Thursday, February 24, 2011

LIBYA, Inside The Uprising

Anderson Cooper opened AC360, "Good evening everyone. In a moment we are going to transport you from your home, or wherever you're watching right now, into Libya; into the terrified city of Tripoli, into the home of a woman who says she isn't sure how much longer she can hold on. She is desperate and she is desperate that you hear her plea tonight. The call that she made to us, at great risk to her own life, this call is a cry in the night. She hasn't been outside in the streets in five days. Merely stepping outside her front door she says can be fatal. Her ruler, the dictator of Libya, has hired mercenaries who right now are still on the streets, free to kill; and too much blood has already been spilt. The front line in the fight for the future of Libya is just outside this woman's front door."

A CRY IN THE NIGHT, Plea to the world - Help us in Tripoli: Anderson Cooper's interview with a woman afraid to leave her apartment in Tripoli


CRISIS IN LIBYA, Tripoli resident - Gadhafi is "falling fast": Anderson's discussion with Fouad Ajami and Ben Wedeman (Ben is reporting from Benghzai, Libya)


Anderson went to break saying part 2 of his interview was coming up because,"she cuts through the clutter and I know it starts to feel the same thing day after day on a lot of these stories, but something about talking to this woman, tonight, I think just really shines a light on the reality of what so many thousands of people are living right now in Tripoli, in their homes; afraid to go outside while this man has his mercenaries and thugs in the streets."

A CRY IN THE NIGHT, Plea to the world - Help us in Tripoli: Part 2 of Anderson Cooper's interview with a woman afraid to leave her apartment in Tripoli


CRISIS IN LIBYA, Gadhafi promises retaliation: Anderson's further discussion with Fouad Ajami and Ben Wedeman


LIBYA, Inside the Uprising: A report by Anderson regarding evacuation of non-Libya citizens

PRES OBAMA ON CRISIS IN LIBYA, Safety of U.S. citizens his "primary concern": Anderson's follow up discussion with Fran Townsend and Fouad Ajami

"CROSSING A LINE" Psy-Ops in Afghanistan: A report by Anderson Cooper

SENATORS & PSY-OPS, Did U.S. military try to manipulate VIPs?: Anderson's follow up discussion with Michael Hastings & Michael Holmes

360 BULLETIN: Isha Sesay

No RidicuList tonight, but a compelling hour of television...

The Richmond Forum added some photos of Anderson to their Flickr photostream today.

And a high school student blogged his experience of hearing Anderson speak on Sunday. Journalist brings his “bliss” to Richmond

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ACAnderFan said...

Anderson's interview with the woman in Tripoli was good. I feel bad for the woman, she's stuck between a rock and a hard place. Anderson looks tired. I think as a good friend on twitter said to me, this story is really weighing on him.

Very nice pics from the Richmond forum :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great recap, I missed most of 360 tonight as our power went out @ 15 min. in!!LOL

aries moon said...

AC's conversation with the Libyan woman was terribly disturbing and heartbreaking. It was sad that she seemed to believe that the only way for Americans and others to fully grasp the severity of the situation there was by having them recall the harm that Gadhafi caused THEM in the past. It was as if she felt those outside of Libya were incapable of sympathizing with her country's plight on its own--it has to be horrible to feel so helpless, desperate and isolated. I could hear AC choking up a little during his intros. I hope at some point the international community can finally put an end to the Gadhafi regime.

OT: someone posted something about Politifact a few days ago. Turns out they aren't infallible, Pulitzer Prize winner or not.

Anonymous said...

I've been looking through the past few nights of caps and I have to ask, is Anderson Cooper sick or something? He is looking extremely bad here lately. And last night, sorry, but even with all of that make up he looked really rough. I don't think it was the flight there either because he looked almost as bad Wednesday night.

I feel extremely sad for the woman in Tripoli that Anderson spoke to last night. You could definitely feel her pain. Anderson was very touched by her and almost to tears.

