attention to it. I'm not sure if this sounds like I'm mocking the show. I'm not. I'm totally serious. I want my Mad Men.

aries moon said...

I didn't even know there was a problem with Mad Men's 5th season and now I'm pissed--it's a rich, well written show with complex characters and great acting--the last season was fantastic as AC said--anyone who hasn't watched it should give it try--it's a series that rarely disappoints and that's something you can't say about most shows.

Wonz said...

@Anon 4:07 - I, too, really enjoy Isha on 360 and find her banter with Anderson entertaining. I respect the work she does at the iDesk, as well.

I'm rather disturbed by the rest of your comment. If you really believe that DADT should be changed to Don't Know/Don't Care, then why did you go there with the rest of your comment? When the whole Team Coco and Team Leno tease came up, my mind didn't even go where your's obviously did. Perhaps it's best to leave those types of comments/questions to yourself or on a gossip blog if it's a conversation you wish to pursue?

Anonymous said...

Mad Men is one of those shows, like the West Wing you may not like at first, but it grows on you. I hope the negotiations get done quick I need a Don Draper fix soon. And Anderson as Roger Sterling was too funny.

As for Isha, I think she's great and she can dish it out without getting silly. She's intelligent and a great new addition to the she despite what some people think.

Anonymous said...

@Jaanza: Absolutely, try to get into it and rent the prior DVD's.
It is especially interesting if you were a child of the 60's as AC was.
I'm fascinated just by the fashions
because it is such an exact depiction of the times. is a slow tedious start, just a warning. Stick with it and it is well worth the effort.