Saturday, February 26, 2011

Some Sunday Reading 2/26/11

Lucky for us that the wonderful Wonz had a magazine in her stash that we haven't featured yet for Sunday Reading. It's Delight Magazine from November 2010.

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ACAnderFan said...

Thanks wonz for that article. Interesting read. Nice to see an article about Anderson I haven't seen yet. Love that he says he's boring and sleeps on the weekends, I think he's exaggerating a!

aries moon said...

There were some interesting comments on the previous ATA post about Fouad Ajami and the lack of coverage on 360 of the Wisconsin union situation. Ajami does have some interesting insight on Egypt/Libya and the Middle East in general, but I have also noticed his curious and frequent criticism of President Obama and how his administration is handling the uprisings but since I'm always boring everyone here by going on and on about critics of the President, I've tried to avoid mentioning it, so I thank the anon on the other post who made some good points about Ajami that I totally agree with - they really should bring in more voices and not just rely on his. AC did the same thing with David Gergen and Billy Nungesser - it seems to be a pattern with him.

It is also odd how 360 has chosen to put Wisconsin on the back burner or just as a footnote in the bulletin. This is BIG, important news and while I believe the coverage of the mid-East uprisings are very important and the program has done an amazing job of bringing it to viewers, I have to wonder if what's happening in Wisconsin were a big Tea Party issue, would CNN/360 be so lax in their reporting of it. Somehow, I don't think so. The situation is going to become too big for them to ignore it (there was a HUGE rally of the union supporters on Saturday). Meet The Press even had to be forced into having a union representative for the Sunday show.

Anonymous said...

He is boring and sleeps on the weekends????

He's in Los Angeles now for the Academy Awards. How boring is that?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Wonz, I have never seen this article before and it was a good read.

Thanks to all you all do.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

My favorite line in this article was that his Burma footage was "hauntingly realistic." Did they think it was movie instead of real life? Lol.

judy said...

@aries moon: Thank you for your always logical and well thought out comments in reference to programming on 360.
Comments about labor or the absence of it should not be ignored just because the lead story happens to be concentrating on international affairs.
This is one reason why MSNBC is beating CNN across the board, and that includes 360 in totals.