Tuesday, February 08, 2011

From the Serious Situation in Egypt to the Looney Lohans

"Good evening everyone. We continue to devote nearly the entire broadcast tonight to Egypt because despite the predictions of many that the protests would shrink in size or simply go away today the exact opposite happened."

KEEPING THEM HONEST, Double Talk & Deceit: Anderson Cooper takes on the lies of the Mubarak administration and its VP Omar Suleiman

NEW MASSIVE PROTEST, Huge crowd gathers in Tahrir Square: Cooper talks, for a second night, with actor and activist Khalid Abdalla

NEW MASSIVE PROTEST, Anti-regime demonstration amid veiled govt. threats: Ivan Watson from Cairo and Christopher Dickey (Newsweek)

WEIGHING WORD POWER, Gauging the impact of new W.H. tone: David Gergen, Jill Doughtery and Fouad Ajami discuss

MUBARAK'S MONEY, Rumor vs. fact: Tom Foreman takes a closer look

OUTRAGE IN EGYPT Journalists, human rights activists detained: James Hider (Times of London) by phone and Ivan Watson


The smile in the above screengrab came when Anderson and Isha were discussing Lindsey Lohan and her families' show Living Lohan. Take a look:

We couldn't resist digging back into the ATA Vault for a clip of Anderson Cooper discussing Lindsey Lohan and Living Lohan with Kelly Ripa. Here's the clip from August of 2008. Enjoy!

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ACAnderFan said...

I am liking 360 better this week than I did last week. I really liked the beginning where Anderson did a commentary about the lies being told by the Egyptian government. I like when he does things like that.

Love the clip of Anderson talking to Kelly about Living Lohan. Its typical Anderson and I love it. I wish we could see his snark more often.

judy said...

It is obvious to me that Egypt was never a Democracy and after 3 decades and 4 administrations, you would think that everyone involved, would not have been caught off guard including the current Obama administration.
To be sure, keeping Mubarak in power may be delicate, but there IS
something in it for us or we wouldn't have tolerated him or his regime all these years.
I'm quite certain that the "human rights issue," was known and to make believe that this is a complete surprise is hypocrosy.
Loved Tom Foreman's break down of the billions Mubarak has hidden away and some of his fortune right here in the USA, and we are to believe that with all of our intelligence, that nobody knows where? Right.
Why would AC be surprised that Lindsay Lohan wasn't home? She usually spends most of her time in jail. Maybe her next show should film there.

Anonymous said...

I do wish Anderson would replace Regis instead of having his own talk show.

On a random side note, I really am not liking the new CNN graphics. They are too small and cluttered. I wish it would be as simple and organized as Al Jazeera English.

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for the recap. I didn't get to see the show last night.

Did he say anything more about his health, if he had gone to the doctor?

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Love Judy's comment that Lindsey wasn't on Living Lohan because she spent her time in jail.

Also love that you covered the big news but also finished with some humor. I think Anderson said once that he liked to end 360 like that to. Good job ATA.

To the question did he talk about his health last night? Not that this listener heard.

natasha said...

Great show! Just wondering, does anyone know why his interview with Piers didn't air on Monday?