Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday, January 26th's AC 360

KEEPING THEM HONEST "9/11 COIN SCAM": Report by Anderson Cooper

9/11 COIN SCAM? Company says it's done nothing wrong, lawmakers disagree: Interview with Rep. Jerrold Nadler and Tom Diprisco

BATTLE OVER BIBLE-THEMED PARK Critics question the separation of church and state: Discussion with Jeffrey Toobin, Rev. Barry Lynn, and Ken Ham

360 BULLETIN: Isha Sesay

BATTLE OVER BULLYING: Interview with Dr. Phil McGraw

STORE CENSORS ELTON JOHN FAMILY PICTURE Reverses decision after internet backlash: Continued discussion with Dr. Phil McGraw

360 BULLETIN: Isha Sesay


From Wednesday's New York Daily News:

The Silver Fox outfoxed? We hear Anderson Cooper is kicking himself now. The CNN star and sometime Regis Philbin fill-in would have loved to take over for Regis when he leaves "Live! With Regis and Kelly," had he any inkling Reege was thinking of packing it in. But Philbin's retirement announcement last week blindsided everyone, and Cooper had already committed to do his own daytime show, "Anderson."

There's even been speculation that Philbin planned the surprise to throw off potential successors. A rep for Philbin didn't respond by press time, but a Cooper spokeswoman denied any disappointment. She said Cooper was "incredibly excited" about his new show. "He has no regrets about anything, except a velour track suit he once wore in the eighth grade," she said.

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ACAnderFan said...

360 was very good last nite. I loved it! I think the company trying to sell the 8/11 coins is misleading because most people aren't reading the fine print. Though if you're ordering something off of the TV you probably should be reading the fine print.

The store in Arkansas covering up the current issue of US Magazine is just stupid. I don't even know how to respond to it because it is so dumb.

Loved the RidicuList. $150,000 is crazy. It was an olive pit. Kucinich is making it out to be way worse than it was. Loved Anderson's snark during the RidicuList.

Anderson is a good fill in for Regis but I'm guessing he'd rather have his own show just because he can take it in any direction he wants to and make it his own. R&K is an established show, he can be more creative with his own show.

judy said...

Maybe it's my HD Sony, but Dr.Phil of Himself, looked orange, very orange, and it's about time AC spoke to someone else. I'm sure there are other educational resources and interns who would be more than happy to find some new face for discussion.
Yes, this is a perfect example of why teachers don't get involved in kids that are overly agressive, or who are disruptive. There are resource specialists for this and every child, MUST be sent through the proper channels.
Anyone who has taken school law, and I recommend it highly, documentation, documentation, documentation. That's the best we can do to protect our OWN interests.
I don't like Kucinich, and if he didn't have good dental coverage, I probably wouldn't think it was ridiculous to sue...but he does.
The Daily News is not the NYPost.
It is a tabloid I do not buy or trust, and I do believe that AC did what he wanted to do, although, Kelly DID make the whole thing look really easy.

Phebe said...

@judy, he was extremely orange on my set too. And his head looked lumpy...Dr. Phil, not AC.
I wonder why they aren't using Dr. Drew more since he's getting a show on HLN and cross promoting is big with CNN. I know he was in the hospital a while ago but think he's back to work now.

I was very disappointed that 360 didn't have Egypt news on. Ben Wedeman phoned in some incredible coverage today.

Anonymous said...

After a day of pure politics, it was great to see other reports on Wednesday's 360. It was a good selection of stories.

Way back in the last millennium a friend of mine worked at the local drugstore where Cosmopolitan and Vogue often got the Playboy cover treatment. The store owner was certain he was protecting his older customers who wouldn't want to see such tawdry women but my friend thought it was because he was a narrow-minded prude. Although this was Minnesota around 1980 (back then quite liberal) you still had people who thought a hint of cleavage was scandalous. Wonder what that store manager would have thought about the Elton John cover.

Isn't Dr. Phil always orange?


Anonymous said...

I watched most of 360 or the first time in ages and I think I figured out what they are trying to do. It appears, to me, that they want to b a news magazine - the two or three distinct segments and maybe some news thrown in with a little Andy Rooneyesk segment at the end. Unfortunately there are times, as with the turmoil in Tunisia and Egypt that that the news should take over the key spot.

And yes, I did notice Dr Phil the lumpy pumpkin, but he was in the LA Studio and as we all know they aren't the kindest when it comes to doing make up. Pebe are you sure it it's Dr Phil going to HLN, I though it was Dr Drew?

Anonymous said...

Loved the comment from AC's rep about the tracksuit.
Egypt coverage would have been nice.