Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Battle for Zawiya

Anderson began 360 tonight by saying "Tonight we begin with direct evidence that Mommar Gadhafi is killing civilians slaughtering his own people and trying to cover it up hide it from you trying to hide it from the entire world. It's happening in the city of Zawiya. The phone lines are cut. Their cell service is shut down so is the internet. Reporters are banned. But tonight you will hear what is happening there not from some anonymous voice on a bad phone line. You're going to hear it from a British reporter named Alex Crawford of Sky News who got in to Zawiya and spent days there documenting what she calls a massacre."

WITNESS TO THE BRUTAL CRACKDOWN Sky News reporter on the battle for Zawiya: Interview with Alex Crawford


LIBYA UNREST Opposition leader calls for U.S. help: Discussion with Nic Robertson, Arwa Damon and Ben Wedeman

INSIDE GADHAFI'S LIBYA Misrata woman speaks out on turmoil: Anderson speaks with unidentified Misrata woman


360 BULLETIN: Isha Sesay

NO-FLY ZONE OVER LIBYA? Challenges and consequences: Discussion with Adm. John Nathman, Anne-Marie Slaughter, and Fouad Ajami.

360 BULLETIN: Isha Sesay

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast

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ACAnderFan said...

I liked Anderson's interview with Alex Crawford. Of course Gadhafi is trying to cover up what is going on in Libya. He knows what he's doing is wrong and typically when people are doing wrong they try to hide it and cover it up.

Anonymous said...

What about Madison WI? Yes Libya is important, but you have huge protests going on in your own backyard. How about keeping those republicans honest?

Anonymous said...

While I understand people looking for more variety in 360 - I think most people don't understand that what's happening in Madison, WI is a state issue. The only people who can try to change what's happening are the residents of WI, as they have the power of their vote. I'm guessing some didn't excercise that power last Nov. and now regret that. The bottom line is that elections have consequences and the Gov and legislature of WI, are responsible to their constituents (not people/media outside the state.) People joining the fight from outside the state only enables the Gov and Repubs to say the demonstrations are not the will of WI residents. The story is best left to the local media that the Gov and Repubs rely on for their re-election campaigns, etc.

My hope is that 360 can expand to cover Cote d'Ivore, the continuing developments in Egypt, Bahrain, Tunisia and the Dali Lama stepping down. If it's US news they chose to cover - perhaps the national budget debate or Rep King's strange hearing today.

It's my opinion that state issues should remain state issues/covered locally by people that understand the nuances of the situtation, instead of a 5 or 10 minute segment with a pundit or two weighing in with their opinion and no direct ties to the state.

CNN daytime has been covering new events out of Madison, WI as they are happening with straight up reporting. In my opinion, it's not a story that works well within AC360's format.

I am happy to see Prof. Ajami's role on AC360 becoming less and look forward to the day he's totally replaced be another regional scholar; as he now seems to be expousing a political opinion/agenda, instead of regional history/context setting. I am happy that the last two nights, other people on the panel with him have pointed out that his views are not necessarily shared or accurate.

I will say, that I'm fine with AC360 covering international news and leaving news out of the US to other programs on CNN. I think Anderson has been doing a great job of making us aware of what's really happening on the ground in Libya and giving voice to those within Libya that for so long have not had a voice/been able to share their story. I'm hoping by 360 staying on this story, there will be pressure within the international community to take the appropriate action to avoid further human rights violations. Unless this story is kept front and center, it's too easy to turn a blind eye.

Anonymous said...

@anon 3:34 while WI my be a state issue it is happening all over the country and NEEDS to be talked about. People are losing some of their rights under the guise of balancing a budget. CNN/360 doesn't care about the average Joe unless it's Joe the Plumber. How would you feel if someone rewrote the Constitution of your state(they did in WI)and took away your rights? You just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

If Anderson and CNN want to change 360 to be the 'international news only' program they should be up front about it and say so. Then I'll know not to bother watching if I know there's no international news happening that I want or need to know about.

The Wisconsin battle is important because it's not just Wisconsin. Other states want to do similar union-busting measures and if Gov. Walker succeeds you'll see public unions weakened all over the country.

Anon 3:34 pm - it does concern you. What will happen to the police in your community? The worker who processes your driver's license renewal? The conditions at the state park you like to camp and hike?

I want Anderson to cover the news that's important. Libya/Egypt etc. are important but so is what's happening in this country.

Today there is new news about Libya. I've heard plenty about it earlier on CNN but Anderson will probably cover it in more detail and analyze it more deeply for their entire hour. These shows are great for you, Anon 3:34, but I believe you're in the minority and 360's ratings will start falling again.


Anonymous said...

P.S. I'd just like to thank Wonz for answering my question the other day. Thanks, Wonz!


Anonymous said...

