Friday, February 04, 2011

Anderson Cooper on ABC's Nightline

There were no new reports by Anderson Cooper on CNN or CNNi overnight or early this morning but we have an interview AC did with David Muir that was on ABC's Nightline last night.

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Anonymous said...

You know I have to quit going to other sites. They just make me sick. I know not everyone is a Anderson Cooper fan, but the comments they make just makes my blood boil. How can they make those kind of comments when he and other reporters are in danger trying to get the story.

I know Anderson is not perfect, but for people wishing for his demise or making fun that he is reporting from an undisclosed area from the floor is just not right.

I would love to see anyone of these people who leave these ugly comments to go over and try doing their jobs.

I did see he tweeted that he would still try to broadcast from somewhere tonight. At least we know he is okay this morning

Thank you

Anonymous said...

I really can't understand why those protestors attack journalists. Really don't think "I hate you" is a good explaination at all.Hatred is bad.I believe if their voice is heard and they are right, then the world gonna support them.

Anonymous said...

I notice that a lots of comics and people made fun of anderson's attack and what is going on in egypt. I don't think that it is funny or tasteful at all.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 10:47 some people will just post c**p to get attention or to see what they look like in print. There was a blog post awhile back commenting on comments on news sites and they said how disgusted they were with the amount of nastiness that was posted in some comments. I've seen a few very vile and nasty posts from people about Anderson and then they attack anyone who criticizes them. I guess these people just like to hear themselves talk, but what goes around comes around.

Still no Anderson today, I just hope he decided to leave and come home, no one would fault him if he did.