Friday, March 11, 2011

Disaster in Japan & Problems in Libya

Anderson Cooper opened tonight's AC360 with, "Good evening, everyone. We are going to have some important and late developments to bring you tonight in the battle for Libya, including an attack on our team in Tripoli by government thugs. But we begin of course with the breaking news, the terrible devastation in northeastern Japan, the destruction there simply epic, the death toll mounting, exact numbers unknown. Now a nuclear emergency, several badly damaged power station reactors with serious cooling problems, pressure building, reports now of radiation venting at two of them. We will talk to a woman whose husband was in one of the plants when all this began. He escaped. But she hasn't heard from him all day and is getting desperate for word. All of it and everything else the result of the fifth largest quake in recorded history. "


Tonight's headlines included:

- 8.9-magnitude biggest in nation's history
- Coastal residents had only minutes to escape tsunami
- More than 1,000 people feared dead
- Earthquake triggered powerful tsunami, massive flooding
- Hundreds of bodies found in coastal city of Sendai
- High radiation levels near Fukushima nuclear plant
- Report: possible leak at one nuclear plant
- Officials: 1,800 homes destroyed in Fukushima
- 30-ft wall of water swept away houses, cars, trees
- Report: Contact lost with four trains in coastal areas

Anderson gave a minute-by-minute breakdown of the event ~


Anderson spoke with Janie Eudy, wife of nuclear plant worker trying to locate her husband, Danny ~

Anderson and Jeanne Meserve discuss nuclear power plant issues ~

Anderson talked to Kyung Lah, CNN Tokyo Correspondent - who gave a live report Near Sandai (about what she found on her way North - the area hardest hit) ~


Anderson spoke with CNN Meteorologist Chad Myers and Jim Gaherty, Columbia University, to discuss the science of the quake and tsunami ~

CIVIL WAR IN LIBYA, Gadhafi forces recapture strategic town: Nic Robertson reports and Anderson's discussion with Nic Robertson in Tripoli and Ben Wedeman near Ras Lanuf


360 BULLETIN: Isha Sesay

Anderson spoke with Matt Alt, an American living in Tokyo ~


One of Anderson's "live tweets" during tonight's 360 ~

Anderson explained he was headed to Japan and handed-off the rest of the second hour of AC360 to Isha Sesay ~


Isha brought Chad Myers & Jim Gahery back in for further discussion on the science of the quake and tsunami ~

The rest of the second hour of 360 was mostly repeat reports with some new video interspersed and Isha anchoring.

Anderson will be anchoring AC360 live from the quake zone in Japan on Monday night ~

We will be watching for any live reports Anderson may file once he reaches the quake zone. Please continue to check ATA.

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ACAnderFan said...

I liked the interview with the woman whose husband worked at that nuclear power plant. I hope she finds her husband.

Will be interesting to see where Anderson reports from this weekend.

Anonymous said...

While I'm glad AC is heading to Japan I hope he heeds the warnings and stays far away from the nuclear power plants - they suggest reporters take Geiger Counters with them to check on the amoubt of radiation in the air.

Anonymous said...

Am watching CNN this morning and who should appear, but our favorite General - Russell Honore. It is so good to hear someone give a great explanation about how things should be handled with rescue efforts in Japan.

According to CNN this AM AC should be reporting Monday evening most definitely, but this weekend not so sure.

Anonymous said...

Thanks @ anon. 10:29
There was a Twitter rumor stating AC was reporting live from Japan and all hell broke out around me with people fighting for the remote.


Anonymous said...

Gary Tuchman was just on with Wolfe and said they are trying to make their way to the epicenter, but the going is tough.