Saturday, February 05, 2011

Home From Cairo

All Things Anderson's non-stop blogging marathon is apparently over because Anderson Cooper has returned to NYC. He and his team landed at JFK around 5:30 ET Saturday afternoon. Here's a few of his tweets from last night and this morning.

As he did on Friday night Anderson usually finishes up coverage of a big story with a Reporter's Notebook. We thought we'd share a few with you from the ATA archives. I'm not positive of the dates on these clips but 2006 is my best guess.

Israel March 2006

Israel August 2006


Anderson will be a guest on The Late Show with David Letterman this Wednesday, February 9th to discuss events in Egypt.
announced today that Anderson Cooper was named a grand marshal of the 2011 Endymion Mardi Gras parade on March 5th in New Orleans. Joining him will be Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos, Train and Pat Benatar

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ACAnderFan said...

I for one am glad Anderson is back home.

Thanks for posting the reporters notebooks, he has a way with words.

Anonymous said...

ATA you need a break from all the great job of posting every show that he did, just like Anderson needs a break. Thanks so much for your great job and continued support for Anderson. Seems like these days more people want to trash him then respect the work he does. I know he is not perfect but he still does put his life on the line.

I pray that the other journalist that are still over there stay safe and continue to let us know what is going on with Egypt.

I wonder if he will ever give us a behind the scenes as to what maybe really happened in Egypt and why he decided to go ahead and come home.

Thank you

judy said...

Have been out of touch for a while with computer problems.
But did keep reading comments from others about AC's trip.
I too, am glad he is home safely.
I think he has certain commitments, speaking engagements and the like.
Although CNN may have asked him to return. His safety to CNN is as important as Tina Turners' legs, which were highly insured.
Fascinating trip though.

Anonymous said...

Glad AC and his team made it home safe. Hope other CNNers stay safe in Egypt.

Anonymous said...

Hope you would be able to post his guesting on The Late Show. We don't have it here in our country.


aries moon said...

I was hoping he'd spend a little more time in Cairo and it sounded like he would've preferred that too but they have plenty of correspondents over there who can handle the job bring the updates and hopefully they'll all be safe. CNN is at its best on these big world changing stories.

Looking forward to Letterman and AC was mentioned again on SNL a couple of times.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps he returned to get his head scanned?

I have read some trash, but it seems to me a lot of people have more respect for him after this. Some seem to realize only now that he really is a war correspondent and his cool behavior when attacked earned him some fans too.

Phebe said...

We will have the mentions of Anderson from SNL in our post tonight and we will have his appearance on The Late Show in our post on Thursday night.

Thank you all for the kind words over the last week about our clips of AC's field reports from Cairo. It's a big job to record and scan CNN 24/7 but we're not complaining. It's really an honor to chronicle Anderson's work and make it easily assessable to his viewers and fans.

Some of you have noticed in the last few weeks that we have tried to cut down on the negative comments at ATA. I apologize to those of you who feel censored and frustrated but we came to the conclusion that there are many sites willing to post vitriol about AC and AC360 and we didn’t need to be one of them. If you have a constructive criticism of the program try to frame it in a positive way, if you just want to bitch then ATA comments aren’t that place anymore.

Tedi B said...

I was wondering if there were specific threats against him or not? I think it might have just been too dangerous. I heard again today that some journalists had been taken by the police. No matter the reason, I'm sure it was a difficult choice for him to make.

I'm still thinking about the ones that are still there and hoping they remain safe!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see the negative comments are being kept to a minimum. Constructive criticism is a good thing, but so often the negative comments are just useless and mean.

AC did amazing work in Egypt and was there at absolutely the right time. While protests continue, many aspects of routine life have begun in Egypt. The team that is still there will continue to bring us the reports we need.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip on Letterman, they haven't changed the online TV Guide listing yet to add him :-)