Thursday, March 10, 2011

The World Continues to Watch

Last night we began with a reporter who had escaped the surrounded city of Zawiya. They said a massacre was taking place. Well tonight the deed is done, the city has fallen and Gadafhi's are trying to hide evidence of what went on there and trying to hunt down those who fought them. The Libyan dictatorship is gaining ground tonight, not just in Zawiya but in the East as well. And the dictator's son, confident and cool,now threatens to crush the opposition without mercy. The world continues to watch. ~Anderson Cooper

AFTERMATH OF A MASSACRE, ITN's Neely 'Gadhafi's troops left Zawiya 'devastated': Bill Neely, International Editor, ITV News

FIGHTING RAGES IN LIBYA, Regime makes gains: Ben Wedeman in Eastern Libya, Nic Robertson in Tripoli and Alex Crawford (Sky News) in Dubai

NO-FLY ZONE OVER LIBYA? Challenges and consequences: John King

FOLLOW UP: Fouad Ajami and Gen. Wesley Clark

WITNESS TO THE BLOODSHED, Doctor tells of horrifying bombing: Cooper talks by phone with an anonymous doctor in Brega, Libya


WIS. GOV. WINS BATTLE WITH UNIONS, Lawmakers curb collective bargaining rights: Ed Lavandera reporting


EXTRA: For all you Dr. Sanjay Gupta fans:


A nine-month investigation of counterfeit prescription drugs reveals how the dangerous and sometimes deadly fakes get into the nation's drug pipeline. Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports for 60 Minutes this Sunday on CBS.

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ACAnderFan said...

I just couldn't get into 360 last nite at all. I think they have a severe case of tunnel vision. I understand that they want to devote a significant amount of time to Libya and that's fine, but if they're going to do that I think they should go into the 2nd hour with other news. It doesn't have to be live, they could pre-tape it earlier in the day and show it at 11pm. It doesn't have to be an hour either, 30 minutes would be fine.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see Sanjay reporting for 60Minutes. Hope he has the same contract with them as AC.
Have always been a huge fan.
Agree about the tunnel vision on 360.

Anonymous said...

Again, Thursday's show was on but I didn't really watch. A lot of deja vu; another update of another massacre, panel analysis, no-fly zone report, terrified eyewitness report, Gadhafi family member report. Except for the one Charlie Sheen segment, 360 has been pretty much the same every day this week (and last week).

It's horrible for the people living in LIbya but I'm just getting burned out with the country being 360's only news topic. At least Wisconsin got a minute and a half.

My favorite part of Thursday's 360 was the dog saved by CPR story, cute doggie Sugar.

What will 360's lead story be on Friday? Libya or Japan?

@Anon 3:34 yesterday (leave a name, doesn't have to be real!), congratulations on living in a state with a Democratically-controlled state House and Senate and Governor. Not all of us are so lucky.


aries moon said...

It was good to hear Wesley Clark pushing back against Fouad Ajami's statements about how President Obama is dealing with the Libyan crisis. Ajami seemed to imply at one point that the President is incapable of grasping the magnitude of the crisis and that he is deliberately allowing the bloodshed to continue for no reason whatsoever, as if there weren't any rules or international laws that need to be considered. Clark was correct in saying that this must be handled in an official manner. Ajami talks like he believes President Obama is on Gadhafi's side which is ludicrous.

I guess something's better than nothing, but 360's done Crime and Punishment reports that were longer than the segment on Wisconsin last night. This is a huge issue for the country and 360 needs to do a better job of digging deeper and analyzing the real dangers and implications of what Scott Walker/Koch Brothers/Rove and other conservative governors are attempting to do across the country. It's scary stuff.

Anonymous said...

Sigh. Though I must admit I long for news from other parts of the world, I fear what's going on in those closed off cities in Libya and I'm happy AC keeps shining a light on them.


Anonymous said...

Anderson Cooper just tweeted that he was supposed to be heading the Libya (presumably this weekend), but will instead head to Japan.