Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Anderson Cooper Faces Off With Nir Rosen


We begin with breaking news, good evening everyone. A violent new police crackdown on protesters in the Middle East caught on tape, as it happened, blow by blow. This time the Gulf state of Bahrain. Police there swarming across the Capital trying to force protesters out of the Pearl roundabout area of the city. According to one eye witness the attack was a cowardly one. He said the demonstrators, including woman and children, were sleeping when police came in with stun grenades and tear gas. At least two people are dead. One American correspondent, ABC's Miguel Marquez, was injured.

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ADDING INSULT TO INJURY, Nic Rosen under fire for tweets on Lara Logan : Joan Walsh ( and Ashleigh Banfield (ABC News)

HEART TRANSPLANT MISCOMMUNICATION, Family says they never got notification of funding: Arizonian Douglas Gravagna talks with Anderson


KNOX CASE GETS NEW LOOK, Amanda Knox appealing conviction in Italy: Joe Johns reporting

KNOX'S PARENTS FACE LIBEL CASE: Drew Griffin reporting

THE RIDICULIST: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

BLOGGER'S COMMENTARY: Thanks to Anderson Cooper and AC360 many of you have taken an interest in Douglas Gravagna's case as he fights to obtain a heart transplant in Arizona. AC360 has interviewed several key players in the controversial decision that AZ. Gov. Jan Brewer has made to deny residents of Arizona life saving procedures to help balance the budget.

Today Kathlen Sebelius, U.S. Heath & Human Services Secretary, issued a ruling that Arizona can further cut over a quarter of a million residents from its Medicaid rolls, thus saving the State even more money and putting even more of the State's residents at risk because they will be uninsured.

Democrats in the AZ State House vow to fight the Governor's efforts to cut services to residents. But while that fight makes its way through debates and the eventual State wide ballot vote more and more Douglas Gravagnas will suffer by not receiving the care that they so deserve.

Our budget problems are real and very serious in Arizona but there has to be a better solution than cutting health care to the people who need it most. ~Phebe

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ACAnderFan said...

360 was OK last nite and Nir Rosen is an idiot. How did he not know that Lara Logan was sexually assaulted? It was all over the interent on tuesday. He sounds like an idiot saying he really didn't know what happened to her. All he did was talk in circles and waste Anderson's time. And why anyone would make light of some being attacked and/or sexually assaulted is beyond me. I don't understand why you would do that.

The RidicuList was good. I love when Anderson makes fun of Jersey Shore. That show just asks to be made fun of.

Tedi B said...

As a person who has had a serious illness and no health insurance I can personally say that no one gives a damn if you live or die. It's no surprise to me that these poor people in Az are being treated like this. It sucks that in this day in age in our modern country that people are dying because they don't have money. It's horrible and just goes to show how many people in government actually give a damn. I guess we could put it this way to them... if you let these people die you'll have less tax payers and less voters :o( It's really sorry, isn't it?

aries moon said...

It was clear that Nir Rosen had no defense for his actions--AC did a good job of interrogating him. I also liked seeing Joan Walsh of Salon on the show and I agreed with her comments on the incident.

What a heartless decision by Kathleen Sebelius to aid Brewer taking more Arizona residents off Medicaid--it makes you wonder whether they even bothered to look for a less hurtful alternative solution at all. Truly disgusting.