Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Each Day Is More Dramatic Than The Last

CLASHES, SHOTS FIRED IN ALEXANDRIA, Reports 12 injured, 1 seriously: Anderson Cooper reporting from Cairo on the days events

OPPOSITION LEADER SPEAKS OUT, ElBaradei calls Mubarak speech "deception": Anderson's phone interview with ElBaradei


PRES. MUBARAK WON'T SEEK REELECTION BUT...He vows to serve out term: Cooper, Ben Wedeman, John King and Professor Fouad Ajami discuss


PEOPLE POWER ON DISPLAY: Anderson's report on today's protest in Liberation Square


PEOPLE POWER ON DISPLAY, What comes next: Follow up discussion with Wedeman, Ivan Watson, Nic Robertson and AC


360 BULLETIN: Isha Sesay, Rob Marciano and Chad Myers with weather news

EGYPT EXODUS, More than 1,600 Americans have left the country:
Jill Dougherty reporting

AMERICAN VOWING TO STAY, Won't evacuate, helping neighborhood: Read Ezell speaks with Cooper

HISTORIC DAY IN EGYPT: Video impressions of the day



Anderson tweeted today:

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast

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ACAnderFan said...

360 was better than I expected. I really liked Anderson's coverage of the protest rally. And I liked his discussion with Ivan Watson and Ben Wedeman. For what it was it wasn't that bad of a 360.

aries moon said...

It sounds like Mubarak is refusing to listen to the will of the people, but his time is running out. Interesting how the rent-a-mob was causing a little trouble for AC and his crew. AC functions awfully well on no sleep, unless he was exaggerating a bit. Thanks for all of the AC in Egypt clips uploaded earlier.

Jazz said...

I just read about Anderson and his crew being attacked. It's very chaotic with the crowd now fighting each another. I can't believe Anderson decided to go out into that crowd. I hope he is OK.

CNN for the most part has been good about their reporting. But for some reason today not so much. The strange thing is that CNN International has been amazing. I turned to CNN to see what was going on. They were talking to that teacher Steve Perry. I turned to CNN International and they had Anderson live. It took CNN a good five minutes to air a DELAY of Anderson's reporting on Liberation Square being over taken. Thank goodness I have Comcast. I'll keep watching CNN International.