Sunday, March 13, 2011


Anderson Cooper anchored a Special Edition of AC360 from North of Fukushima, Japan (outside the evacuation zone), "where Japan is dealing with two emergencies going on now at the same time...trying to deal with the aftermath of Friday's earthquake and tsunami in the area around and to the north of Sendai, in northeastern Japan. The death toll now stands at about 1,600 but that death toll is expected to rise, expected to be in the 10s of thousands. The other emergency going on at two separate nuclear plants in the area of Fukushima..."

JAPAN QUAKE AFTERMATH, Japan's PM: 'Toughest' crisis since World War II:
Anderson Cooper and Soledad O'Brien discuss


TENS OF THOUSANDS OF HOMES DESTROYED: Anderson Cooper and Sanjay Gupta discuss


FEARS OF A NUCLEAR MELTDOWN: Anderson Cooper's discussion with Jim Walsh, MIT and Sanjay concerning the believed partial meltdown of two reactors

WE ARE FACING A POTENTIAL "SECOND CRISIS": Anderson's discussion with CNN's Kyung Lah about the need for food and water in Sendai


JAPAN QUAKE AFTERMATH, Searching for survivors in hard-hit port cities: Soledad's discussion with CNN's Anna Coren concerning search efforts currently underway

CLOCK IS TICKING TO FIND SURVIVORS, Death toll in Japan stands at 1,597: A report by Gary Tuchman and Gary's follow up discussion with Soledad




CLOCK IS TICKING TO FIND SURVIVORS, Death toll in Japan stands at 1,597: Anderson opened the second hour of the special with three videos of the moment the tsunami hit - he let the videos speak for themselves

BREAKING NEWS - NEW TSUNAMI WARNING: Sanjay Gupta was on the phone with Anderson and explained that as they were getting ready for their live shot, a new tsunami warning was issued. After a little discussion and encouragement, Sanjay and his team heeded the warnings and left to move to higher ground

69 COUNTRIES OFFERING HELP, U.S. sent warships, supplies rescue crews: Anderson's phone conversation with CNN's Brian Todd traveling with an urban search and rescue team

Anderson checked in with CNN's Kyung Lah, in Sendai, concerning the new tsunami warning and the people waiting in line for hours to buy a few items ~

NEW TSUNAMI WARNING: A report by Sanjay Gupta on damage done by earthquake and tsunami


Anderson spoke with Soledad by phone - Soledad had to evacuate to higher ground and is on the top of a two-and-a-half story building. A three meter high tsunami is expected

BREAKING NEWS - NUCLEAR PLANT BLAST, NHK: Smoke rising from reacotr #1, blast in reactor#3 at Fukushima; Anderson brought Jim Walsh back in to discuss the breaking news and was concerned if he and his crew should evacuate the area

Anderson spoke with Sanjay who is safe and expecting a 3 meter high tsunami

More with Jim Walsh about the smoke and blast at the Fukushima nuclear plant

2,000 BODIES FOUND IN JAPAN, Kyodo News: Grim discovery in Miyagi Profecture: Anderson's phone discussion with Paula Hancocks about how the rescue effort is being hampered by new tsunami alerts

Anderson closed this special edition of AC360 with a video of some of the sights and stories CNN correspondents had collected, checked in with Soledad for a final report and said he, Sanjay, Soledad and CNN would be in Japan all week ~


Tonight's Extras:

Earlier today Wonz posted a new ATA blog entry titled, A Look Back: Anderson Cooper Reports & Reflects on the 2004 Tsunami. If you missed it, you can click here for the link.

Anderson tweeted today and included the link to the photo below ~

After AC360 Ish tweeted and included the link to the photo below ~

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ACAnderFan said...

I didn't see much of 360 because it was on at the same time as my regular sunday shows, but what I did see was pretty good. If Anderson was at the point that he had to ask if he should move from where he was for fear of radiation from the nuclear power plant then he probably should have moved. If you're at the point that you need to ask if you should leave, then that means you probably ought to leave. You can never be too far away from a malfunctioning power plant.

aries moon said...

I've been watching a lot of videos online of the tsunami and the devastation it has caused--some of the footage of the tsunami ripping through towns and taking down cars and buildings is unbelievable. The power of the water is mind boggling. 360 did a good job of covering all the bases in the special and it was good to hear from a large variety of CNN correspondents. AC, Soledad and Sanjay seemed to have a couple of hairy moments last night.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Anderson would be on Sunday night until about 45 minutes into the program. What I saw was very good, classic Anderson in the aftermath of a disaster. Everybody did a great job.

The only change I would have made would be to add a segment about plate tectonics. Somewhere on CNN the last few days there was a discussion with an expert and he explained the Pacific plate "ring of fire" in general and what is happening around Japan in particular. It was very educational.

I hope everybody stays safe and the Japanese find a way to get through this.


judy said...

Caught portions of the expanded 360coverage and was wondering why AC did not wear more protective gear since he was so close to the reactor activity.
The reception was also very fuzzy, almost as though he were on the moon and not Japan. No doubt, problems with transmission.
Soledad's report was nice and clear and she looked well protected from the elements.
Sanjay had some scary moments.
Things are very unsettled there.
Hopefully everyone will stay safe.