Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Breaking News Out of Libya

Tonight's AC360 opened with Anderson Cooper reporting breaking news.

N.Y. TIMES: Libyan opposition leaders may ask for airstrikes to topple Gadhafi:
Jill Doughtery, Ben Wedeman (in Benghazi), Nic Robertson (in Tripoli) and Fouad Ajami discuss.

EYEWITNESS IN TRIPOI SPEAKS OUT, Says city is 'frighteningly quiet, not normal': Anderson speaks by phone with a man trapped in his apartment in Tripoli


LIBYAN REFUGEE CRISIS, Nearly 150,000 head for borders with Tunisia & Egypt: Ivan Watson reporting from the Tunisia/Libyan border

WRITER SAYS GADHAFI SENTENCED HIM TO DIE, Years later the dictator allegedly tried to woo him: Cooper interviews Fadel Al-Ameen

U.S. CONSIDERS SEVERING TIES WITH LIBYA, All diplomatic relations with Gadhafi may be suspended: Jill Dougherty talks with AC

PUTTING PRESSURE ON GADHAFI, U.S. considering a 'full range of options': Robert Baer and Stephen Hadley discuss the United States' options



Much thanks to Priscilla Small, an ATA reader, who sent us two recent videos of Anderson. This first one is AC signing autographs before The Daily Show last week:

This next video is long, and Anderson doesn't come in until the end, but I enjoyed watching the celebrities arriving at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party on Sunday night and I thought you might too.

AC360 Transcript

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judy said...

It is very nice to see Jill Dougherty, a woman in her early fifties, being taken seriously by AC. Many times women of her age are over looked by the media, even though they are profoundly knowledgeable, as Jill is, working for the State Dept.
Sad to see the many refugees fleeing to the borders of Tunisia and Egypt who have no place to go or hide under these dire circumstances.
Nice to see AC signing autographs.
He better get used to it. He'll be signing many after or before his talk show, especially with a live audience.
Surprised to see Billy Crystal emerge at the Oscar party. IMHO, HE was still the best host of the Oscars, and by far the most talented, funny, and creative.

Anonymous said...

@Sydney: Enjoyed and agreed with your comment in reference to the supermodel on the post prior.

aries moon said...

Nice to see quite a large variety of guests on 360 to discuss Libya--Fouad Ajami wasn't featured as prominently as he has been previously.

Thanks for the clips--Jane Fonda and John Hamm looked great at the Vanity Fair party.

ACAnderFan said...

I understand that what's going on in Libya is important but I do think that 360 does need to spend sometime focusing on things going on here at home. If they are insistent on spending the entire hour on Libya then they need to go into the second hour and focus on domestic news. Maybe not whole hour but 30 minutes would be fine.

Priscilla, thanks for the videos. I don't know why but I like seeing Anderson doing stuff like signing autographs. Love the one of all the celebs arriving at the VF party.