Wednesday, April 13, 2011

AC360 on Wednesday April 13th

"A lot to cover tonight, President Obama's budget cutting plan, an urgent hunt for a serial killer, but we begin tonight keeping them honest in Libya. With a stalemate on the ground and growing divisions within NATO about what the mission really is and growing questions about whether NATO really is up to the job." ~ Anderson Cooper

NATO MISSION QUESTIONED Amid continued Gadhafi violence: Discussion with Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt, Ben Wedeman, and Jill Dougherty

BUDGET BLUEPRINT UNVEILED Obama lays out deficit plan: Interview with Paul Begala and Andy Card

SEARCHING FOR A SUSPECTED SERIAL KILLER At least eight sets of remains found on Long Island, N.Y.: Report by Joe Johns


PETS ABANDONED IN JAPAN'S DANGER ZONE Govt. has no plan to resue them, others trying to help: Kyung Lah

PETS ABANDONED IN JAPAN'S DANGER ZONE: Follow up interview with Isabella Gallaon-Aoki

360 BULLETIN: Randi Kaye

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed tonight show

ACAnderFan said...

I am glad to see that people are rescuing the animals that were abandoned. I just don't understand how anyone could leave their animal, even if they thought they'd only be gone a few days. I could never abandon my dog like that.

Loved Anderson's response to Snooki's tweet about him. Too funny when he was reading her tweet with a Jersey accent! He was pretty funny with the RidicuList. Nice to see his snarky side back on 360.

Anonymous said...

Tonight's program was much improved over Tuesday night's huge disappointment.

I still wish Anderson/360 would go with straight reporting and forget the pundits and analysts, but I guess that's not going to happen. At least she who shall not be named wasn't on, so yea!

The abandoned pets in Japan make me sick. I don't understand how someone could go and leave their pet. It's something I would not do. Bless the person trying to rescue them.

Glad to see the RidicuList is back. Still waiting for the NY Times journo special....

Anonymous said...

I am upset that 360 is still showing footage of the moments when the tsunami hit. Here in Japan the media stopped broadcasting these kinds of images a while ago out of respect for the people who were killed and for all of those in Tohoku who survived but were traumatised by it. I believe the media in the US and all over the world took the same approach after 9/11. Beyond the initial few days of the event, I don't understand what is to be gained by showing these images. Everyone understands the extent of the damage now, and watching people trying to outrun the water is distressing. Those people probably died and I don't think it should be on TV just because it's interesting.

I have 2 friends who knew people in Rikuzen Takata, one of the places decimated. They have no news of the people they knew. They try to call their cellphones but the call doesn't go through. At this point they understand that their friends are probably dead but they may never have any way of having a funeral or a grave to visit or even definitive information about what happened.

I'm glad someone is trying to rescue the pets in the exclusion zone and that they are being reunited with their owners, I think that will bring comfort to a lot of people and of course stop the animals' suffering. But there are people suffering too and there is not much we can do to lessen that, only time will help them heal, but showing the kind of footage 360 aired tonight is certainly not helping.

Rachel in Tokyo

aries moon said...

The President's speech was effective in laying out the vision he has for the country and contrasting it with the Republicans--they'll have to figure out how to sell more tax cuts for the wealthy and drastically changing long-standing programs--not sure how that'll fly in this economy. I just hope the President and the Democrats don't falter--compromise may be necessary, but caving into every demand by Republicans and the Tea Party is not the answer.

Joe Biden should've taken a nap or had some coffee before the speech, because that's pretty embarrassing for him to be caught sleeping on camera--there were others around him doing the same thing and one woman looked completely knocked out. The Ridiculist has been very entertaining. AC's becoming disturbingly enamored with Snooki--I guess Nene's lost all her charms.

prasad said...

Rebels of Libya and Libyan government should have a discussion over its issue with discussion only they can gain anything. so both the parties (rebels & government) should have a talk over that issue.o

Anonymous said...

I agree with ACAnderFan. There's literally no situation where I would think it's unsafe for me to be there, but okay for my pets. If I have to go, they have to go.

I would also NEVER leave my dog tied up anywhere. If I leave him outside the grocery story, someone might steal him for dogfighting bait. If I leave him at home tied up, he's unable to get to food, shade and water.

Broadway Bound Bunny said...

@Rachel I agree the US media seems to love sensationalism and therefore they keep running the tsunami footage. I know it gets ratings and all but to me it shows a disrespect to those who lost their lives.

Anonymous said...

Anderson's new show will be at jazz in lincoln center. Anyone been there?

Anonymous said...

Jazz at Lincoln is fantastic - part of the huge renovation done to the Center. Great lobby area and wine bar

judy said...

I agree with 8:35AM:
Animals should never be tied up so they are unable to escape and even find food, shelter or water.
The person who found him should have taken him to the nearest shelter, and not left him tied in a zone unfit for human existence, but "OK" for animals??
That in itself is abuse and I don't like seeing the SAME image of that poor dog tied to the pole again and again.
Seems like yes, "sensationalism" is what 360 is about.
I also don't find it amusing that Snooki is getting more air time.
If she's such an "idiot" than why discuss her further?
Nene has proven to be a class-act in comparison.