Thursday, April 07, 2011

AC360: Shutdown Showdown, Libya & Japan

Anderson Cooper opened AC360 with all the latest news on the "Shutdown Showdown"


EMERGENCY BUDGET MEETING OVER, No agreement between President Obama, congressional leaders: Anderson's discussion with Dan Lothian, Dana Bash and David Gergen

EMERGENCY BUDGET MEETING OVER, Pres. Obama: "We made some progress today": Anderson's discussion with Paul Begala and Dana Loesch

EMERGENCY BUDGET MEETING OVER, No deal made, President Obama postpones trip to Indiana: Anderson's continued discussion with Paul Begala, David Gregen and Dana Loesch

BATTLE FOR LIBYA: A report by Anderson bringing us up to speed on the day's developments in Libya

U.S. GENERAL: LIBYA CLOSE TO A STALEMATE, Says opposition unlikely to drive Gadhafi from power: Anderson's discussion with Ben Wedeman, Bob Baer, Nic Robertson and Fouad Ajami

The segment included Ben Wedeman in Benghazi - discussing his interesting day, including answering the telephone at the hotel because the staff had vacated while he was packing his bags


And Nic Robertson in Tripoli - discussing his on-camera interview with Eman al-Obeidy


DISASTER IN JAPAN: A report by Anderson Cooper on the deadly aftershock in Japan that killed at least 2 people and injured 132

360 BULLETIN: Isha Sesay

See you tomorrow night...


This blogger has but one request, please AC360, find someone other than Dana Loesch to represent the Republican or Tea Party point of view. Perhaps Ed Rollins would be a good choice? Ms. Loesch appearing on my TV screen makes my head hurt and hearing her laugh makes my ears bleed; but I think the final straw for me tonight was when poor David Gergen was holding his head in his hands. (I can only imagine what he must have been thinking.) Ms. Loesch; queen of the eye rolls, fake smiles and giggles, when discussing a serious subject just doesn't work for me. And not one, but two segments? Are you trying to punish viewers? If so, it worked on me tonight. ~ Wonz


In the second hour of Wednesday's AC360 was a report by Anderson on Glenn Beck's show being canceled and a follow up discussion with Howard Kurtz ~


Also in the second hour of Wednesday's AC360 - The Connection ~



A little behind the scenes look at AC360 - from their Facebook page ~

Our control room was riveted yesterday(Monday)as AC spoke with Eman al-Obeidy. Today (Tuesday), AC spoke with al-Obeidy again and reunited her on the phone with her mother for the first time since al-Obeidy’s ordeal began. Join us tonight beginning at 10pm ET to hear the latest from al-Obeidy.

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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judy said...

Wonz, we agree!
I was going to begin this post by asking how many people dislike Dana Loesch as much as I do, raise your hand.
Poor Paul Begala and David Gergen.
AC doesn't seem to mind her, but she is quoted as saying, and I'm paraphrasing, "He got where he is because of silverspoons."
I really don't know how she got where she is, but she could win the Smug award hands down.
Just what Japan needed, another after shock. And I do hope this is the last.
Interesting show. Good mix of segments. Always like to see behind the scenes in the control room.

Pemberly said...

Thank you, Wonz, for your comment about Dana Loesch. It was really bad tonight and David Gergen expressed his frustration so well. I turn the show off as soon as I see her smug face and hear her annoying voice.

aries moon said...

I'm not sure if I can post this here, but as Judy says, Loesch had disparaging things to say about Anderson in the past:

Sigh, shut up, Cooper
February 28, 2008
by DanaLoesch
Cunningham a “two-bit radio host?” Sorry, we all don’t get to the high positions by benefit of silver spoons and all. Could we cut down on the condescension a bit?

I don't know if Anderson's aware of what she said or if it would even matter to him one way or the other, but it shows a definite lack of respect by her for him as a reporter.

The level of discourse is lowered whenever Loesch makes an appearance on the show and she certainly doesn't merit inclusion in a discussion with the likes of Paul Begala and David Gergen. I haven't been happy with Gergen and I disagreed with some of what he said about the President, but it was a pleasure to see both him and Begala shut Dana down a few times since she's rarely challenged. CNN just may regret hiring her at some point. There were a lot of negative comments about her on Twitter after her appearance.

aries moon said...

I should add that Anderson DID challenge Loesch on the Planned Parenthood budget riders and I was pleased to see that--he usually doesn't question her in this way.

ACAnderFan said...

Why am I not surprised that if the government shuts down congress still gets paid. That is beyond ridiculous. If other government workers are not getting paid then neither should they.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you about Dana Loesch 100%. I left the room and opted to clean my kitchen rather than endure her segments. If only you knew the depth of my disdain for housework!