@anon 3:34 - I respectfully disagree with your statement, "I just don't get it." I do "get it" -- I've followed the WI story from the beginning. I live just across the border. I would be upset if what happened in WI, were happening in IL. I would be contacting my Gov's office, Rep's office, Senator's office and encouraging others in my state to do the s ame. I have done these things in my state, along with working to get the vote out during election cycles. Unfortunately, get out the vote efforts for the Dems weren't very effective in WI in November and your state if paying for that now. Instead of expecting the national media to work miracles, the people of WI need to use the tools available to them - legal recourse through the courts (violations of the open meeting act) and re-call efforts.

To re-write the constitution in IL requires a public vote. Is that not the case in WI?

What is happening in WI is not happening all over the country, although some other states are addressing similar issues. IL voted through a tax increase vs. taking an axe to the budget and for that I am grateful.

While I under understand your frustration and appreciate your passion, I think it's unfair of you to say CNN doesn't care about the story. Ed Lavendara has been braking in all day long with reports from Madison. CNN is on the story, it's AC360 that is concentrating on international news at this time.

judy said...

@Jaanza, 4:37, and 2:30AM.
Wisconsin's GOP is setting an important precedent that will be felt throughout the country and to say that it is a state's rights issue is perfectly naive.
It is a labor issue and ultimately the demise of the middle class, especially when collective bargaining rights were hard fought.
Walker's main objective is to destroy the middle class and to prohibit campaign financing by undercutting union rights to collect dues that go directly to Democratic candidates, thus weakening the opposition.
Union busting is a socio-economic issue that has national implications and are relevant and should be a major focus of 360.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 5:14 the legislature in WI defied the open meeting act and refused to let a representative speak, he was a Democrat. You sound like a Repug an no you don't get it. It's called Union Busting and if it happens in one state it CAN and WILL happen in others, mark my word. As for 360 covering international news, thats what CNNi is for. And a two minute report from WI IS NOT covering the story MSNBC was on after midnight with it.

Anonymous said...

I an anon 3:34 and 5:14 (I was addressing anon 4:37, not myself in my 5:15 comment, sorry.)

To set the record straight, I am not a "repug" as some may think. I am a Dem thru and thru. I have been active in politics at the local level and worked thru OFA (Organizing For America - President Obama's organization that has been folded into the Democratic National Committee) for state and national elections and issues. I have made phone calls for get out the vote, to encourage people to write letters to the editor and called my reps and senators to make sure my voice has been heard on legislation up for a vote.

I have worked in public service my entire life and was a union member until a promotion to a classification outside the union. I am a resident of IL, but live close to the WI border, so my local news has covered Madison/WI from the beginning. I was at an OFA meeting last night where we discussed what was happening in WI and the action OFA in WI has taken in support of the Dems.

Thru a lot of hard work this last election cycle, IL managed to keep both the house and the senate and the also the Gov's office Dem. I feel fortunate for that as instead of taking an axe to the budget and trying to break the unions, IL voted through a pretty significant tax increase to address our budget problems. So to answer you Jaanza, I don't expect to see changes in my local police protection or state park conditions, etc.

What I'm trying to say is a vibrant democracy is not easy. Democracy is hard and sometimes we don't like the outcomes of elections, but I'm thankful that I live in a country where we have elections. Elections have consequences and we may not always be on the winning side. We can't expect national media to perform magic. We need to stand up for what we believe in, work to get the candidate's we like elected and despite who is elected, make phone calls and write letters so our voices are heard when issues come up for a vote. Bottom line, politicians are responsible to their constituents who have the right to vote them out of office, not the national media.

I do understand the union busting and the weakening of the middle class. I am part of the middle class. That has compelled me to become more active at the grassroots level and through OFA. Hopefully it will compel more people to show up to vote during the next election cycle and other's to get involved in making sure their candidates are elected.

I understand anon 5:42 that there was a violation of the open meetings act - and addressed that in my previous comments. As I understand it, an appeal has already been filed in court. So please don't say "I don't get it" -- because quite frankly, I do. I understand your upset and can appreciate your passion on the issue. I am sorry that 360 hasn't covered the issue to your liking, but it's been more than a two minute story on many other CNN programs. Parker/Spitzer (now the arena) and John King USA to name a couple in prime time. What's happening in Libya and the ME affects us all, too. Have you filled up your gas tank lately? Unfortunately, I don't get CNNi where I live or I would watch it. (Much of the US doesn't. CNNi is mostly aired outside the US.) I wish you well in your fight for a re-call and hopefully the actions taken by your state legislature and gov today can be overturned.

judy said...

@5:14: The national media has played and is playing a very important role in who we elect as our representatives.
Fox News wouldn't have the influence it has, if the above wasn't true. So CNN and 360 should report the news, both internationally and domestically.
After all, they were given 2 hours and in one of them, Wisconsin should have the lead.