Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Crisis in Libya

LYBIA: AC360 began tonight with an overview from Anderson on the latest events in Libya including the reaction from Washington.

EYEWITNESS SPEAKS OUT IN LIBYA: Interview with Anonymous Woman

ON THE GROUND IN EASTERN LYBIA CNN's Ben Wedeman reports from Benghazi: Discussion with Ben Wedeman

CRISIS IN LIBYA: Discussion with Brian Flynn, Fouad Ajami, and Jill Dougherty

CRISIS IN LIBYA N.Y. Times' Friedman on unrest in Arab World: Interview with Thomas Friedman

360 BULLETIN: Isha Sesay

THE RIDICULIST: Christine O'Donnell

TVNewser announced the following news today:

ABC’s Good Morning America Senior Executive Producer, Jim Murphy, announced today that he is leaving ABC to be the new Executive Producer for Anderson Cooper’s new talk show. Murphy has been at the helm of “GMA” since 2006. Before joining the ABC morning show he was the executive producer of the “CBS Evening News with Dan Rather” and before that worked at CBS’ “The Early Show.”

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast

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ACAnderFan said...

More than likely Mariah and Beyonce performed for Gadhafi's son is because its easy money. They do 4 or 5 songs and make 1-2 million dollars. Its easy money and some celebs will do anything to make a quick buck.

Was very happy to see the return of the RidicuList. I like when 360 ends on a lighter note and this Ridiculist was a good one.

aries moon said...

When you listen to the harrowing reports by the brave anonymous callers in Libya who are trying to get their stories out to the world, it is easy to understand why AC will not ease up on the coverage--their accounts of the horrors of the Gadhafi regime are stunning. The clip of Hillary Clinton warmly welcoming Gadhafi's son was pretty difficult to watch given what we know. I can understand why the Libyan people might be unhappy with the President's actions/speech and I don't want to second guess what the Obama Administration's strategy is for dealing with this crisis--it has to be a very fine line they're walking, but they ultimately have to stand with the people of Libya and for democracy. I enjoyed AC's interview with Thomas Friedman--smart people, smart discussions. The Ridiculist may be a bit out of place during this time of strife, but I enjoyed it regardless and was glad to see it and Isha back.

So AC has snagged some top-notch talent for his new daytime show, good for him. It's interesting that the new show will start on September 12, because that's also the day AC said CNN first offered him a job back in 2001.