Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fear Has Been Defeated. There's No Turning Back. ~ Egypt's Story Continues

AC360 was live for two hours and devoted full coverage to Egypt's continuing story.

Tonight's headlines included:
-LARGEST PROTEST YET EXPECTED FRIDAY, Crowds outraged Mubarak did not step down
-"NEXT STAGE FULL OF FOREBODING" Prof. Ajami on Egypt Uprising

Good evening, everyone, 5:00 a.m. in Cairo Friday morning, a new day, but an old dictator still clings to power. The Mubarak regime would have you believe that he's transferred nearly almost all his power to his vice president. Now, that may be true, but as these protesters in Liberation Square will tell you, his vice president is cut from the same hard stone as Mubarak. And Mubarak himself refuses to step down. At this hour, a dictator and his regime have made clear they do not intend to give up real power. And what has also been made clear is that the peaceful protesters are not willing to give up the small square of freedom they have bought with their blood, the small square of freedom that too many have already died for and others still may -- 5:00 a.m. in Cairo, and the battle lines are clear. ... It is 5:00 a.m. Friday, a day off in the Arab world. In the next few hours, we could see the biggest protests yet. Late tonight, the White House weighed in, issuing a statement from President Obama, a direct rebuttal to the lies being spread by Mubarak and Suleiman. "Too many Egyptians," the president said, "remain unconvinced that the government is serious about a genuine transition to democracy. The Egyptian government must put forward a credible, and unequivocal concrete path toward genuine democracy, and they have not yet seized that opportunity." ~ Anderson Cooper


The 360 Team pulled in several guests tonight to discuss the various aspects of the day's events and what it means going forward.

Ben Wedeman was in Cairo, Egypt and spoke to Anderson several times about what was happening on the ground and offered his insights to the day's events

Prof. Fouad Ajami joined in the discussion from Washington, DC

Ivan Watson, also in Cairo, joined the panel

And Khalid Adbulla, an Anti-Mubarak Protester,was on the phone

Stephen Hadley, Fmr. Nat'l Security Advisor (2005-2009) offered his perspective

John King was in Washington, DC, and spoke about the White House reaction to today's events

Jill Dougherty, Foreign Affairs Correspondent, joined in the discussion concerning the signals the White House received today

Arwa Damon, was in Cairo Egypt and explained an experience she and her team ran into today while out shooting a report


John King was at the 'Magic Wall' breaking down the location of the crowds

Robert Tait, Radio Free Europe Correspondent, was held for 28 hours by Egyptian authorities, handcuffed, blindfolded for much of the time. And spoke of what he saw in terms of abuse.

Isha Sesay was in with a 360 Bulletin

"We talk about, in this country, words like freedom and liberty. We toss them around in conversation lightly because we have aways experienced them. These are new words being shouted by people in Egypt. People who have never really felt or even been able to live those words."~ Anderson Cooper

Anderson really liked the way Fouad Ajami described Mubarak's VP Suleiman, "A man of the catacombs thrust into the light," and described it as "an extraordinary phrase." And 360 ended with a look back over the last 24 hours and final thoughts from Prof. Ajami


Stay tuned to CNN, CNNi and for continuing coverage ~


A couple of new photos of Anderson on the streets of New York City with Lady Gaga for their 60 Minutes interview ~

And from 60 Minutes Overtime another sneak peak of the interview ~


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recap of Thursday and all the clips, especially for the second hour which I wasn't able to watch.

I didn't like Fouad Ajami at first but now I appreciate his comments. Overall everyone is doing a great job under difficult conditions and you just know Anderson wants to be in Cairo where all the action is, even though he knows it's not the smartest idea and his bosses don't want anything to happen to him.

It was a little jarring to see the photos of Anderson with Lady Gaga. Quite a drastic chance of pace there. While it does illustrate how wide of a spectrum Anderson is interested in and able to report on, it's still a little weird seeing them together. Same planet, different worlds.


ACAnderFan said...

Mubarak not stepping down just proves he is stubborn. He's had people protesting since the end of January for him to leave and he dosen't. The he gives a speech saying he's not stepping down, that's stubborn. Stubborn people do not give in. They resist.

I am so looking forward to the Lady GaGa interview on 60 Minutes. E! News already playing this clip is major. This interview is going to be huge and more than likely all the entertainment shows will be talking about it on monday as will the entertainment sites/blogs.. I'm glad he's going to be getting a good bit of attention for this interview. I think its going to be a great interview. He deserves all the attention he is going to get for it.