Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Two on Tuesday


Anderson Cooper was in at 9pmET again. He sat down with four funny ladies for most of the program and ended with part 2 of his 'getting to know Piers Morgan' interview.

FUNNY LADIES, Rivers, Behar & Griffin together: Anderson sits down with Joan Rivers, Joy Behar & Kathy Griffin to talk lady comedians

QUEENS OF COMEDY, Diller, Rivers, Behar & Griffin on women & comedy: The group was joined by Phyllis Diller

PIERS MORGAN UNPLUGGED, He's made famous people cry: Anderson's continuing introduction to the man who will be filling the 9pmET hour beginning January 17th


AC360 :

Anderson Cooper opened AC360 with a run down on tonight's top stories: GOP Target - Repeal Health Care; Censoring Huck Finn; and 360's Most Notorious Cold Cases

KEEPING THEM HONEST: GOP TARGET, Health Care: A report by Anderson Cooper

TARGETING: Health Care Reform, Are Republicans breaking their own rules?: Anderson's follow-up discussion with Dana Loesch and Cornell Belcher

CENSORING HUCK FINN: A report by Anderson Cooper

REWRITING "HUCK FINN" AND "TOM SAWYER", Publisher deletes "N"-word from classics: Anderson's follow-up discussion with Dr. Boyce Watkins, Michaela Angela Davis, and Andre Perry

CANCER TEST, HYPE OR HOPE: A report by Anderson Cooper

NEW CANCER TEST MOVES FORWARD: Anderson's follow-up discussion with Dr. Sanjay Gupta about a potential new blood test that could detect cancer

360 BULLETIN: Tom Foreman

MURDER ON FALCON LAKE, Inside the cold case: A report by Drew Griffin

MURDER ON FALCON LAKE, John Walsh gives his take on the cold case: Anderson sits down to discuss the case with John Walsh

QUEENS OF COMEDY: A replay of the highlights of Anderson's interview with Rivers, Behar, Griffin & Diller from the 9pmET hour


The RidicuList:The Lottery


Anderson took a look back at the Year 2010 - Headlines in the News - in this video posted on CNN.com (I'm thinking it was taped before he left on vacation, as the White House won two important pieces of legislation -- the repeal of DADT and the 9/11 Responder's Health Care Bill both passed, but there was no mention of either in the video below. I think Anderson was already on vacation at the time. ~ Wonz)

Some professional pictures from NYE - courtesy of Daylife.com

And some screen grabs from CNN's New Year's Eve Live with Anderson Cooper & Kathy Griffin

Anderson's mom called in....

Anderson had to be on his toes at all times....

Oh, man...

And a personal shout out to Joneil, AC360 producer, who rode in the truck while Gary and Samantha Tuchman ran in Central Park...

more to come all week! ~ Wonz.

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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ACAnderFan said...

Once again I think the 9pm hour was better than the 10pm hour. I thought the comedy women were pretty funny. Anderson doing the 9pm hour is turning out to be pretty good.

I really don't think the "N" word needs to be removed from Huckleberry Finn. That's how the book was written and I don't think it should be altered in any way. I'm sorry but at the time the book was written that was a word people used. I think people are too overly sensitive sometimes.

Why does 360 keep doing these crime stories? They're boring and a waste of perfectly good air time. Its like they're trying to turn 360 into the Nancy Grace show or something.

Love the NYE pics from Daylife.com

judy said...

360 was better tonite as far as content and I'm certainly glad AC spoke with Dr Gupta about the blood test that is now able to detect cancer cells and whether it will be beneficial later on.
What he didn't ask and should have, is the fact that we ALL have latent or dormant cancer cells in our bodies, and some of them are simply "harmless." Just like digital mammograms can now find the most minute cancer cells and many times the result is simply a "false positive." Either the fact checker wasn't checking or "somebody" didn't thorougly do "his" homework on this subject.
I didn't bother watching the "funny ladies." Personally I saw enough of KG on New Years.
@aires moon: I don't think AC is dismissive on the birther issue, but I have found him to be dismissive of racism in general.
Possibly because he's never had to face it.(As usual your comment was thought provoking, more thought provoking than the actual show.)
Thanks for the extra downloads.

aries moon said...

The 9 pm show was fun even though it wasn't live like Monday's--loved hearing from each of the comediennes about their struggles and triumphs in their male-dominated business. Joan Rivers has had SO much work done on her face--Kathy Griffin might want to stop while she's ahead. Phyllis Diller cracked me up when she commented on AC's complexion but he looked like he was having a good time throughout the show. I like the tone of the 9 pm 360 so far--too bad Piers will be taking over that slot soon. :/

The N-word is a horrible thing, but taking it out of Huckleberry Finn is a ridiculous idea and a dangerous road to go down.

EmmKay said...

I thought Piers came off very well in part 2 of the interview.

Definitely enjoying the 9pm AC360. Although that's easy to say with so little decent TV on right now. Would love to see them consider moving Piers to 8pm and Parker/Spitzer to 11.

aries moon said...

but I have found him to be dismissive of racism in general.

@Judy, yes, that's exactly what I meant in my post yesterday--his questioning of birthers has been some of his best work as a reporter, but I think he, like a lot of people who aren't faced with racism, probably feel like those who insist that it's is still a problem are just whining, overreacting and pulling the "race card" every chance they get without any real justification. Those of us who have experienced actual racism really do know it when we see it and recognize it instantly in even its most subtle forms. Thank you for your kind words about my post--I feel the same about your comments.