Monday, February 14, 2011

Tonight's Focus Shifts to Iran

KEEPING THEM HONEST, Crackdown in Iran: Commentary by Anderson Cooper
"We begin though, as always, Keeping Them Honest, with a remarkable display of bravery in Iran and a brazen display of brutality and by the Iranian regime. Hundreds of thousands of Iranians reportedly took to the streets today. The Iranian regime doesn't want you to know about it though, doesn't want you to see the pictures. Dictators never do. Iran is more efficient in their crackdown than the Egyptian government was. They won't allow foreign reporters in the country. They reportedly shut down train service, cell phones and responded to protesters with tear gas, beatings and arrests. "

PROTESTS ACROSS THE MIDDLE EAST, Will Revolution Spread? Jill Dougherty, David Gergen and Fareed Zakaria discuss

Admin. official: Egypt has asked the U.S. to freeze some Egyptian officials' assets: Nic Robertson and Jill Dougherty reporting

EGYPT'S UNCERTAIN FUTURE: More with Fareed Zakaria, Jill Dougherty and David Gergen

REP. GIFFORDS' RECOVERY, Congresswoman can say simple phrases: Dr. Sanjay Gupta answers AC's questions about what it all means


MURDERS IN ARIZONA, Vigilante anti-immigration activist found guilty: Gary Tuchman

The Ridiculist: Lindsey Lohan

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast

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ACAnderFan said...

360 was OK last nite. I liked that there was variety. 360 is always better when there is variety and they focus on different things instead of just one topic. Amazing that Gabrielle Giffords making such great progress with her recovery.

Tedi B said...

@Judy from yesturday...
My avatar is Hoops and Yoyo. They are a duo from Hallmark. If you go to you can find all things Hoops and Yoyo. I love them. Hearing them speak is the best...they are very funny little guys. :)

Anonymous said...

I missed the show. Did AC say something about a friend forgetting Valentine's? Would you have a clip of it?

judy said...

Liked it that 360 had Fareed Zakaria and Nic Robertson on with Jill Doughtery, who had been ill, but now seems fully recovered and looks great, especially when she wears her glasses. Glad she has become a contributor form the State
The short clip of Hillary was interesting as well, denouncing Iranian tactics, but we just don't see her enough. She is far more influential than they make her seem.
Glad Gabby Gifford is making such remarkable progress. At least this story might have a happy ending.
Hope AC gets to see the dog show.
Wish he felt the same way about cats.
@Tedi B.: Thanks for the tip. I didn't know they spoke.

aries moon said...

Really good discussions on Iran and Egypt with an excellent panel--it's been sort of a relief that the crazy U.S. political scene has been put on the back burner on 360 since the Mid-East uprisings.

The Murders in Arizona report was disgusting--it's horrible enough to shoot anyone at all, but to shoot an innocent child who's begging for her life? Inhuman. I hope that anti-immigration woman is severely punished.

Anonymous said...

@anon 1:01 AM Why do you want to know?

The ATA Team said...

@anonymous 1:01 The only thing AC said about Valentine's Day was someone on the crew left candy on his desk. We've clipped the short segment and it will be in tonight's post.