Friday, February 18, 2011

Unrest in the Middle East & A Standoff in Wisconsin

"We begin with breaking news. New video from Bahrain. Shocking video of peaceful protesters being shot, point blank. The video you are about to see is disturbing. There's no doubt about it, but we think it's important because it directly contradicts what officials from Bahrain claim is happening in that country. The government of Bahrain, the government there says they're using proportional force against protesters. Well, the violence that we are about to show you is not by any definition proportional. The government of Bahrain talks about law and order and keeping security. What you are about to see is the opposite of law and order. It's exactly what repressive regimes do when they think cameras are not rolling only this time the cameras were rolling..."

NEW VIDEO OF CRACKDOWN, Gunfire, chaos in Bahrain: A background report by Anderson Cooper and discussion with Arwa Damon who is on the ground in Bahrain


INSIDE LIBYA'S CRACKDOWN, Protester speaks out, risks life: A background report by Anderson Cooper and Anderson's interview with Moftah, a Lybian Protester


"You know we are starting to get some e-mails from viewers saying there's other things happening in America and happening elsewhere and you should kind of move on. Just talking to that man, that man risked his life tonight to make that phone call, to let all of us know what's happening in Lybia. So we are going to continue to follow these developments and continue to cover this because the world should know what's happening. A dictator can not be allowed to shun the foreign press, and to shut off his country, and kill his people and not have anybody know their names and know the struggles they are undergoing. I just wanted to say that." ~ Anderson Cooper

NEW VIDEO OF CRACKDOWN, Gunfire, chaos in Bahrain: Anderson's discussion with Nic Robertson in Bahrain, Ben Wedeman in Cairo and Fouad Ajami in the NYC studio


360 RAW POLITICS, UNION FIGHT: A background report by Anderson Cooper

WISCONSIN STANDOFF, Unions upset over governor's budget proposal: Anderson Cooper's discussion with Casey Wian in Madison, WI

360 BULLETIN: Isha Sesay

WISCONSIN STANDOFF, Unions upset over governor's budget proposal: Follow-up discussion with Maria Cardona and Ed Rollins

360 BULLETIN: Isha Sesay

No time for the RidicuList, again tonight....

BLOGGER'S COMMENTARY: I want to say I wholeheartedly echo Anderson's statement about the world needing to know what is happening in Lybia and the Middle East. I hope Anderson and 360 continues to follow the developments and telling the stories of those so often without a voice. Yes, there are things happening here in our country, but at least we can walk down the street without worrying about someone watching us and/or our life being at risk for merely breathing.

What's happening in Madison in close to home and there are many parts to this story. Despite what Ed Rollins and some others would have you believe, this story is more than about budget cuts. The same Gov. and legislature just passed a tax cut for businesses that cost the state more than will be saved by the proposed monetary changes to teacher's salaries and benefits. And it's more than winning an election and having to abide by the consequences of the outcome of that election. The Gov. ran on one platform, but seems to be governing on a different one. Many people have said, had they known his intentions, they would have voted differently. This standoff is about union busting and I believe that's why President Obama weighed in today. It's a bigger issue than state budget cuts. It will be interesting to see how this story plays out. ~ Wonz.

Tonight's EXTRA:

From the Richmond Times-Dispatch
CNN's Anderson Cooper to speak in Richmond

Fresh from his eventful and dangerous trip to Egypt during the recent uprising, CNN reporter and anchor Anderson Cooper is scheduled to make two appearances in Richmond this weekend.

Cooper, the Emmy Award-winning anchor of CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360," will speak at The Richmond Forum series on Saturday evening and at a specially scheduled matinee on Sunday afternoon, both at Richmond's Landmark Theater. His talks will focus on his career covering such world events as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Indonesian tsunami in 2004 and Hurricane Katrina.

"The timing of this has been fortuitous with his recent coverage of Egypt," said Bill Chapman, The Richmond Forum's executive director. "A lot of the preliminary questions that we are getting from subscribers have to do with Egypt."

Saturday's program is sold out, but Sunday's 2 p.m. matinee isn't. It will be the first time The Richmond Forum has offered a Sunday matinee for one of its speaker programs. It is doing so partly to mark its 25th anniversary season.

The Richmond Forum brings leaders from the world stage to Richmond to stimulate conversation, expand horizons and inspire the community, Chapman said. Recent speakers have included former first lady Laura Bush and Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Cooper was among the speakers requested by Richmond Forum subscribers for this season, Chapman said.

"His appeal cuts across so many different audiences, from news junkies to followers of international affairs," he said.

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ACAnderFan said...

I could not get into 360 at all friday nite. The rest of the week was pretty good, especially the last 30 minutes of the shows, but I just couldn't get in to friday nite at all. Again disappointed that there was no RidicuList, I really like the RidicuList. I hope it comes back soon.

judy said...

While I agree in part with you Wonz, that the world needs to know what's going on in other places, that doesn't mean it should continually be the lead story.
Yes, the violence and dissent in foreign countries such as Bahrain, can't be justified, but our middle class is slowly becoming non existant and that should be recognized in a more prominent manner by 360.
There is a Republican agenda here and President Obama should have denounced Governor Walker's tactics
quicker and more profusely.
Union "busting" and the lack of collect bargaining cannot be allowed and blaming civil servants for the recession and all politicians, from both parties, dipped into public pension funds for years, without being held accountable.
If AC can make it to Richmond, he should be able to make it to Wisconsin.
Sorry, I spent my time watching Bill Maher, whose sister was a former teacher.

aries moon said...

The interview with Moftah was compelling, scary, heartbreaking--you cannot help but agree that these stories MUST be told and the protesters voices heard. The video of the protesters being gunned down in Bahrain was horrifying--I am glad 360 has kept a steady focus on the turmoil and protests.

I was watching another news program which noted that what's happening in Wisconsin is all about politics-- union busting and destroying the Democratic party because the unions are the ONLY campaign contributors left on the side of the liberals that can compete financially with the huge amount of money that right wing political groups have--a non-partisan study in Wisconsin found that the state is going to have a budget SURPLUS this year, so financial troubles are clearly not the issue. 360 needs to dig deeper on this to get the true picture. 360 should use Ed Rollins more as the conservative commentator--although I didn't agree with his points about Wisconsin, he is at least a reasonable and thoughtful voice unlike some of their recent hires.

Phebe said...

Excellent post and commentary Wonz. I find there are parallels to the legislative stories in WI story and AZ. When AZ took so many off the Medicaid rolls it supposedly was for the sake of cutting the budget. But it goes so much deeper. As you heard when AC interviewed the AZ House member a while back there was money available to fund transplants. And I suspect there is money available to cover more of AZ’s poor population’s health services than the State is willing to cover, after all they just voted for a tax CUT for big business. Why cut taxes after cutting services? To benefit the haves and take away services from the have nots. Pretty similar to WI from what little I know about that State’s issues. Judy is right in her comment, IMO. We are turning into a two class country and sadly most of us in the middle class aren’t going to end up with the ‘haves’.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect AC360 is a news show, so I am glad they are not making time for the RidicuList. It is one thing to have it if there are not so serious stuff going on at home and around the world.

I think they are doing an admirable job covering the Middle East and what is going on right here at home.

Wonz your commentary was very good.

Thank You