Anonymous said...

@judy- I raise my hand for this one! Did you catch the part when David Gergen almost lost it because of her? The eye rolling, the exaggerated facial expressions and the stupid giggle... and that thing that she said about AC, I read it somewhere too - who does she think she is? would we even know her, if she wasn't on HIS show?
Good show yesterday, Paul Begala was hilarious as usual. Took my bathroom break when Fohad Ajami was on. Thanks for the" behind the scene". Sarah

Anonymous said...

I am sure there are Republicans who have genuine reasons for concern about the issues holding up the budget and wish it hadn't come to this. It would have been great to hear them explain their side. Instead we get Loesch who seemed positively gleeful over the idea of the shutdown. Not only did she offer nothing constructive to the conversation, her laughter and tone was downright offensive.

Anonymous said...

Did not care for her hair flips, laughing and cutting off the other guest. I almost turned.

Anonymous said...

I'm about ready to stop watching 360 (and I am an avid fan). I can't take much more of the Dana Loesch's of this world, or some of the other repetitive and sometimes crazy individuals that are given a voice on the show. I love Paul Begala, and lately am only mildly tolerant of David Gergen. However, there are others who just drive me over the edge and I wish 360 would stop giving people with little to no knowledge on most subjects a voice and start booking intelligent and competent people. Otherwise, just give us the facts and quit with the opinion.

Phebe said...

Last night's appearance by Dana Loesch was one of the most unprofessional, frustrating, nonsensical moments in AC360 history. We've all seen the occasional nut job (think Kucinich, Christine O'Donnell, Sharron Angle, etc) on 360 but most on under the premise of ‘Keeping Them Honest’. To have Loesch as a PAID CNN political is unfathomable to me. What the hell was CNN thinking?
I hope AC360 reads our tweets, comments and feedback. They need to realize that there are others that can deliver the tea party message and represent the indignant far right much more succinctly than Ms. Loesch. Can you even imagine Ed Rollins or Ari Fleisher using giggles/eye rolls/fake smiles to try and make point? I think not. Dana Loesch is an embarrassment to women, to her party and above all to CNN.

Anonymous said...

Until someone proves otherwise, i like to think cnn had her on the show, not Anderson. I mean CNN hired her not anderson. I think he was trying to be fair and she is just really over the top.

Anonymous said...

regarding the comments from the other post about Anderson not going to Libya: since returning from Japan, Anderson has had ample time to travel to Libya. Geraldo was there so getting a visa does not seem to be an issue. others are in the region. but for whatever the reasons are, he's not there.

I have not seen Randi Kaye on 360 lately or Lisa Bloom on CNN lately. Is Randi no longer a contributor on 360?

Anonymous said...

I think Anderson is not in Libya foe one of two reason;
Anderson got scared about what happened in Egypt
CNN got scared and will not let him go

Anonymous said...

I agree w/ Wonz on Dana L. Her comments made me laugh, thank you for that! However I cannot say I do very well w/ Ed either...

K said...

It seems to me AC has taken the ultimate revenge on Dana Loesch as payback for that remark: He gives her airtime. She'll commit onscreen harikari soon enough with her acute case of foot in mouth disease.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why people are asking questions about AC being in Libya.

Reporters in Tripoli had visas and aren't allowed to cover anything except government propoganda. Reporters with the opposition mostly snuck in without visas, and, when found, they get arrested. How would putting AC in that position be a good move by CNN?

AC doesn't need to physically be there when the reporters on the ground are doing an excellent job. AC360 is giving Libya plenty of attention and extensive coverage. Plus, he's the anchor, and there are major stories happening in Japan and America to address. He can't be everywhere.

Anonymous said...

@Wonz and others..I couldn't agree with you more on Dana Loesch. She is the most annoying, and uninformed person ever on Ac360. Ed Rollins is so much more informed and polite for the Republican point of view.I felt so sorry for David Gergan trying to have a sensible discussion with her. I hope never to see her on Ac360 again.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Anderson not being in Libya - he was basically on his way when the Japan earthquake/tsunami hit and his plans were suddenly changed - so to say that he got scared by what happened in Egypt doesn't fit for me. Were that the case he wouldn't have had his bag packed for Libya when he was suddenly sent to Japan. From his tweets posted in comments yesterday, it sounded to me like he was hoping to go from Japan to NYC to Libya, but ended up in the NYC studio instead.

The Saturday he was flying back from Japan was when NATO voted to take action and begin the airstrikes. I'm guessing that entered into CNN's decision about Anderson heading to Libya over the weekend.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I think were it up to Anderson, he would be anchoring 360 live from one of the hotspots in the Middle East or North Africa.

