Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Libya, Inside the Uprising

Tonight a dramatic effort by forces loyal to Moammar Gadhafi to break the stalemate in Libya and break the back of the opposition. A fight in an important desert town, a fight today in which Gadafhi's opponents were able to hold off government troops.

INSIDE THE BATTLE FOR LIBYA, Bombs fall, ground fighting as Gadhafi tries to retake town: Ben Wedeman and Nic Robertson reporting

Ben Wedeman had the cameras rolling when a large bomb struck nearby.


LIBYAN REGIME FACES TOUGH QUESTIONS, Gov't spokesman: 'This is an armed rebellion':
Anderson questions Libyan spokesperson Musa Ibrahim


Part 1:

Part 2:

CRISIS IN LIBYA, U.S, International community weigh options: Fouad Ajami, Jill Dougherty and Ben Wedeman

ESCAPING LIBYA, Man who fled country speaks out, says brother was killed:
Cooper's phone interview with an anonymous man




We discovered, through Twitter, a few weeks back that Anderson had agreed to speak at John Hopkins University, where Fouad Ajami is a professor. There were numerous tweets from students today saying that they had attended a private lecture with Cooper and Dr. Ajami. While Twitter isn't the most reliable of sources we thought we'd just pass on what we've heard. For those of you who aren't familiar Johns Hopkins University School of International Studies is located in Washington, DC and it counts among it's former students Wolf Blitzer.

While sorting through some old files this week I found two drawings of Anderson Cooper that I'm not sure we've ever posted. The first one is a charcoal that was done by John Paul.

This second one is a caricature that is signed but illegible (to us at least).

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast

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ACAnderFan said...

Is everyone in the government in Libya delusional, Gadhaffi is clearly delusional and the government spokesperson Anderson spoke to seems to be delusional as well. He talked in circles and never really answered what Anderson asked him.

The charcoal drawing of Anderson is really nice.

Anonymous said...

Although the news from Libya is harrowing and dramatic, couldn't 360 have just one segment about other news? I thought the Supreme Court ruling on the First Amendment and the Westboro Church would have broke the all-Libya hour.

Booting Gadhafi out of LIbya will probably take longer than it did for Mubarak and Egypt (wasn't that 18 days?). Maybe everybody is looking to Anderson to be the reporter for the LIbyan crisis and I'm in the minority. I'm just looking for a little variety. I'll still tune in tomorrow and see what Anderson's talking about.

The charcoal drawing of Anderson makes him look like Max Headroom.


ACAnderFan said...

@Jaanza, I agree with you, a little variety would be nice on 360. Normally the Westboro church would have been discussed on 360 but with their tunnel vision anything not Libya related doesn't get mentioned anymore.

aries moon said...

Another fine interrogation by AC with Musa Ibrahim--AC's getting some criticism for interrupting Ibrahim frequently during the interview, but the man was clearly a shill trying to gloss over the horrible actions of his government and his leader--AC was simply getting to the heart of the matter.

The coverage of Libya has been excellent but I also agree that 360 should devote some time to domestic issues and not just relegate them to a blip in the bulletin.

Nebraska Fan said...

I missed the show last night and just finished watching the clip with Ibrahim. As much as I like watching Anderson interview people, I have to say that I was barely able to finish this one. To me, it is hard to watch when AC interrupts people like he did in that interview. He is much more professional than that. I realize the guy is just trying to cover up, but Anderson can still expose the inconsistencies and lies if he lets the guy finish a sentence. It also may make other controversial guests think twice about being on the show if they think they may not be allowed to talk.

Thanks for the clips and everything you do on the blog so we can still watch our favorite anchor even when we can't be home!