Friday, February 11, 2011

Fear Has Been Defeated in Egypt ~ There Is No Turning Back

Anderson Cooper opened AC360 saying to those watching in Egypt at this hour, "Good morning. Peace be with you." in his best Arabic.

Tonight's headlines included:
- CROWDS STILL AT TAHRIR SQUARE, Celebrating Mubarak's resignation
- CROWDS STILL AT TAHRIR SQUARE, Source: Mubarak has fled to Sharm el-Sheikh
- EGYPT'S MILITARY LEADERSHIP IN CHARGE, Defense Minister under Mubarak leading country

...that is how the world changes. It costs blood and it costs lives and it costs countless sacrifices, but in the end the regime fell with the blink of an eye.... ~ Anderson Cooper


The 360 Team pulled in several guests tonight to discuss the various aspects of the day's events and what it means going forward.

Bed Wedeman was reporting from Cairo

Ivan Watson, also reporting from Cairo

Fouad Ajami was in the studio with Anderson

James Woolsey (Fmr. CIA Director), Jill Dougherty, John King, Fouad Ajami & Ben Wedeman were in to talk about the White House response and the challenges that lay ahead.

Anderson's interview with Wael Ghonim, Egyptian Activist


Anderson's interview with Khalid Abdalla, Egyptian Activist


Today, a revolution is what we witnessed. A long ruling dictator driven from power, and a long oppressed people celebrating, still in the streets, in that square, waving their country's flags,honking horns, tasting freedom for the first time. The Egyptian people are demanding democracy whether they get it, they are demanding it. Right now, today, old Egypt is dead, a new Egypt is born. ~ Anderson Cooper

Images of the celebration ~


Final thoughts from Ivan, Ben and Fouad


360 BULLETIN: Joe Johns

We are going to continue to follow the story of Egypt in the days, in the weeks, in the months ahead. I want to thank you for sticking with us throughout this coverage. Our story of Egypt continues and so will our coverage. ~ Anderson Cooper


Anderson stopped by Live with Regis & Kelly as today's 'surprise guest' in honor of Regis & Kelly's 10th anniversary week ~


And stayed after to do a "Fashion Finder" with Kelly ~


From Anderson Cooper Talks Attack in Egypt ~ A couple of photos of Anderson arriving at the Ed Sullivan Theater - home to The Late Show with David Letterman - on Wednesday. If you missed our post of Anderson's appearance, please click here.

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ACAnderFan said...

Anderson's guest appearance on R&K was great. The chocolate leg and wine bottle were very odd...LOL! You could tell Kelly was happy to see him and I think Anderson was glad to be there. I can't believe he's only been on 46 times. Seems like more than that. Its a little concerning though that he's still having headaches. It was well over a week ago that he was punched. Hope he is OK.

LOVED Anderson on the fashion finder with Kelly. He seemed pretty amused by Spanx. Loved when he said to Kelly "You can squeeze into that?" I don't think Kelly ever has to squeeze into anything...LOL! Also liked Kelly telling Anderson he's special becuase the inside of his jacket says tailored for Anderson Cooper. Kelly and Anderson make such a great team and play off each other well. I enjoy seeing the two of them together.

aries moon said...

It was really inspirational to watch the Egyptian people standing strong to peacefully push Mubarak out of power and the celebrations of his resignation were touching--what the future holds now can't be predicted, but history was made and the Egyptian people should feel very proud. All of CNN's reporters did fine work throughout the protests and it was good to see 360 devote a great deal of the program to it without much inclusion of non-related filler reports. I'm not always happy with 360 or CNN, but it's on these types of situations that they shine. Thanks for all of the videos that were uploaded as the story unfolded, that was a lot of work! Loved hearing AC speaking Arabic at the top of the show.

It's been so long since AC's been on R&K--I suppose it had something to do with his new daytime show, so it was nice seeing him back. Kelly looked like she wanted to eat him up along with the chocolate leg. Thanks for the R&K clips.

Anonymous said...

ok,ok that's going to be awfully silly and fangurl comment but that's pretty much how I feel every time I see someone hugging Anderson...I'm so jealous of Kelly right now, she really made the most of that hugging routine :) what a lucky lady!

judy said...

Perhaps this is just my impression.
But I got the feeling that Regis was not overly welcoming about AC's appearance. It may have something to do with his impending talk show.
Kelly always made a good mentor, but I find her utterly annoying.
No wonder AC asked for his own talk show.

Nebraska Fan said...

I felt like you could tell by how intently Kelly hugged AC that she was probably worried sick about him after the reports from Egypt. I think that he is probably very important to her and her family.