Although I feel bad for her I do have to say that the US can't do much but enact sanctions, which honestly I don't think will make any difference to a nut like Gadhafi. We definitely can't barge in with our military and try to take over. And the UN has stated they are opening an investigation on the regime of crimes against humanity but that is all they are doing so far. NATO stated they will not intervene in any way unless the UN gives them a mandate first. So short of sanctions it seems nothing will be done as of now unfortunately.

Anderson stated on The Daily Show that he wanted to go to Libya but it doesn't seem he is going to as he is in LA and I suppose will be doing the party rounds at the Oscar parties all weekend like he did last year. Honestly, I wish he would head to Libya instead. Thank God we have Ben, Nic and Ivan there. Although Ben is all Anderson has spoken to Nic and Ivan are also in the area.

And I have to be upfront and say that when this is all said and done Ben, Nic and Ivan deserve some major props and awards since they have been in the thick of this from day one and haven't left it. I commend them immensely! Not taking anything away from Anderson, because he has done a lot, but the other three guys have put it all on the line for these stories and have been doing it since the first protests started in Tunisia, I think it was. Without them most of these stories wouldn't be shown up close and personal.

Anonymous said...

Anderson Cooper is supposed to be a guest on Good Day LA this morning. Hope you all can catch it for us and add it here. It does live stream on their website but being at work I can't sit and watch an hour and a half show waiting on him to come on.

Phebe said...

@anonymous 8:52, A lot of times the studio lighting can make a difference in how AC looks. Since he was in LA last night maybe what you noticed was caused by lighting?

@anonymous 8:58, We are aware of his scheduled appearance on GDLA and one of the ATA team members, who lives in LA, is recording it. If all goes well we will include it as an extra in tonight's post.

Anonymous said...

Anderson was on Good Day LA today. He looked pretty rough but was in a good mood. He was on to promote Anderson, which they said will air Sept. 12 at 5PM in LA. Guess you have to check your local listing for the time in your area. They had Joan Rivers introduce him. He said that she emailed him several times while he was in Egypt just to make him laugh, and it worked.

He briefly talked of Egypt, Libya and the protests. He did say he still has headaches from being hit in the head. Then they asked about his talk show and got into the celebrity talk mode. Anderson went on about Charlie Sheen and his rant yesterday which shut down his TV show for the season. Then he talked about his trashy TV viewing habits. He was on all of 7 minutes I'd say. Didn't really talk anything serious, kept it light.

They did relate that while he was backstage the women were thronging him wanting pics and autographs. They called him a chic magnate and said all the little 18 yr olds were going crazy over him.

That was about it. All in all it was an OK interview.

Em said...

I don't get to watch AC360 regulary anymore but sometimes I'm able to check in on Thursdays and Fridays. I am so glad I found time to fit the program in last night. The phone interview was amazing. Gadhafi has been insane for years and it seems his people are well aware. I can't imagine how terrifying it would be to sit in an apartment wondering when mercenaries might crash through the door or what other terror your crazed ruler might choose to rain down on the people of Tripoli. Anderson closed by saying we will talk to you tomorrow night. I really hope he is able to talk with her again and continue communicate with her until she is safe and free. It is hard to comprehend where all these protests will ...I hope to freedom for those who are risking it all. These situations remind me how much we take for granted.

I wondered if Anderson would be in LA. It seems he usually is for the Oscars and with a new talk show, it would be a great opportunity to promote and hook up with potential guests. He does look tired. I think the camera angle in LA was strange, like he was looking down. Generally, he looks so much better in LA, go figure.

Anonymous said...

@anon 8:52 why do you want AC to go to Libya when things are so bad that his life would be in danger. I know and love the fact he is great at field reporting, but to go somewhere that is a powder keg ready to explode is just plain crazy. Anderson is doing a great job right from the studio - the people in Libya trust him enough to call in and tell him how things really are and I am satisfied with that and I'm sorry if you are not.