Thursday, February 03, 2011

Anderson Cooper From An Undisclosed Location

Anderson tweeted before show time about why the broadcast looked "funky" tonight~

CHAOS IN CAIRO, Anderson reporting from undisclosed location: Anderson explained the situation and narrated video of what they had "seen" today, on the ground in Cairo.


EGYPT UPRISING, Violence rages in Cairo for second day: Anderson Cooper and Ivan Watson discuss today's events

EGYPT UPRISING, Violence rages in Cairo for second day: Christoper Dickey, Newsweek & Daily Beast joins the discussion

EGYPT EVACUATIONS, Stated Dept. urging Americans to take govt. flights: Anderson's discussion with Jill Dougherty

EGYPT UPRISING, Violence rages in Cairo for second day: Anderson's discussion with Fouad Ajami

CHAOS IN CAIRO, Obama admin. wants Pres. Mubarak to step down: Anderson's discussion with John King

CHAOS IN CAIRO, Massive anti-Mubarak rally planned for Friday: Anderson's discussion with Hala Gorani

EGYPTIAN JOURNALIST RESIGNS, Worked for state-run TV: Anderson's interveiw with Shahira Amin

LAY OF THE LAND, A look at Cairo's key locations: A report by John King and follow-up discussion with Anderson

EGYPT UPRISING, Journalists under siege on Day 10: A fascinating discussion between Anderson and Foud Ajami on Cairo and what it's future may hold (If you missed it I suggest you see the transcript of the broadcast. Link below.)

360 BULLETIN: Isha Sesay

CHAOS IN CAIRO, Anderson reporting from undisclosed location: Anderson closed AC360 saying, " We don't know where we'll be broadcasting from tomorrow night. We don't know frankly, if we can broadcast from here tomorrow night. We certainly hope so. Thank you for watching. We will continue to follow, no matter what happens in the hours ahead. CNN will be here continuing to follow what is happening."

BLOGGER'S COMMENTARY: I have been watching Mr. Cooper, along with Ben, Ivan and Hala report from Cairo for the last five nights and I just want to say Thank You. Thank you for covering this story amid the trying circumstances foisted upon you. I greatly admire your courage and dedication for anchoring and reporting from Cairo the last two nights, when it became apparent your safety was at risk. We are all watching "history in the making" and thank you, your teams on the ground and the 360 Team in the NYC studio for bringing this story into our living rooms. Stay safe and Godspeed. ~ Wonz


Anderson in the news today~

Egypt revolt: CNN's Anderson Cooper sets the bar on courage with reporting in midst of Cairo chaos

EXECS ON EGYPT: CNN's Maddox: It's Up To Our Journos If They Want To Stay In Egypt

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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ACAnderFan said...

Very brave of Anderson for broadcasting under such undesirable conditions. It was one of the better 360's from Egypt.

I wonder how long Anderson can/will stay in Egypt. Every hour that passes it becomes more and more dangerous. At some point its just going to become entirely too dangerous for him to do anything if it hasn't already. He's already been attacked twice. At some point his luck is going to run out.

aries moon said...

If Anderson's at the point where he's announcing that he's feeling scared, it's a good indicator of just how badly things are going in Cairo--he's been in plenty of dangerous situations in the past but I don't ever recall him actually publicly expressing any concern for his safety--nevertheless, the reporting on CNN continues to be outstanding and in spite of its "funky" look, the show ran relatively smoothly. I hope AC and all the reporters who are staying in Cairo to cover the protests will be safe.

Pixiedust said...

I know Anderson is brave and loves to see things with his own eyes, but what a void it would leave at CNN if anything happens to him. I'm really worried what today will bring it sounds like the mass killing is just beginning. Then how does AC get out of there?

He needs to take fabric to put behind him for a blank wall so that the drapes don't give away their location. Even if he is gone, the people harboring them can be in trouble.

We need to stop funds immediately!

My prayers are with the people fighting for democracy, the reporters, the care givers and everyone else involved in this fight.

Anonymous said...

Awesome of Anderson and his crew to keep on reporting from Cairo even though it's become very dangerous to do so. He has to get an Edward R. Murrow Award for this.

I couldn't intently watch the entire show; was the woman next to Anderson Hala? I never heard him introduce her or talk to her. However, I was out of the room occasionally, I never heard her talk. It was just odd for her to be there all the time like a co-host but just sitting there.

For the anonymous poster yesterday (please leave a name, it doesn't have to be real) regarding my comment about Jon Stewart. I KNOW Jon was trying to be funny but I also think there was some sincerity and respect there. Jon could have easily highlighted Christiane Amanpour or Katie Couric or any one of the other 40+ journalists who have been mistreated in Cairo. Maybe it's easy to make fun of the Silver Fox but I'm sure Jon would jump through hoops to get Anderson on his show once he's back in the U.S.


Wonz said...

@Jaanza - If people don't watch TDS, I don't think they "get" Jon and what he does. That being said, I loved the segments. Aasif's part was funny, too. I think it's obvious to people that watch Jon, have seen him interviewed, etc. that he respects Anderson's work and this was his way of showing that respect and admiration. I'm guessing Anderson will laugh, when/if he sees it. He seems to like Jon and he understands a sense of humor.