Monday, February 28, 2011

Gadhafi's Grip on Tripoli Remains Tight, Unlike His Grip on Reality

Good evening everyone. It is 5 AM in Libya right now. Day 15 in the battle for the future of that country. A battle that will have ripple effects on us all. Muammar Gadhafi faced reporters today and spun a story of what he says is happening in Libya. It was a story. He says the people love him, his son says everything is peaceful. Tonight you will hear their statements and then you will hear the facts of what is happening. You will hear facts and you will see evidence for yourselves. You will learn the truth from our reporters on the ground and the Libyan people themselves. Trapped in their homes, in many cases, but speaking longer letting fear rule their lives.

EYEWITNESS IN LIBYA SPEAKS OUT, Woman talks about living in fear: Anderson Cooper speaks with a resident of Mişrātah, Libya.


FACE-TO-FACE GADHAFI, Reporter talked with Libyan leader today: Anderson interviewed Marie Colvin, Correspondent for The Sunday Times


Colvin and Cooper were joined by Nic Robertson (in Libya) and Fouad Ajami to further discuss the disconnect between the Gadhafi's and Libya.

NEW PRESSURE PUT ON GADHAFI, Sec. Clinton, U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. blast leader: Jill Dougherty talks of the position the U.S. has taken and what may transpire in the future.

FOLLOW UP DISCUSSION: PRES. OBAMA'S OPTIONS, Weighing the W.H.'s next Libya move: Gen. Wesley Clark and former Deputy Sec. of Defense Paul Wolfowitz

LIBYA AND AL QAEDA Fears that terrorist groups could infiltrate Libya: Robert Baer and Fouad Ajami

IVORY COAST VIOLENCE: A report by Anderson Cooper




Mediaite is reporting that AC360's ratings have soared since they started covering International news.

And TVNewswer had an interview with Jim Murphy, the newly signed producer of 'Anderson'.

Anderson tweeted shortly after the end of the program:

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast

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ACAnderFan said...

Good for Nelly Furtado for giving the money she got for performing for Gadhaffi's son to charity. Beyonce and Mariah should do the same but they won't.

Gadhaffi is delusional. Everyone loves him and is just protesting for the hell of it. He's nuts.

judy said...

Since AC's ratings are taking off, I suspect that 360 will be "stuck in a international rut," for say the next couple of months, even though Gadhaffi continues to rule with an iron fist and clearly is in denial.
Eventually the ratings will come down to earth unless there is "breaking news," and AC is reporting from Tripoli or some far off distant place of danger.
I've come to the conclusion that Gadhaffi and his sons are related to Charlie Sheen, they're all insane.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recap, I did not see Monday's 360 and it's good to know what was covered.

it wouldn't be a good idea for 360 to become CNN's "only international news" program when there is important news happening here. Although the uprisings in the MidEast and northern Africa are certainly news-worthy, Anderson and 360 can't cover only them for weeks on end, especially when the situation and news from those countries don't substantially change each day. Monday's 360 and Friday's 360 look pretty much the same.

I appreciate all the hard work Anderson is putting into covering Libya but I can't be the only viewer who also wants to hear about other news stories and can't stand Ed Schultz on MSNBC.

Despite my criticism, I still think Anderson is adorable (thanks for the awesome clips yesterday!) and am curious about his next 60 Minutes report.


aries moon said...

Glad 360 made an effort to bring in additional perspectives on Libya besides Ajami, but they could've done without Wolfowitz, IMO. Wesley Clark was right--McCain, Lieberman and Ajami may believe it's time for the US to go in hard on Gadhafi, but the Obama Administration is handling it correctly, starting out with condemnation, sanctions, working with the UN, etc.

The recent higher ratings for 360 are well deserved but I wish they'd include a bit more info on the Wisconsin union struggle during the show and hopefully do more on the Ivory Coast situation.

Anonymous said...

I'm thrilled with AC360 leading with solid international coverage. I am glad the ratings have increased with the great work they've been doing. Although, I do think ratings will slip a bit without dramatic breaking news each night.

I also think it's a valid point that a bit more attention should be given to some US stories like Wisconsin and maybe there needs to be a 2nd hour of the show right now. There's a lot going on. But if it has to be just one hour, I'm more than content with AC360 finding it's niche is providing a broader look at the world than anyone else.

sydney said...

@judy I had to laugh at your Charlie Sheen comment. One of the local radio stations here had a segment the other day where they read random crazy quotes and asked "Who said it, Gadhaffi or Charlie Sheen?" It was surprisingly hard to tell the difference LOL!