Friday, March 04, 2011

Gadhafi Cracking Down

Good evening. Moammar Gadhafi is cracking down, cracking down and killing his own people again, using deadly force on the streets of Tripoli and the city of Zawiyah and cracking down on reporters who aren't cooperating, taking away their cameras, trying to blind the world to what is happening."

KEEPING THEM HONEST: A report by Anderson Cooper


INSIDE LIBYA'S UPRISING, Intense fighting in Tripoli, Zawiya and Ras Lanuf: Anderson's discussion with David Kirkpatrick, NYT, & Marie Colvin in Tripoli and Ben Wedeman in Ajdabiya, Libya


EYEWITNESS IN LIBYA SPEAKS OUT, Gadhafi loyalists try to retake Zawiya: Anderson's interview with a man in Zawiya, Libya who says he's a freedom fighter


INSIDE LIBYA'S UPRISING, Reports: Protesters abducted, some killed: Anderson's follow up discussion with David Kirkpatrick, NYT in Tripoli, Libya & Fouad Ajami in the NYC studio

GADHAFI'S SON SPEAKS TO CNN, Saif Gadhafi interviewed by Nic Robertson: Isha Sesay's discussion with Nic Robertson, in Tripoli, Libya


U.S. WEIGHING OPTIONS IN LIBYA: Anderson's discussion with Bill Richardson & Fareed Zakaria

360 BULLETIN: Isha Sesay

That's it for 360. Thanks for watching. See you Monday. ~

Anderson was busy tweeting tonight, so I guess he's getting "The Twitter" down (see article in extras) ~

We noticed that most of AC360 was recorded earlier in the day; perhaps to accommodate Anderson's travel schedule to keep his commitment to be in NOLA tomorrow? Given that AC360 centered around the news out of Libya today and the time zone differences, it didn't seem to impact the program content, and Isha was in the studio for any breaking news.


From Mediaite ~ Despite Nearly A Million Followers @AndersonCooper Just Only Learned How To Work Twitter (An article about Mr. Cooper's Twitter woes during his first attempt at live Tweeting during AC360 Thursday night.)


Remember, Anderson was named a grand marshal of 2011 Endymion Mardi Gras parade and is slated to ride with the Krewe of Endymion when it rolls on Sunday, in New Orleans. (Breaking News - Strong thunderstorms and heavy rain accompanied by brisk wind gusts forecast for Saturday afternoon have forced the Krewe of Endymion to abandon its traditional route past thousands of fans that were expected to pack sidewalks and neutral grounds along Orleans and Carrollton avenues and Canal Street, and shift to a Sunday night roll on the Uptown route. The Endymion Extravaganza ball, will be held Saturday night as scheduled.)

Here's a photo of his 2006 appearance ~

Caption: U.S. television reporter Anderson Cooper gives beads to a spectator during the Endymion parade along St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans February 26, 2006

Stay tuned to ATA for more coverage of Anderson's appearance in the Endymion parade in 2006~

Tomorrow night we will include a blog post Anderson wrote about his 2006 experience.
Sunday night's post will feature photos and video of Anderson's 2006 appearance.

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ACAnderFan said...

I think Anderson is twitter illiterate though it seems he's getting better at it tonite. The Mediaite article was amusing.

Looking forward to ATA's coverage of Anderson being in the parade :)

Anonymous said...

Well, 360 was on Friday night but it seemed too much like a repeat of Thursday so I didn't pay close attention; only halfway through (Isha with Nic Robertson) did I realize Anderson was taped.

Musing on broccoli and international news - it's more like international news is vegetables and news about the Mideast and northern Africa is green vegetables and news about Libya is broccoli. Programs about only international news/green vegetables would be okay but not a week of programs with just LIbya/broccoli.

I hope Anderson has fun at Mardi Gras and maybe on Monday he'll have a video clip of him on the float.