Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Disaster at Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant

NEW FIRE AT NUCLEAR PLANT, Smoke rises from number 4 reactor at facility:
Anderson Cooper reporting, follow up discussion with Jim Walsh, MIT, Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Tom Foreman


Dr. Gupta explains radiation monitors and steps being taken to protect CNN personal


Chad Myers reports on the wind conditions and where the wind has/will take the radiation.

Drew Griffin investigates the safety record of the company that owns the Fukushima Plant.

Anderson talks with Soledad O'Brien and Gary Tuchman about those who survived the tsunami but are now homeless.

Anderson's tweets from Tuesday:

Soledad's Senior Producer tweeted this picture tonight:

Ratings are in for AC360 on Sunday and Monday night. Credit to TVNewser:

Tuesday's AC360 ended rather abruptly. With so much breaking news about a possible nuclear meltdown why wasn't a second live hour? We don't have the answer but we do know that Soledad O'Brien and others are headed home tomorrow. We'll just have to wait and see if that includes Anderson and his crews. When we know we'll post the information. Until then we pray
for the people of Japan.

LATE ADDITION: These are Anderson's tweets from overnight. Sounds like we'll get AC360 from Tokyo tonight.

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast

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ACAnderFan said...

360 was pretty good last nite. This nuclear story gets more interesting by the minute. They have got to do something before an even bigger disaster than the tsunami and earthquake occurs. Really enjoyed Anderson's discussion with Jim Walsh and Tom Foreman and Sanjay.

My heart goes out to the 50 people still at the plant. They are brave people and deserves everyones respect.

Am very glad to see that Anderson is wearing a radiation detector.

Abderson's reporting from Japan has been pretty good, but I think he and his crew need to head home.

judy said...

I rather enjoyed the post from the UK person living in Tokyo in the post prior, who gave a more reassuring outlook and said those of us getting all our news from CNNi and CNN were given a wrong perspective on the situation.
They had especially harsh words for Mr.Walsh, the latest 360 expert, from MIT. Yes, he does seem to have a gloomy doomsday attitude and often predicts the worst possible scenario.
And speaking of worst, the weather in Japan does not look very appealing. Poor Soledad and AC looked as though they were frozen stiff. I never thought Japan was that cold and dreary.
Yes, I too think it is time to come home or move along to Tokyo where it appears to be a bit safer.

aries moon said...

Who knows what's going to happen now that the last 50 reactor workers have suspended operations. Anderson sounded sick--I heard a lot of sniffles.

Anonymous said...

Anderson and crew are staying in Japan. He tweeted that he is doing 360 from Tokyo tonight.

We ought to know that Anderson isn't going to leave this situation that easily. He thrives in these conditions. There's no telling when he will leave.

Anonymous said...

Danielle, Sanjay's producer, tweeted that they are in Tokyo also. So it seems they must be staying on with Anderson and are not leaving yet.

To be honest, I can understand wanting to leave because of everything happening there but it is their job and why they are paid so very well. I can see Soledad being afraid and going home because she has a family to think of. Sanjay, well he has a family but he won't leave until he is made to. He is stubborn and sticks with a story just like Anderson, no matter what. And Anderson, he's single and lives his life that way, so he wont leave until he is forced to by CNN I suppose.

I'll pray for all of them as they stay and give us the real news out of Japan. I hope they all stay safe and sound.

Anonymous said...

Think they will be staying for awhile as long as their meters continue to read 0. Not sure that Tokyo is all that much safer than Akita, but maybe less snowy.

I'm glad he's in Japan instead of Libya. Safety of journalists is definitely a major concern there right now.