Friday, February 04, 2011

Cairo's "Day of Departure"

Anderson Cooper opened tonight's AC360 with, "Everybody, good evening. We are live from Cairo yet again tonight. And what a remarkable day we have seen, a day very different than some of the worst fears and predictions of what was going to happen, and a day very different than the last two days that we have been coming to you from. Our situation also obviously on the ground has changed, as you can tell from the quality of this broadcast. We're standing outside. We have actual lights. That's a sign that the security situation in the area that we're in we feel has drastically improved. Otherwise, we would still be broadcasting from indoors for security reasons, as we have for the last two nights. That being said, it was a remarkable day of peaceful protest in Liberation Square, though in the last few hours there has been accounts of sporadic gunfire in the square. We want to check in with a CNN stringer who is -- has been reporting from the square, Ian Lee."

GUNFIRE REPORTED AT LIBERATION SQUARE, Report: Troops repeal Mubarak's loyalists with warning shots: Anderson Cooper discusses with Ian Lee who is near the square, by phone

PRESSURE GROWS ON MUBARAK, "Day of Departure" tense but mostly peaceful: An overview of the days events


PRESSURE GROWS ON MUBARAK, "Day of Departure" tense but mostly peaceful: Follow up discussion with Anderson, Hala Galani, Ben Wedeman and Ivan Watson


PRESIDENTIAL PUSH, What is America's role in Egypt crisis?: A discussion with Anderson, Ben, Fouad Ajami and John King

HIT-AND-RUN VAN MAY BELONG TO U.S. EMBASSY, Officials say some vehicles were stolen last week: Anderson discusses a disturbing YouTube video with Jill Dougherty

NO U.S. EVACUATIONS FLIGHTS FROM EGYPT, U.S. State Dept. offered none on Friday: Anderson discusses availability of flights out of Egypt with Jill Dougherty

360 BULLETIN: Joe Johns

Anderson Cooper Interviews Christiane Amanpour


EGYPT UPRISING, ENTERING DAY 12: Final thoughts from John King, Fouad Ajami, Ivan Watson, Ben Wedeman and Hala Golani


WITNESSING EGYPT'S UPRISING: A Reporter's Notebook from Anderson Cooper


Anderson Cooper asks Dr. Fouad Ajami: "What have we seen today? Do you think fear has been defeated here today? Do you think there is no turning back?"


That does it for 360, live from Cairo~

At this time it remains uncertain if Anderson is staying in Cairo or heading home. We'll be watching this weekend and if he files any reports, we will have them for you. ~ Wonz


Stephen Colbert had a little fun with Anderson on last night's The Colbert Report. Please remember that The Colbert Report is a comedy show, and the following video is all in fun.



Access Hollywood had a segment called "Under Fire" tonight, covering the way journalists have been treated in Cairo. Anderson was part of the segment. (You may also notice former CNN anchor John Roberts.)


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ACAnderFan said...

360 was pretty good last nite. It was nice to see Anderson not broadcasting from an undisclosed location. The best part of the program was his reporters notebook. He has a way with words and has a unique style. I'm guessing he's headed some since that's usually when he does a reporters notebook.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that the AC crew felt comfortable reporting from outside last night.

I noticed that AC was tweeting a lot last night even after his show was over. Not sure what that means if he was staying or going.

Thanks again for all the post that you have kept us all up on. Can I ask a request? Any way that you could post the picture from the reporters notebook where he is sitting in a chair wearing his glasses? Thanks so much

Thank you

Wonz said...

@Anon 11:07am
Check back on my Sunday post for the picture you requested.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Wonz. I will.

aries moon said...

Anderson tweeted today that he's leaving Egypt. It sounded like he wasn't quite ready to go yet.