Wednesday, February 02, 2011

A Frightening Day in Cairo

Anderson broadcasted two hours of 360 tonight from their dimly light hotel room heeding the advice of officials who warned that pro Mubarak forces were wandering the neighborhood and for their safety they should move indoors, turn off the lights, get on the floor away from windows and try to barricade themselves in.

HEAVY GUNFIRE IN CAIRO Wounded carried into Tahrir Square from museum: Discussion with Ivan Watson

HEAVY GUNFIRE IN CAIRO Heard moments ago, along with tracer fire: Discussion with Ben Wedeman, Ivan Watson and Hala Gorani

HEAVY GUNFIRE IN CAIRO CNN'S Ben Wedeman: "This is state-sponsored": Continued discussion with Ben Wedeman, Hala Gorani, and Ivan Watson

HEAVY GUNFIRE IN CAIRO: Report by Anderson Cooper of the attack on his team

They re-showed the clip in the 2nd hour and afterward Anderson wanted to assure everyone's moms that they were all alright:

U.S. STATE DEPT. ADVISES NO DELAY, AMERICANS GO TO AIRPORT AFTER CURFEW: Discussion with Ben Wedeman, Hala Gorani, Ivan Watson, John King and Fouad Ajami

HEAVY GUNFIRE IN CAIRO Al Arabiya TV One person killed in shooting: Continued discussion with Ben Wedeman and Hala Gorani




Discussion with Ben Wedeman, Hala Gorani, and Arwa Damon

HEAVY GUNFIRE IN CAIRO Heard in Tahrir Square Along with Tracer Fire: Discussion with John King, Fouad Ajami, Ivan Watson, Arwa Damon, Ben Wedeman and Hala Gorani

CNN'S Ivan Watson sees "walking wounded": Report by Ivan Watson

CNN'S IVAN WATSON: "Unclear what govt. will do next": Continued discussion with Ben Wedeman, Ivan Watson and Hala Gorani

FINAL THOUGHTS: Discussion with John King, Fouad Ajami, Ivan Watson, Arwa Damon, Ben Wedeman and Hala Gorani

One extra for tonight:

Anderson tweeted about how he and his team are doing after being attacked:

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast

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ACAnderFan said...

360 wednesday nite was very good. Scary moments for Anderson and his crew. I feel bad for them. There is absolutely no reason for that to have happened. These protesters have completely gone off the deep end the whole situation has spiraled completely out of control. I really hope Anderson and his crew and the other CNN teams stay safe.

Tedi B said...

They all look so whipped, especially poor Ben. I can only imagine how worried he is about his family.

I feel bad for all the anti-government protestors who just want freedom

Thanks again, ladies for your hard work in getting on this up.

Anonymous said...

I have to say this was one of the best broadcast that I have seen in a long time. Maybe because of the danger that they were in or the fact that they went for two hours. Their coverage all along on this story has been great, but I was just glued to it tonight.

I don't know how long they are going to be there or when they might be able to actually leave, but I pray they ALL stay safe and that this unrest gets situated soon for every ones benefit.

Thank you again ATA team for keeping the post coming during the day. You are the best.

Thank you

aries moon said...

Watching the video of Anderson and his 360 crew trying to navigate their way through the agitated crowd while being hit and kicked was one of the most harrowing things I've ever seen on 360. I'm glad that he, his crew, Ben Wedeman, Hala Gorani and Ivan Watson were able to get to a safe place (for now). I hope the anti-Mubarek protesters can stand strong in the face of the pro-government forces attacks on them. How AC and all the other reporters are going to get out of Egypt is a mystery--I don't see things calming down for a while. Great work by the ATA team in bringing all the latest clips and news--your efforts are very much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Anderson and the whole 360 team have been stunning with their reporting under incredibly difficult conditions.

I don't understand the hatred for some Egyptians for the western media; yes, they can hate U.S. policy but don't they want the rest of the world to see their anger? In Sarajevo the citizens were so eager to talk to any media person to get their story out. In Egypt with internet access so perilous, how else are they going to tell people what's going on?

Hopefully it's just a small number of Egyptians that are being violent to media people and hopefully things calm down soon.

At 11 I switched to Jon Stewart for a while and I'm glad I did. He was outraged about Anderson and his crew being tormented by the mob. A sorely needed moment of humor.

Thanks ATA for the awesome job posting everything these last few days.


bostongal said...

What is going on in Egypt is scary and I feel terribly for the people who are going through all this.

Anderson, his team, other journalists are heroes and I pray for their safety..

You guys are the most amazing bloggers once can find, thanks so much for all the timely updates, we love your work, ATA!!

Anonymous said...

Stay safe AC.

Up till now I have been carefully weighing the left and right side, trying to stay in the middle, but the comments some republicans are making on blogs and comments, joking about the attack on AC are despicable.

Anonymous said...

@Jaanza: Jon Stewart was not outraged. He was being sarcastic, with humor.
When Jon is outraged he's not smiling or laughing.
But things are getting a little tense for western journos.