Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday's Updates

Special Edition of AC360 tonight from 9-11pm Eastern

CNN & CNNi will simulcast a live special edition of Anderson Cooper 360 with Anderson Cooper, Sanjay Gupta and Soledad O’Brien from Japan. Also contributing to this live special edition of AC360: Kyung Lah, Anna Coren, Stan Grant, Paula Hancocks, and Gary Tuchman.

Anderson Cooper & Neil Hallsworth in Haiti 2010

Several members of the team traveling with Anderson Cooper tweeted this morning about their journey to Japan.

Neil Hallsworth, AC's cameraman said:

Ish Estrada, AC's field producer on this trip said:

The flight took off mid morning on Saturday and allowing for the 14 hour flight and the time difference they should arrive, Japanese time, midday Sunday.
Japan was 14 hours ahead of the Eastern Time Zone on Saturday and when we switch to Daylight Savings Time tonight the difference will be 13 hours.
And speaking of DST don't forget to set your clocks ahead one hour tonight, unless you live in Arizona, Hawaii and the U.S. territories of Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and American Samoa, none of which recognize Daylight Savings Time.

Because of the breaking news in Libya and Japan there were no 'The Shots' or Ridiculists this past week but there were a few extras we clipped.

Monday's chat about Mardi Gras and Twitter:

Tuesday's Beat 360:

Wednesday's The Connection:

Thursday's Doggie CRP talk:

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ACAnderFan said...

Will be interesting to see where Anderson and crew end up reporting from. Wonder if Anderson will try to report form the site of that malfunctioning nuclear power plant. He likes danger and what's more dangerous than a malfunctioning nuclear power plant?

Anonymous said...

@ATA team. Thanks for letting us know that there will be a special tonight. I would not have know it if I didn't check in here.

I think the scary thing now for EVERYONE, that is over there is the Nuclear Reactor issue.

Thank you