Friday, February 25, 2011

"Shame Has Quit The Arab World"

Anderson Cooper opened AC360 with "Good night everyone. Tonight, in Tripoli, families are once again hiding in their homes, as gunman rule the streets and the dictator, Momar Gadhafi and his sons continue to oversee the killing of unarmed protesters and continue the lie about what they are doing right now. Gadhafi, today, telling Libyans they should be signing and dancing in the streets. While I want to show you what his people are really doing in the streets and what's being done to them in those streets as protests swept Tripoli today. The Gadhafi regime which claims it would never kill it's own people, is killing it's own people. Again, more died today, more will likely die tomorrow."

KEEPING THEM HONEST, Libya - Inside the Uprising: A report by Anderson Cooper


INSIDE THE BLOODSHED IN TRIPOLI, An eyewitness speaks out: Anderson's interview with a man in Tripoli


LIBYA UPRISING, Deadly crackdown in Tripoli: Anderson's discussion with Ben Wedeman (what's happening on the ground in Benghazi), Jill Dougherty & Prof. Fouad Ajami (the WH sanctions placed late today)

"You know people in Libya say, when we talk to them on the phone every day and we talk to numbers of them every day on the phone, they say they want the world to know the truth about what they are seeing, about what they are going through. Many want outside help, but they don't want don't want others to liberate them. We hear that time and time again. They want to liberate themselves. I spoke with another protester earlier tonight, he told me this revolution has to belong to the people who are fighting for it." ~ Anderson Cooper


EVACUATIONS FROM LIBYA, Americans leave Tripoli after days of weather delays: A report by Ivan Watson who is in Malta


WANTED: NO FLY ZONE OVER LIBYA, Protesters seek move to ground Air Force: A report by Anderson Cooper


U.S. WEIGHS OPTIONS IN LIBYA, Gen. Clark - "No-fly" zone is a possibility: Anderson's interview with Gen. Wesley Clark

INSIDE GADHAFI'S REGIME, Libyan Dictator's endgame: Anderson's interview/discussion with Bob Baer ( & Fmr. CIA Officer)& Prof. Abubaker Saad (Fmr. Interpreter for Gadhafi & now history prof in U.S.)

"Over and over when we talk to people in Tripoli or Benghazi, it's not religion they speak of or political ideology; they speak of simply wanting a normal life." ~ Anderson Cooper

GADHAFI'S ENDGAME?: Anderson's further discussion with Ben Wedeman, Jill Dougherty & Prof. Fouad Ajami

360 BULLETIN: Isha Sesay

"See you Monday." ~


Anderson Cooper was on Good Day LA, today ~

Anderson stopped by Good Day LA today to chat about Libya, Egypt, RHOBH, Charlie Sheen and his upcoming daytime show Anderson.


From Flickr today ~
The Anderson Coopers!!

Anderson Cooper met Anderson Cooper this morning at Good Day LA! Unfortunately, tiny AC got bumped off the show again. So tune in next Fri morning to see him.

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ACAnderFan said...

Thanks for posting Anderson's appearance on GDLA. I really enjoyed seeing him on there. I liked that he talked a little about everything. Interesting that he says he still has a headache from Egypt. That can't be good. I hope he's being monitored by a doctor. Too funny when he asked what was up with Charlie Sheen and his crazy ranting. Good interview, I like seeing Anderson on shows like that. I love that Anderson keeps up with all the pop culture news. At first I wasn't too thrilled with Anderson doing a talk show, but now I'm seeing that it really is a good fit for him and I am curious to see it.

The pic of Anderson and the dog named after him is cute.

Anonymous said...

Without a doubt, Anderson and the 360 team are top notch at covering almost-revolutions in troubled hotspots around the world.

However, I would have appreciated a segment or two about the trouble brewing in Wisconsin. On Friday the state legislature had a controversial and contentious vote which could have far-reaching consequences for everybody.

While what's going on in Libya is important and dramatic, 360 also should have had substantial news about Wisconsin.

Loved the photo of Anderson with the namesake doggie, they are both so cute.


Anonymous said...

@Jaanza and others who have voiced their concern over 360 covering Wisconsin. I understand your concern, but living close to Wisconsin & watching local news and reading the newspapers - I'm not sure 360 could cover the real story without devoting a big part of the program to it each night. Even major outlets, such as Politico have put our inaccurate information and at this point no deciding vote has been taken. At this point what's going on is a state problem, but with the potential to spread in the future. If it does in fact get resolved against collective bargaining and other states take up the issue, then I would expect it to become a bigger story on the national scene and receive more coverage. Right now, on the national level, it's mostly fodder for the comedy shows given how the WI Gov. and Repubicans are behaving. Forbes has an excellent article about how the WI Gov. is spinning lies and most national coverage I've seen is failing to set the proper context.

I've also noticed watching CNN primetime over the last two or three weeks that CNN seems to have made a concerted effort to have John King USA cover politics (including WI), Parker-Spitzer a mix of politics (including WI)and the more plitical ramifications of the ME and 360 cover the ME as a news story (less on the politics of it) - so the major news storeis are being covered across prime time vs. the same stories with short coverage/different anchor format they were using. I find I'm actually getting better coverage of a story and can pick and chose the stories I'm interested in vs. the anchor. I like it and hope they stick with this strategy.

That being said, I'm not sure where Piers Morgan fits. To me he doesn't. He's best at the celeb interviews - although in my opinion, just mediocre at best and I would put his program on HLN. His breaking news coverage doesn't work for me, no matter how good his guests; he doesn't ask the right questions and he keeps interrupting his guests vs letting them speak. I would like to see his hour replaced with a true journalist. After all, CNN is a cable News network. If that can't happen, maybe when news is breaking, Anderson or Wolf should cover the hour depending on the breaking story...

One thing about 360 last night that I thought was interesting was that the people Anderson spoke with, and Ben's reporting of what he was hearing from people in Benghazi - all stated they wanted to liberate themselves. Then Fouad Ajami was putting down Presiident Obama for not entering the fight. I like to hear Prof. Ajami's insights of the history of the region, but feel perhaps he should check his political views at the door for 360, since they seem to be a contradiction to what the people in Libya are expressing. I think Anderson likes Prof. Ajami, but I think it may be time for the voice of a different scholar on the region. Prof. Ajami isn't the only one with regional knowledge to share.

I, also, think that some of the ciritcism of the WH is easy for arm-chair quarterbacks. We don't know what's going on behind the scenes (no should we) and POTUS gets the daily breifings of the region, so I'm trusting he's finessing the situation in the best interest of the U.S./U.S. citizens in the region.

I do feel that AC360 has been a much stronger program since the Egypt coverage began and I like that I have a program I can go to for in-depth coverage of the ME/international news in general; they are hard to find on TV and Anderson is a strong anchor for intrenational news coverage. He's well traveled and knowledgeable on the ME and Africa. News of politics in the US is easily found, and easily found on CNN, just not on AC360 so much lately.

Anonymous said...

@Jaanza: I fully agree with you about Wisconsin and the country's labor issues.
It is a shame it is not a priority on 360.