Monday, March 21, 2011

Icky News....on so Many Levels

Breaking news.....on two fronts tonight. Take a look, smoke earlier today pouring from reactors two and three at the crippled plant, the Fukushima Dai-Ichi Plant. Workers evacuated, the damage to Unit Three appearing especially heavy. Radiation levels now prompting the U.S. military to consider mandatory evacuation of thousands of American troops and their families, in Japan. Radioactive dust from these reactors now being detected at very, very low levels, we want to point out, in Seattle, Washington. Despite substantial progress over the weekend this is far from over. ~ Anderson Cooper

Anderson went on to mention the climbing death toll from the tsunami and also that the body of the young American teacher killed in the flooding was recovered. Then the program switched gears and began with a look at the fighting in Libya.


Nic Robertson and Arwa Damon reporting

Jill Dougherty, Fouad Ajami and David Gergen discuss

John King breaks down the military action at the magic wall

Ron Paul talks of the U.S. involvement in the Libyan military action

Anderson's phone conversation with a resident of Misratah, Libya


NUCLEAR WORRIES IN JAPAN, Possible evacuations for U.S. military in Yokosuka: Jim Walsh (MIT) and Michael Friedlander (former nuclear power plant operator) discuss

Anderson's tribute to American teacher Taylor Anderson who was killed in the tsunami




If you have any kind of alert system in place for AC you were bombarded with news that Playgirl offered money for pictures of Cooper. The Soup titled this ICKY NEWS and we agree. Here's Joel McHale's brief mention of the story:

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast

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ACAnderFan said...

360 wasn't too bad last nite. Its good that they've finally got a power source for the plant. If there is radiation in the food should it really be sent out to other cites? I don't care if it is low levels, I don't think food that knowingly has low levels of radiation should be sent out. Very sad to hear that the body of Taylor Anderson was found.

I think its funny that Playgirl is offering $10,000 for naked pics of Anderson. Its totally a lost cause. The Soup clip was very funny!

judy said...

Jon Stewart said it best on The Daily Show tonite: "There's money to shoot missles, but no money to pay teachers."
He went on to ask the million dollar question: "Are we at war with Libya, and if we have no money and are broke, how can we afford to be such humanitarians?
Aren't two wars enoughs, now we have to have three."
Sometimes The Daily Show is all I need to listen to in order to make sense of the news and tonite was one of them.
Anderson didn't look any worse for the wear, considering he just returned from a 14 hour flight but more time should have been devoted to Japan and the "traces of radiation" now discovered in Seattle. If these traces are effecting the Japanese food supply, it may in fact effect ours.
Only time will tell.

Anonymous said...

How sad that Taylor Anderson did not survive the tsunami. The other two missing students had happy endings and I was hoping for the same for Taylor.

I found Nic Robertson's report interesting - how sad that other journalists seemed to turn on him.

I'm sorry, but I'm so over Fouad Ajami, David Gergen and Walsh. CNN/360 needs some new faces on these stories.

I was disappointed in Rand Paul being given air time. Anderson and his guests have been asking for weeks now, when will President Obama take action to help the people of Libya and now that the US had joined the NATO forces, they start questioning President Obama's actions and trying to discredit what he is doing. You know if President Obama were a republican, all the rupublicans would be lining up in support of him, but because he's not "their guy" - it's a bad idea. Rand Paul's comment about not expecting bombing - just making sure planes don't fly, was pretty ignorant. Everything I saw about a no-fly zone included taking out defense systems, taking out command centers and jamming communications and the like. Perhaps Rand Paul had a brain cramp but it was the Bushs' that put us in Afghanistan and Iraq - and they didn't seem to have problems with that. Now that the US has joined in NATO actions, we suddenly souldn't be going into Muslim countries? Give me a break.

I was hoping for a smarter 360 - fresh faces for expertise with the nuclear issues in Japan and perhaps a military person to speak about the NATO actions, instead of a disgruntled politician. Tonight's program seemed to be a platform for Republican politics; Fouad, Gergen & Paul. What happened to the fair and balanced? I would prefer no pundits and politicians, but if 360 is going to use them, keep it balanced, please.

I'm of the opinion that Hillary, President Obama and NATO have a plan and know what they are doing. Perhaps it's in our best interest if that plan isn't released to the media at this time. I'm all for transparency when it's appropriate, but not if it's going to tip our hand to the "enemy" in military action. We don't know all the actions being taken by NATO at this time, and in my opinion, we don't need to know, especially if it's going to jeopardize the mission.

Please, 360, give us straight up reporting and let the mission play out a bit before trying to predict it's success or failure.

aries moon said...

@anon 1:56am--great comment. I agree with everything you said.