Monday, April 25, 2011

AC360 Tonight with Donald Trump + Excerpts

Anderson Cooper 360° has launched an investigation of the myth that President Obama was not born in the United States. CNN’s Gary Tuchman travelled to Hawaii to find the facts and tonight he and AC360 are 'Keeping Them Honest'.

Also on tonight’s show Donald Trump, a supporter of the birther movement, will be interviewed by Anderson Cooper.

AC360 will originate from NYC Monday and Tuesday night and from London Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to cover the Royal Wedding.

This just in:

As the birther controversy reaches a fever pitch, Anderson Cooper 360° launches the definitive investigation of the myth that won’t die: that the president was not born in the United States.
CNN’s Gary Tuchman travelled to Hawaii and what he found will be difficult for some people to accept. Tuchman interviews Dr. Chiyome Fukino, the former director of the Hawaii Department of Health, and a Republican. In her first on camera interview says that she is one of two state officials, who has seen the original birth certificate in the Department of Health vault.

Gary Tuchman: and what did it tell you? Was it authentic? Was he born here in the state of Hawaii?
Dr. Chiyome: it was absolutely authentic. He was absolutely born here in the state of Hawaii.

Also on tonight’s show Anderson Cooper will interview Donald Trump. Below please find blurbs from their interview -

Anderson Cooper: You’ve said repeatedly that you have investigators in Hawaii looking into the president’s birth certificate that you’re looking into it very very strongly, that’s a quote. In another interview, you said that your investigators quote can’t believe what they’re finding. We’ve had a team in Hawaii, talking to everyone in the state health dept to the school where Obama’s mother went, other families who were in the hospital at the same time as when he was born, none of them say they’ve been contacted by anyone working for you.

Donald Trump: Well maybe they’re not saying and maybe they’re not contacting the same people Anderson. There’s a lot of people in Hawaii. And frankly it’s hard to believe he just doesn’t issue his birth certificate. It would be so easy to do if in fact he has one. And a birth certificate is not a certificate of live birth, which is a much much lower standard as you know.

AC: can you name even one person your investigators have talked to? Just one?

DT: It’s not appropriate.

AC: Just one?

DT: It’s not appropriate Anderson, you would say the same thing if I asked you that question.

AC: Do you in fact have investigators on the ground?

DT: Anderson, I told you, and you made two statements at the beginning, 100 percent correct. It’s 100 percent correct, of course I do.


AC: we’ve interviewed the former director of the Hawaii Department of Health, a Republican, one of 2 state officials who’s seen the original birth certificate in the Department of Health vault. She says she hasn’t been contacted by your people, isn’t that someone they should talk to if they’re there.

DT: Well I’ve been told very recently, Anderson, that the birth certificate is missing, I’ve been told that’s it not there or it doesn’t exist. And if that’s the case it’s a big problem.

AC: Who told you that?

DT: I just heard that 2 days ago from somebody.

AC: From your investigators?

DT: I don’t’ want to say who but I’m told that it’s either not there or it’s missing. I feel badly about that because I’d love for him to produce the birth certificate so that you can fight one on one. If you look at what he’s doing on fuel prices, you can do a great fight one-on-one, you don’t need this issue.

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aries moon said...

I hope Anderson doesn't go easy on Trump. It seems like too many reporters have given him a pass and don't really challenge him on this birther foolishness--we know how AC has dealt with birthers in the past and Trump should be no different.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Anderson say he was flying to england that night on the video where he received the award?
I am already sick of Trump. Why not talk about real issues.

Phebe said...

@anonymous 1:46, Like you, we too are confused. First Randi Kaye said last week that Anderson would be live from London all this week, then AC mentioned, in the video from COMPAS that we posted last night, that he was catching a flight to London in a few hours. But we heard from a source this morning that he's live in NYC tonight and tomorrow night. Guess we'll know soon enough.

I'm curious to see how tough Anderson is on The Donald. I've seen several interview recently with Trump on this subject and when pushed for facts he gets dismissive and condescending. I'll be watching just to see if Anderson really does try to Keep Him Honest or lets him off easy.

Anonymous said...

I would guess Anderson will not go easy, and back himself with facts.
Maybe Anderson got his days mixed up.

Broadway Bound Bunny said...

This is the most ridiculous topic for a show. The more people cater to Trump and by that I mean give him a platform the longer this is going to take to go away. Trump doesn't deserve any more air time than he has already gotten, even the Republican Party is sick of it. So why is 360 even doing the show, they need ratings that's all. So it looks like Bravo is going to be my network of choice for a few days. AC is just getting sucked into the hype, something he never used to do.

