Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Jam Packed 360 & A Jon Stewart Extra

BREAKING NEWS, EVACUATION NOTICE FOR AMERICANS, State Dept. working to ferry Americans out of Tripoli: Anderson Cooper talked to two residents of Libya about what is happening in their country.


Moftah from Benghazi

anonymous woman from Tripoli:

Ben Wedeman talked with Cooper from Eastern Libya


Jill Doughtery talked with AC360 about the logistics of getting U.S. citizens out of Libya.

Follow up discussion on Libya with Fareed Zakaria and Jill Dougherty.

UPRISING IN BAHRAIN, New protests, funeral: Arwa Damon reports from Bahrain by phone



AMERICANS KILLED BY PIRATES, 4 hostages shot: AC interviewed Jack Cloonan, former FBI agent

SEARCH FOR EARTHQUAKE SURVIVORS, at least 75 dead, hundreds missing in New Zealand: Anderson talked by phone with Bear Grylls who is in New Zealand filming for Man vs. Wild


Anderson Cooper appeared on Comedy Central's The Daily Show on Tuesday evening. Here's his discussion with Jon Stewart.

A person in the Richmond Forum took notes during AC's Q & A with the audience on Sunday. Follow the link to read what people asked and some of Cooper's interesting answers.

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast

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ACAnderFan said...

Loved Anderson on the daily show. Very good interview. It was entertaining and interesting. Anderson and Jon get along well. I like that Anderson has a sense of humor and doesn't take himself too seriously. Like when Jon asked him about people being upset that he was calling Mubarak a liar. He stood up for himself, but had a sense of humor about it. I like seeing his sense of humor.

judy said...

Have to agree with aries moon that for the past two nites 360 has presented a "smarter show."
Loved hearing from Fareed Zakaria and his views on Lyhbia and Arwa Damon's reporting from Bahrain. She is one brave soul who never gets enough attention for her efforts. She's always in dangerous positions. This seems to be her life.
Reports about crude oil rising to as much as $96 dollars a barrel are scary. The last time there was this much unrest in the Middle East we had "gas lines."
Having said that, I can't help feel that there is a "copy cat," mentality at play here, though it was hardly mentioned.
There's oppression all over the world, let the protests begin...but the Middle East is especially troublesome.
Liked the interview with Jon Stewart, but it was a shame Jon was so ill, having caught something from "his kids."
Not missing the "Ridiculist" one bit.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Daily show clips. Missed it out West for some reason - Comcast decided to run something else in its place in my area - I'm sure they'll rerun it in the morning.

Would love to AC go to Malta - if indeed that is where the American citizens in Libya are headed. I'd think Sicily would be another option for them evacuate to, as there is a large US Army base there. Guess we wait & see what happens.

Jack said...

Like Jon, I;ve been sick this week too.
It was great to see AC also call out the buffoons who took issues with the "liar" quotes without being able to disprove it.

Anonymous said...

The link to the notes about the Richmond Forum isn't working for me. Anyone else having problems with it?

aries moon said...

The interviews with Moftah and other citizens who have been speaking with Anderson about what's happening on the ground in Libya continue to be compelling--so great to see Moftah appear on camera and hear how determined he is to see his country free. The reporting and analysis has been top-notch and I completely agree with Judy about Arwa Damon--she has long been one of CNN's major assets, but she's practically under the radar there like Karl Penhaul and up until recently, Ben Wedeman. CNN has its problems but they do have a fine stable of reporters.

Jon Stewart does his share of mocking AC every now and then, but it was clear that he's a fan/admirer. I thought it was interesting but not really surprising that AC wants to go to Libya--we'll have to wait and see what happens with that.

Although I'd like to see 360 do a little more coverage of what's happening in Wisconsin and other states that are starting to follow suit, no complaints--the show has been great.

The link for AC's Q&A in Richmond isn't working for me (I get an error message), but it might be some problem with my computer.

Phebe said...

I fixed the link. Thanks for the heads up that it was broken.

Em said...

Haven't been able to watch much lately but really appreciate the clip from the Daily Show. I love the coverage in Eqypt and following weeks and tried to watch as much as possible. I really wonder where all this is headed. I do get to listen to CNN on XM on the way to and from work but alas, no Anderson there. Ben W has done a remarkable job in Egypt and now in Libya...he isn't Anderson but he's pretty darn good!