Sunday, February 13, 2011

Anderson Cooper Interviews Lady Gaga for 60 Minutes

Anderson Cooper interviewed Lady Gaga over the course of several months and in three locations; London, Milan & New York City.

VIDEO: Part 1 of the interview

VIDEO: Part 2 of the interview

A couple of extra caps ~

And three extra videos from 60Minutes Overtime

Lady Gaga: Behind the "60 Minutes" Interview

Veteran producer John Hamlin followed Lady Gaga from London to Milan to New York. Hear the stories from the road, get a tour of Gaga's dressing room, and see the pop star's emotional moment we saved from the cutting room floor.


Gaga: My Bravery Is In My Wigs

Anderson Cooper and Lady Gaga discuss hermaphrodite rumors, fame, and the bravery of fishnets and wigs.


A Tale of 3 Divas

What did Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Barbra Streisand all do behind the scenes on their "60 Minutes" shoots?




CNN's Anderson Cooper jokes about Egypt attack during Naples talk
'I think if you’re going to get beat in the head, you might as well get it on camera,' he said

NAPLES — Anderson Cooper drew laughter from the sold-out audience Sunday night in North Naples to listen to the CNN host as part of Naples Town Hall Distinguished Speakers Series, even joking about his recent attack by a mob in Egypt.

For the full article click here.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper was in North Naples on Sunday night for the Naples Town Hall Distinguished Speakers Series at the Ritz-Carlton Naples Beach Resort.

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ACAnderFan said...

I absolutely LOVED Anderson's 60 Minutes interview with Lady GaGa. Not only was it his best 60 Minutes piece I think it was his best interview ever. I like Lady GaGa. She really don't open up much so for her to share what she did with Anderson I think says alot about him and his skills.

Tedi B said...

I enjoyed the behinds the scene footage more than most of the interview itself. Overall, I liked it. I'm just glad that she didn't feel the need to use the saw on him!

judy said...

I said I wouldn't watch the 60 Minutes interview, but since I always watch 60 Minutes, I watched anyway.
I was totally unimpressed with Ga,Ga...and it seems the Grammy people, from the reviews on line were not impressed as well.
Let's see if she's around when she hits seventy, like Mick Jagger.
Doubt it.
Glad Naples enjoyed AC's view of Egypt, but it wasn't funny when it was happening.

Chris said...

Same here! The Overtime segments are more interesting. The stuff that they have decided to air is nothing new...
At least Anderson did a great job!

Anonymous said...

I love Anderson but am just not interested in Lady Gaga, didn't watch the interview either on TV or the clips here. Great stuff for the Lady Gaga fans out there and maybe this will bring in new and younger viewers to 360.

Hope it's not too late to say thanks for all the fun clips in Saturday's post.


aries moon said...

Those CBS Overtime behind the scenes interviews are really well done--it was really interesting to see how the interviews are set up, watching AC and his producers tweak the script and watching AC do the voiceover for the report--I could watch that all day--it's not often that we get to see the real work done to get everything together. The Gaga interview was very good--I can't say I'm all that familiar with her songs other than "Lovegame" but I did see a clip of her singing "Someone To Watch Over Me" live in New York and I was really impressed--she has a very strong and soulful voice--it was not what I expected. I doubt that standards are what her audience want to hear from her but I loved it. I guess her revelation about all the booze and weed she does will cause her some trouble, but in that business, it's not really surprising. The other segments on 60 Minutes on Egypt and the Chilean miners were some of the best reports that I've seen on 60 Minutes in a while.

Anonymous said...

Hm. Anderson made me pay attention to Lady Gaga for the first time and when he finished with "I genuinely liked her" I had to agree. I'll never buy her music and I'll probably be bored discussing literature with her, but she has a gimmick and she works it pretty good. When you ignore the theatrics and fake tears, she showed a glimpse of something real. It'll be interesting to see if she can keep it up.

Most of all I was impressed with Cooper. I followed his line of breadcrumbs unwillingly, only because he, quite frankly, interest me more than Lady Gaga (me being a slightly irritated Freddie Mercury-fan) but I found the whole thing fascinating. Especially the last bit. He saw something vulnerable in her I failed to see the countless times she irked me in the past.

Interesting that the Overtime segments are the things Anderson fought in vain to keep in the program. They are the best bits?


judy said...

If AC wants to impress us with a pop star interview, I'd like him to do Rihanna.
I never thought in a million years I'd like her, but I do, after seeing her on SNL. What a fantastic figure and she can wear anything and it just looks terrific....even her sheer dress, which in fact was stylish.
@Tedi B.
Just love your cat avitar. How did you do it, if you don't mind sharing.