Thursday, February 10, 2011

Anderson Cooper on The Late Show with David Letterman

Anderson Cooper was a guest of David Letterman's and talked Egypt. Dave alluded to Anderson's attack in Egypt during his monologue, before the two sat down for the interview. ~


And a couple of photos of Mr. Cooper arriving at the Ed Sullivan Theater (home of The Late Show with David Letterman) ~

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ACAnderFan said...

I really liked Anderson on Letterman last nite. I liked that he was able to kind of have a sense of humor about what happened to him.

Love the pics of him arriving, very nice :)

Anonymous said...

Anderson is on with Wolf and Ben W talking about Mubarak's resignation. Boy, David was really snarky in the segment.

Anonymous said...

Big big thanks for posting the Letterman interview. I think he likes talking to smart news guys about world events and you can't do any better than Anderson right now.

Anderson didn't really answer about whether he will be going back to Egypt. If he does, he should take Letterman's advice and get a helmet.


Anonymous said...

If Anderson didn't wear a helmet while he was biking in NYC, I double doubt that he will wear one in Egypt, but nice try Dave.

Anonymous said...

Letterman didn't "elude", he "alluded" -- the difference between the two words seems to be elusive.