Monday, March 07, 2011

Libya, Egypt and Mardi Gras

Tonight the battle for Libya is intensifying as America considers military action in that country. Moammar Gadhafi continues to claim victories that do not yet exist. Tonight, Keeping Them Honest, Gadhafi's latest claims vs. the facts on the ground. ~Anderson Cooper

ON LIBYAN FRONT LINES, Is Gadhafi Gaining Ground? Nic Robertson and David Kirkpatrick (NYT) in Tripoli and Arwa Damon in Benghazi

GADHAFI FORCES LAY SIEGE ON MISRATA, Resident cries out for help: "We need support." Anderson talks with a resident of Misrata in a pre recorded phone interview.


INTENSE FIGHTING IN LIBYA, Battles rage for strategic cities: Fouad Ajami

ALL OPTIONS ON THE TABLE, White House weighs next steps on Libya: Jill Dougherty

WEIGHING INTERVENTION, U.S. and allies discuss military options against Gadhafi: David Gergen and David Frum

PROTESTERS STORM SECRET POLICE OFFICES, Find documents shredded, burned: Lisa Anderson (President of American Univ. in Cairo) and Fouad Ajami



Anderson Cooper passed one million followers today on Twitter. Here's his announcement:

Here's a short video from TV on the Brain of AC and Kelly tossing beads on Sunday night.

There were two YouTube videos that we found of Anderson on the Endymion float. This first one is at the indoor event on Saturday night.

The second is video of the parade on Sunday night.

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast

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ACAnderFan said...

Love the videos of Anderson on the floats. Looks like he was really enjoying himself. I like seeing stuff like that. I hope he had a fun weekend, he deserves it.

Anonymous said...

If Anderson wants to "make 360 worth our while," he can start devoting some of his time on air to labor issues and I know I am not alone in my feelings.

aries moon said...

Lots of criticism regarding the Obama Administration's Libya strategy from Ajami, Gergen and Frum. There are Libyans who want the US to intervene immediately (and a few on 360 have said they DIDN'T want it other than a no fly zone), but I'm sure it's not as easy as some of Obama's critics are making it seem--there's a lot to be considered and there's no way of knowing all of the actions that are being taken or are in the planning stages--making assumptions that the President is somehow backing down or being indecisive about what to do seems unfair. Wasn't exactly the most balanced panel discussion, imo.

It's interesting that Libya has pretty much been the sole topic on 360 for the past few weeks. Could that mean that Anderson has more control over the content of the show now? I remember him saying that he thought it was an incredibly important story--I wonder if this is a new development. Even when he was in Haiti and reporting on the Gulf oil spill there were other reports included in the show, but Libya is covered for the full hour with few exceptions. The ratings may be slipping again but Anderson might finally be doing exactly what he wants on the show now--perhaps he couldn't when David Doss was around. I still wish they would do more on Wisconsin though--that's pretty much being ignored.

It took a while for AC to finally reach a million followers on Twitter--it might've have happened sooner if he had tweeted more often and didn't keep it all work-related--he's doing a little better now. Thanks for the Mardi Gras clips.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recap, couldn't watch last night because my DH wanted to see something else. Did Anderson say anything about Mardi Gras and his participation in it? I'm glad ATA has clips but I figured at the end of the show, Anderson or Isha would have mentioned it just a little bit.

There was a comment on another website stating Anderson isn't covering Wisconsin because he really doesn't care about unions or workers rights because of his privileged background and robber-baron forefathers. I hope that's not true.

And I'm hoping for some more variety in the news stories this week.


Anonymous said...


There was a bit about Mardi Gras at the end of last night's program and the clip will be posted on Sunday night.

I tend not to believe what I read in comments of blog posts concerning how Anderson feels about a certain subject, as it's pretty much the commentor making an assumption; unless of course they happen to know Anderson. However, I don't see Anderson's friends/people that know him posting a comment of that nature on a public blog. Just my opinion.

I can tell you that I live in the Chicago area and close to the IL/WI border. At first the news out of WI was all over the local news, but it has quickly become a blip or a small article further inside the paper. Seems the Gov. won't talk to the Dems. and it's pretty much a standoff with little happening day to day. Not sure what there would be for 360 to cover at this point. It's pretty much a state issue and a standoff. Most of what's being reported on the national level is not accurate, so I think 360 is best to leave that story alone at this point -- again my opinion.