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Anderson Cooper opened AC360 with a run down on today's breaking news out of Libya and Japan and promised a good news story, too.

BREAKING NEWS - LIBYA SAYS IT'S ADHERING TO CEASE-FIRE, Govt. days opposition forces are advancing: A report by Anderson Cooper


BREAKING NEWS - LIBYA SAYS IT'S ADHERING TO CEASE-FIRE, Govt. days opposition forces are advancing: Anderson's discussion with Nic Robertson in Tripoli and Arwa Damon in Benghazi


BREAKING NEWS - LIBYA SAYS IT'S ADHERING OT CEASE-FIRE, Yet witness days "Misrata is on fire": Anderson's phone interview with a man in Misrata


BREAKING NEWS - LIBYA SAYS IT'S ADHERING OT CEASE-FIRE, Yet witness days "Misrata is on fire":Anderson's follow up discussion with Jill Dougherty, Fouad Ajami & Bob Baer

BREAKING NEWS - NUCLEAR CRISIS IN JAPAN, Plant operator apologizes: A report by Anderson Cooper

BREAKING NEWS - NUCLEAR CRISIS IN JAPAN, Plant operator apologizes: Chad Myers was in with a weather report for Japan

BREAKING NEWS - NUCLEAR CRISIS IN JAPAN, Plant operator apologizes: Anderson's follow up discussion with Robert Alvarez (Frmr Senior U.S. Dept of Energy Official, Jim Walsh & Dr. Sanjay Gupta



360 BULLETIN: Isha Sesay

That's it for tonight...I'll see you Monday...

Shortly after AC360 ended, Anderson tweeted ~

And then later from Narita Airport ~

The 'Terrific Trio' - Anderson Cooper, Ish Estrada (Producer) & Neil Hallsworth (Cameraman) had a little "Twitter" fun while waiting for a live shot tonight ~

It started with -

@andersoncooper Anderson Cooper
My cameraman @neilhallsworth is now on twitter! I've told him he is not allowed to swear, but I can't promise anything

then came -

@ishestradacnn Ismael Estrada
And here is @neilhallsworth w @andersoncooper. Neil is very proud to have upped his followers substantially

followed by -

@neilhallsworth Neil Hallsworth
Here in Tokyo about to go live with @andersoncooper for AC360

and -

@andersoncooper Anderson Cooper
what I see when on air. Producer @ishestradacnn (on phone with control room) and @neilhallsworth

and the Dr. Gupta entered the picture (yes, pun intended) -

@ishestradacnn Ismael Estrada
On location in #japan with @andersoncooper and @sanjayguptaCNN


From the Anderson Cooper 360 Facebook page ~

Anderson and AC360° Editorial Producer Alexandra Poolos sit in a car taking them a safer place in the wake of a third explosion at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant March 15, 2011 on the road between Sendai and Akita, Japan.

Anderson's producer, Ish Estrada, tweeted this link to a Blog post he wrote for ~

What once were people’s homes is now just a pile of rubble. We found clothes, dolls, wedding albums and countless cars as far as we could see. (Photo Credit: Ismael Estrada/CNN)

Producer's Notebook: On the road to Sendai

Ismael Estrada AC360° Producer @IshEstradaCNN on Twitter

(CNN) - On our way up to Sendai, Japan, we passed dozens upon dozens of vehicles lining village streets. People were lining up for blocks waiting for fuel from gas stations that were selling what little they had remaining. Hundreds of residents were lining up waiting for grocery stores to open - stores that were sold out of water and many necessary food items. Once we made our way into the seaside city of Sendai the wreckage left in the wake of the tsunami was overwhelming. Vehicles were tossed all over mud-filled streets. Some cars were inside buildings that only a few days ago were open for business. As we drove closer to residential areas we couldn’t believe the destruction in front of us. Anderson, photojournalist Neil Hallsworth and I made our way into the wreckage - what once were people’s homes is now just a pile of rubble. We found clothes, dolls, wedding albums and countless cars as far as we could see. Homes were literally ripped apart and tossed aside. As we were in the middle of all the rubble it was hard to imagine that, at one time, this was a place people here called home.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta and his producer, Danielle Dellorto, were on CNNi's Backstory on Thursday. They taped two segments ~

Reporting In Japan: Handling a disaster ~

Japan nuclear fears and aftershocks ~

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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ACAnderFan said...

Really liked Anderson discussion with Sanjay, Jim Walsh and Robert Alvarez. Little too late for the plant operator to be apologizing. He should have done that when all this went down.

How can this nuclear disaster in Japan only be a level 5? At least 3 Mile Island only had one malfunctioning reactor. This one has multiple malfunctioning reactors.