Anonymous said...

I thought Trump was trying to get away from the birther issue. He'll probably say one obnoxious comment about Obama's birth certificate and then refuse to discuss it further. He'll get his shot in and then tell Anderson to "move on, next question, I'm done with it."

Why do some people believe a Certificate of Live Birth is not a birth certificate? That's what you get in Minnesota when you request your birth certificate and I got a driver's license and passport with the Certificate of Live Birth.

When we found out Anderson was in Amsterdam last week, I thought he was going to just hop right over to England for the wedding week. Maybe he wanted to be home for Easter?

@Sarah - your post a couple days ago, I know Libya and Syria are different. Perhaps I'm just noticing the similarities too much.


Anonymous said...

I guess he got his days all mixed up. I hope he's very hard on Trump, though I'm not sure it will make any difference, the man is so full of himself. Sarah

Anonymous said...

looks like tonights AC 360 is taped?

Phebe said...

@anonymous 5:47, The interview with Trump was pretaped, most of AC360 will be live.

Anonymous said...

I hope after tonight Anderson has nothing more on his show about this. Trump is a waiste of time.

Anonymous said...

From what I've seen Trump said nothing new to Anderson and didn't answer any of Anderson's questions. Are we surprised? Trump is an ass and 360 should NOT be giving him air time to promote himself.

This is all a publicity stunt and CNN seems hell-bent on giving him a ton of free publicity. When he announces he's not running, they should bill him for commercial time.

With so much news today out of Afghanistan, Libya and Syria - why are we being subjected to a pre-taped phone interview with a man who won't directly answer Anderson's questions? If this is what brings in ratings, then that's a sad statement on our society.

Anonymous said...

While Anderson does not want to accuse Trump of lying, I hope he atleast calls him on such silly statements
Than again letting Trump hang himself is good also.

judy said...

If anyone actually watched "The Apprentice" last nite, Mr. Ego had the audacity to ask his contestants whether they'd vote for him as President.
When no one raised their hand, he added: "If anyone dared to raise their hand and say no they wouldn't, they're just stupid!"
Donald Trump has become a parody of himself, and like Broadway Bunny, I agree, the more credibility you give him, the more Presidential he begins to look.
IF he runs, he will will be a spoiler for the Republicans however, and that's a good thing for Obama.
Personally I hope AC eats him alive, although Trump IS entertaining.
Just think of his cabinet, NeNe as Secretary of State and Latoya Jackson as Press all fairness she did lose her voice yesterday.
Looks good to me.

Broadway Bound Bunny said...

George Stephenapolous(sp) interviewed Trump not too long ago and ole Donny boy refused to really answer and questions about the birth certificate thing and George kept hammering at him until Trump told him to move on. Some people thought George was too hard on him, but come on what would Trump do with the WH Press Corp, they pull no punches, so he better get used to it, lol.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous (Einstein) "Why do some people believe a Certificate of Live Birth is not a birth certificate?" Because it ISN'T. A BIRTH Certificate is produced when you are born. A Certificate of Live Birth is produced by a bureaucrat when you want something by the State Authorities that states you were born. 1960s were alot different than now in case you couldn't figure it out. To obtain a Certificate of Live Birth one only had to have a notarized statement from the parents that a child was born there to obtain. Here's the real question: What happens when it's discovered that Obama isn't a natural born citizen? My guess is it wont matter to all you liberals. The only time the Constitution matters is when you want it to be used against Conservatives. You're hypocrites and idiots, and you can be proud of your accomplishments, for soon you will have your socialist paradise and the country will collapse just like the Soviet Union. Bravo.

Pat said...

A few questions to consider:

1. Why doesn't Obama end this charade once and for all?
2. If Trump has received information" two days ago", then produce the facts on TV with AC. Then he can end this charade once and for all.
3. Don't the American people have the right to know? One way or the other?

Gina said...

Last night I watched Trump interview with Anderson Cooper, I found it really funny and had a good chuckle, here’s why—what Trump was saying is that 49 years ago President Obama’s grandparents and the State of Hawaii knew in 1961 that he would one day run for president….So when his grandparents place a birth announcement in the paper it was for prosperity sake..That there would be a record when he ran for president. How foolish can a person be…as one soon to be Fordham graduate to another Fordham graduate get off it already..Give the birth issue a rest.
On the other hand, I declare to every grandparent today April 27, 2011, when your sons and daughters give birth..Regardless of race go and place a phony birth notice in the Times or Daily News and Post…because who knows by your placing that add…someday in the future your little grandson or granddaughter will run for president…all because you as a grandparent predicted it at the time of their birth….