Monday, March 14, 2011

360 Cut Short Due To Safety Concerns

Anderson Cooper reported live from the port of Sendai, Japan, which is approximately 40 miles from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. When the warning area around the power plant was expanded to an approximate 19 mile radius, because of new explosions, the AC360 crew decided to cut the program back to 1 hour and head North.


NEW BLAST AT NUCLEAR POWER PLANT, Approx. half the control rods were exposed at No. 2 reactor: Jim Walsh analyzes and Tom Foreman explains how a nuclear power plant functions and fails

FOLLOW UP DISCUSSION: Anderson, Sanjay and Jim Walsh, MIT

AMERICAN LOCATED IN JAPAN, Mich. parents were worried about son: Paul Fales located in Kensennuma, Japan by Soledad O'Brien

SEARCH AND RESCUE: Anderson Cooper reporting


NEW BLAST AT NUCLEAR POWER PLANT, PM 'very high' risk of further release of radioactive material: Gary Tuchman, Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Anderson talk again with Jim Walsh

SHICHIGAHAMA, JAPAN: Anderson Cooper reporting


PORT OF SENDAI DAMAGE: Anderson Cooper reporting



The program came to an abrupt end after the Bulletin with Cooper saying, "The situation here is moving very quickly, it's very fluid, and we continue to follow it and adjust our coverage accordingly. We're going to take a quick break, our coverage continues ahead."
Then these tweets from AC and the group traveling with him:

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast

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ACAnderFan said...

360 was pretty good last nite. I really enjoyed Anderson discussion with Sanjay and Jim Walsh about the malfunctioning nuclear power plant. Also liked Tom Foreman's demo on the magic wall. This nuclear situation is getting out of hand and something needs to be done before its too late. If they don't do something, this could be worse than the earthquake and tsunami.

Anderson's piece about the debris field was very good. Terrible so see so much destruction.

I hope Anderson and his crew are able to stay safe. A malfunctioning nuclear power plant is nothing to mess with and I hope they take the necessary safety precautions.

judy said...

Very glad to hear that the team is headed north.
I had posted previously my concern as to why AC was not wearing protective gear being so close to the reactors.
It is my understanding that Japan may have underestimated the dire emergency with the nuclear reactors and their ability to control them during a crisis situation.
While their buidings may have been built more securely for earthquakes, they have obviously come up short when it comes to the devastation of the nuclear devices.
Everyone should have been wearing masks for this broadcast.

aries moon said...

64 kilometers away from the power plant sounded too close for comfort to me--they really needed to get further away. Not sure how long they'll be able to continue to report under these circumstances. And it has to be terrible for the people who are living closer to the reactor.

Anonymous said...

@judy I'm listening to GMA and Diane just said that the Japanese people told her they don't talk about things much, even the rescue workers. They seem very intense on doing what has to be done and not get in the spotlight, like the aide worker at the Sago Mine disaster. Remember the rumor that all the miners were alive, yes the worker just wanted to be on camera. Thank goodness AC stayed until the end and got the real story.

Anonymous said...

What kind of mask protects against radiation?

Anonymous said...

For all of you getting your information primarily from CNN I would like to offer the perspective of a UK citizen living in Tokyo. CNN is being noticeably more alarmist and shrill than other networks such as NHK International and the BBC. Jim Walsh is presenting a worst case scenario that is alarmist and not in sync with what the British Government and the IAEA are saying. I have heard a lot of other professors and experts speaking about the reactors and no one is saying the same things Mr. Walsh is.
The scary footage and headlines on the right of your screen sometimes during this current broadcast (March 15th for you in the US, 16th here in Japan) are actually pictures from NHK International last Friday (March 11th).
We are all scared and anxious here, and the people in Miyagi affected by the earthquake and tsunami desperately need help. You may think AC360 and the whole of CNN is doing a good job, but from here I have to say, they are not. Piers Morgan (I know, he's one of ours, sorry about that) started his broadcast yesterday with the words 'Apocalypse Japan'. Do you really think that's helpful?
To the person who said Japan did not prepare adequately for this: it was a magnitude 9 quake. This is something that happens once in about 1000 years, and I'm not sure the technology exists to fully protect against an event of that magnitude.
We're all trying to stay calm and trying to do the best we can. We need your prayers and support, but we don't need CNN being so alarmist. Our friends and family outside Japan watch it and believe it then we have to use what shredded emotional energy we have left calming them.