Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Battle for Libya Continues...

We begin with the latest in Libya. Moments ago new explosions and anti-aircraft fire in Tripoli and the breaking news that NATO had agreed to take the reins from the United States take over the mission to enforce the no-fly zone, but just the no fly-zone. They've apparently not agreed to take over other coalition military action like attacking Gadhafi's ground troops and heavy weapons. It's a very confusing diplomatic situation we've seen play out today. ~ Anderson Cooper



ANTI-AIRCRAFT FIRE AND NEW EXPLOSIONS IN TRIPOLI: Anderson's discussion with Jill Dougherty, Ed Henry & Nicholas Burns, Fmr. U.S. Amb. to NATO


NATO TAKING COMMAND OF ENFORCING NO-FLY ZONE, Still considering whether to take over rest of mission: Anderson's discussion with Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt (U.S. Army, Ret.), Gen. James "Spider" Marks(U.S. Army, Ret.), and Robert Baer

ANTI-AIRCRAFT FIRE AND NEW EXPLOSIONS IN TRIPOLI: Anderson talks to Nic Robertson in Tripoli and Arwa Damon in Benghazi


DEATH TOLL IN JAPAN TOPS 10,000: Anderson's discussion with Sanjay Gupta about radiation levels

NUCLEAR PLANT WORKERS HOSPITALIZED, Exposed to water with 10,000x typical radiation levels: Anderson's discussion with Michael Frielander



360 BULLETIN: Isha Sesay

That's it for 360 tonight...


David Hogsholt/Reportage by Getty Images
Anderson Cooper with a search and rescue team Saturday in Sendai, part of extensive Japanese quake coverage on CNN.



Anderson Cooper's Road to Success

Los Angeles - How do you become one of America’s most successful journalists? Anderson Cooper talks about the road to success plus a piece of advice from his mother Gloria Vanderbilt that he’ll never forget.

Story Script:

"I think finding your passion is the key to any kind of success"

"I think the thing is to try to as early as you can figure out what is it that quickens your pulse what it is that really gets your heart racing"

"When I was graduating college my mom, I asked her for advice, her advice was follow your bliss which is a term coined by Joseph Campbell a professor"

"I think if you can figure out what your bliss is and figure out a way to kind-of somehow make your job about what it is your most passionate about thats where true success comes"

"What I realize now is that the path isn't necessary always clear a head of you. As long as each step you’re taking feels right at time and is following what your gut instinct. The road won’t always seem clear but when you look backwards it'll seem like a linear path"

"I love what I do so it doesn't even really feel like work. We're doing a daytime talk show that’s doing to start in September and I'm thrilled to be doing it"


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ACAnderFan said...

The Japan coverage has been the best part of 360 this week. I liked that they had Sanjay on. If the radiation level in the tap water was too high the other day, why would it suddenly be OK the next day? It just seems like they ought to hold off on it and maybe drink bottled water.

I like the video of Anderson talking about success.

judy said...

This 360 was better than last nite if only because more time was spent on Japan and their dire radiation levels.
Those poor plant workers who had to be rushed to the hospital because radiation was leaking into their boots was just awful. What determination and dedication.
Good to see Sanjay.
It was also good to see Hillary at the beginning of the program since she is playing a crucial role in aligning NATO forces. More time should have been spent on the content of her speech and less on military footage.
Arwa Damon has to win a medal of courage for being out on the battle field in Libya...and she too, should be wearing a helmet.
But she is a real asset for CNN in the Middle East.
As an aside I was always fond of Aaron Brown, that is, until I read what he said in reference to AC/360which made very little sense and just showed the bitterness he has had all these years.
If you have nothing good to say, just don't say anything.
We all would have understood.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed 360. I especially enjoyed the first panel of Jill, Ed and Nicholas Burns. Mr. Burns had some very interesting insights and obviously knows NATO and how it works. I hope 360 has him as a guest again. I, also, liked how Ed Henry exposed Boehner for what he is -- anti President Obama. He was included on a pre-action phone call and didn't see a need to follow up at that point. And I loved that Ed asked him if he wrote Bush a similar letter about the Iraq War! Great questions Ed.

Nic and Arwa are doing an awesome job in Libya. The deserve major kudos.

Was glad to see Sanjay on 360 talking about radiation issues and appreciate the expertise of Michael Frielander vs the scare mongering Walsh.

I really liked that Anderson called out Syria for not granting journaists visas.

A good 360 and no Ajami, Walsh or Gergen for two nights in a row. I felt it was a strong program and tip my hat to Anderson and the 360 Team.

To Rachel, I get my news from many sources, daily newspaper (Chgo Trib), Time magazine, local news channels, network news (often Bri Williams or Katie Couric) a variety of Sunday program, on-line sources and follow may journalists and the US State Dept on Twitter - they often give links to many articles and blog posts. Maybe that's why I'm not upset when 360 goes in depth on a story or two and follows them through.... 360 is not my go to source for all the news I need to know.

aries moon said...

I remember the warm and gracious tribute Anderson gave Aaron Brown when he took over his time slot at 10 and it's unfortunate that Brown's bitterness towards CNN has resulted in him taking unfair cheap shots at AC.

360 continues to be on a roll with top-notch reporting and interesting guests. I hope Nicholas Burns will be back on in the near future.