I'm guessing next week 360 will be back in New York.

pebbles said...

Any word if AC will still be in Japan next week or will he be back in New York?


Anonymous said...

This is Rachel in Tokyo again. Can I say a little about this apology that is being reported? I am not trying to excuse or defend Tepco, but if I can I would like to put the apology into context.

When I saw the information at the bottom of the screen I wondered how it would seem outside Japan. When you consider everything that has happened, any 'apology' seems almost insulting, especially when a longer translation is available and phrases like 'sorry to have caused trouble', 'sorry to have been a nuisance' or some such thing comes out.

First, this kind of corporate apology is usual in Japan. Several years ago a large dairy company had to do a large recall and I remember the senior executives assembled at a press conference to issue the apology. At one conference some executives were actually on their knees. I think to western eyes it seems like too little, too late, but it's normal here.

Second, Japanese and English are very different in many ways, and one is the large number of formulaic, polite phrases which are frankly untranslatable without becoming ridiculous. For example, the usual greeting on New Year cards (sent instead of Christmas cards), is 'kotoshi mo yoroshiku onegai shimasu'. It is basically a humble appeal for the recipient to look favorably on the sender and continue to be kind / helpful etc. When a translation into English is attempted, it becomes something very odd-sounding, like 'I look forward to your continuing patronage in the coming year' and culturally makes no sense.

That is also what is happening with the apology in translation. I know it sounds ridiculous and even offensive, but what it is really is a very specifically Japanese cultural phenomenon that doesn't translate. It is what Japanese people expect from corporations when something awful happens.

ACAnderFan said...

Glad to see Anderson is at the airport headed home!

Anonymous said...

I thought 360 was really good last night. Gary Tuchman is so nice, adorable and kind not to mention a great reporter! I loved how excited he got when he found the teacher and even hugged her. I pray they find the other missing teacher and for the great many trying to pick up the pieces after this disaster. Jim Walsh seems like a nice enough guy but I'm sure why all of CNN has been using him so much. Of course he is a smart guy but I'm not convinced that he is a nuclear expert. I'm getting the sense that AC really wants to go to Libya still. Arwa and Nic have been doing excellent work but since AC is more "famous" he might be able to bring attention to it more. That's not to say I wouldn't be worried sick about him and his crew if they do decide to go! Time will tell I guess. -Lizzie

Phebe said...

@Rachel in Tokyo, You make very good points about the Japanese language and the customs being very different from here in the US. I worry that this nuclear disaster will take its toll on more than those brave souls who work in the nuclear plant. So often Japanese officials and executives commit suicide when they have 'lost face' with their countrymen and the world. It may be a consequence of this disaster too.

Anonymous said...

@anon 8:51 it shouldn't take AC or anyone famous to bring attention to what is going on in Libya. The story was put on the back burner for a few days because of what is happening in Japan. But as we saw as the week progressed the focus turned back to Libya. I know AC would love to be there, but his safety is more important than his getting a story. Things over in Libya are just insane like their leader and you never know who to trust at a time like this. It seems reporters are more in their sights than before so I would rather AC return to NY and leave the reporting to those already there. JMO.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say thanks to the ATA team. You did a great job covering all of Anderson appearances on all the shows. I am not always able to see them live as I work crazy hours, so it nice to come here and get to see what I have missed.

Lots of great extras today. Loved the way that he was playing with Neil about tweeting.

Looks like things are REALLY heating up in Libya. I just don't see it being safe enough for Anderson to go over there, but I might be wrong.

I wish the Japanese people the best of luck. I hope we can till get updates on what is going on and that people don't forget what is going on with them. They have a rough road to go.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

@anon 12:39pm - One of the producers tweeted last night that Gary Tuchman was staying in Japan. I'm hoping that means more field reports from Gary on CNN and AC360. In my opinion, Gary does great work. I'm sure what happens in Libya and the ME/North Africa, will be driving the news cycle the next few days, but hopefully Gary/Japan wiil get some airtime.

Anonymous said...

Just because AC was at the airport, doesn't necessarily mean he went home. There are a lot of reporters at the airport interviewing those leaving and getting their story's, foreign workers waiting for re-entry visa's, and just getting a story.

I sorta hope he did leave because there's not much more he can do from standing on a rooftop in Tokyo that he can't do from NY, but I'd think he or Neil or the producer would have tweeted that they were leaving.

Guess we'll have to wait & see.

ACAnderFan said...

@anonymous 8:28pm, Anderson is back home, there have been numerous twitter sightings of him out and about in NYC.