We must also remember that reporting from a hot spot is different from anchoring an entire nightly broadcast from a hot spot. The AC360 Team had to overcome some pretty major challenges to get the program up from Egypt for two nights. (Remember the look and tone of those broadcasts?) I would guess that is a major factor for CNN when making said decisions about sending Anderson on location.

In the meantime, I commend Anderson and AC360 for reporting on the conflict/uprising. I fully expect, that when CNN feels its safe and feasible for him to anchor from Libya or another hot spot - he'll be on a plane.

Dana Loesch is just beyong words. While I'm not a fan of Ed Rollins by any means, at least he's respectful of his fellow panel members; more than we can say of Loesch. Why CNN ever hired her is beyond me.

I loved Anderson's opening montage -- the fact that our Speaker of The House, Boehner, doesn't know what it in legislation being debated and what legislation has been past just blows my mind. And he's one of the people at the bargaining table? No wonder nothing is getting done. Rep Paul's statement about just telling the landlord the rent will be a little late -- tells me how totally out of touch he (and I'm sure others) are with mainstream America. The Tea Party is showing it's true colors - "shut it down" and I am sickened by their actions.

And @K -- you may be right in that Anderson is getting the last laugh as Loesch will self destruct and is really doing her party no favors. At least last night he bagan to challenge her on some of her "crazy" statements.

I really enjoyed Nic and Ben's reports. Loved that Ben was answering the hotel desk phone because the staff had already vacated the premises. I could have done without Fouad's remarks and would have enjoyed hearing more from Nic and Ben.

I'm looking forward to the Special at 11pm tonight. The 2 parts shown last week on 360 were very interesting and well done.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your post about why Anderson is not in Libya. Never looked at it like that.

Anonymous said...

@4/8/11 2:59 PM: I remember Anderson tweets about not being sure where he would end up when he boarded the plane and ended up in NY. huh????? made no sense - he didn't know he boarded a plane with a destination of NY??? didn't he know he didn't have arrangements to continue on to Lybia? actually, in reality, he would have flown in the other direction towards Lybia possibly.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 5:50 - I understand what you are saying, and we will never know what really transpired. Both he and his producer tweeted about repacking for Japan vs. Libya.

My thoughts on the subject were that the Saturday meeting by NATO was announced on Friday and CNN was waiting in the outcome of that meeting to make their decision. I'm not sure what all is involved in sending teams out, but perhaps he came back to NYC awaiting the decision based on the meeting - getting a chance to repack, possibly change out producers or other team members and fly to Libya on Sunday - depending the outcome of the NATO decision.

Like I said we will never know - but they stayed in Japan an additional day - maybe hoping to go from Japan to Libya, but didn't get clearance from CNN. At the time, I kind of thought maybe that would be his route. I think the impending NATO actions that arose during the time he was in Japan played a factor in the decision. But maybe not. We'll never know and I don't think it's fair to judge when we don't have all the facts.

There are no other anchors in Libya which is kind of telling to me.

Anonymous said...

For the person that wants to know about Randi Kaye, she has been filling in for Ali Velshi while he is on AM.

I have not seen Joe Johns in forever. Is he still with CNN?

Thank you

Parker said...

Often times in politics it is said - People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care – that could be said for a lot of things, for me, that was clearly on display during last night’s conversation with Dana Loesch.

It seems to me, Loesch’s ultimate goal at any given time, is to attain airtime any which way she can, without fully comprehending the issue at hand, nor being able to debate factually her view points in a discussion without her constant and distracting on-screen presentation antics (the eye-rolling, giggling, etc). Sadly, those kinds of antics further undermine her true understanding of the topics being discussed and facilitate distrust and disdain for political party she represents.

I certainly do not agree with many of Ed Rollins’ points of view, but appreciate his professionalism and respect during a debate or discussion. It really is unfortunate, the calibre of political pundits we have to put up with during discussions pertaining to such serious issues in such serious times.

I do hope CNN have a change in heart in using Loesch on and on-going basis in the upcoming 2012 Elections. I shudder to thinks what’s in store for us, then.

@Wonz - Thank you, for yesterday.

Tedi B said...

Omgosh, Dana needs to understand what being a professional means. She's really something, just wow.

Anonymous said...

Dana is great. Most AC/CNN fans aren't going to like her because they are impractical, emotional leftward leaning folks who are looking to be spoon fed nonsense that is rich in feel good, but lacking common sense or real, practical substance. Not a single person here has refuted anything she said, only that they don't like her voice, her laugh or her eye rolling. Besides, Dana is hot...