Thursday, April 28, 2011

Anderson Cooper from London on the Eve of the Royal Wedding

Anderson Cooper opened AC360 from London but threw to John King to cover the Breaking News of the destruction in six Southern states from the tornadoes that struck Wednesday evening. The first half of 360 concentrated on the storm coverage and the second half on the countdown to the Royal Wedding in London.

DEATH TOLL RISES FROM TORNADOES, At least 294 killed in six Southern states: A report by John King from the Atlanta Studio

TORNADOES LEAVE TRAIL OF DEVASTATION, More than 1,700 injured in Alabama alone: John talks with Reynolds Wolf in Alabama

DEATH TOLL RISES FROM TORNADOES, At least 294 killed in six Southern states:: John's telephone interview with Dr. Doug Woodward, an ER physician in Tuscaloosa, AL

DEATH TOLL RISES FROM TORNADOES, At least 294 killed in six Southern states:: John talks to Mayor Walter Maddox of Tuscaloosa, AL

DEATH TOLL RISES FROM TORNADOES, At least 294 killed in six Southern states: John's telephone interview with Sarabeth Harrison a tornado survivor

TORNADOES LEAVE TRAIL OF DEVASTATION, Alabama hardest hit, with at least 207 deaths: John's discussion with Martin Savidge in Pleasant Grove, Alabama

And back to London ~

ROYAL WEDDING COUNTDOWN: A report by Anderson Cooper


ROYAL WEDDING COUNTDOWN: Anderson's discussion with Richard Quest, Hamish Bowles of Vogue Magazine & Isha Sesay


KATE MIDDLETON & PRINCESS DIANA, The women in Prince William's life: A report by Randi Kaye

KATE MIDDLETON & PRINCESS DIANA, The women in Prince William's life:: Anderson's follow up discussion with Richard Quest, Mark Saunders & Isha Sesay


See you in a few hours for the Royal Wedding Coverage ~

Blogger's commentary: There seems to be a lot of talk about appropriate attire for the Royal Wedding coverage. During Isha's attempt at teaching Anderson some Royal Etiquette; it was one of the topics brought up and Anderson stated he would not be wearing a "Morning Suit" but apparently, Piers Morgan will be. In this short clip, Piers discusses his attire for the day with a designer and has but one request ~

Apparently, that's not setting the bar too high, considering Anderson's attire on AC360 Wednesday night ~

During the Royal Wedding Panel discussion, the subject of Anderson's attire for the actual wedding coverage was addressed. Richard Quest suggested that his socks match his pants ... and Anderson assured the panel that he would be wearing a suit; American, Ralph Lauren. Now let's hope he goes for the full suit and not the "business on top - party on the bottom" look he was sporting Wednesday night... ~ Wonz


Stephen Colbert takes on Anderson Cooper on The Colbert Report ~

Stephen placed Anderson on his Absurd-U-Chart and challenged Anderson to a cable news ratings feud!

KOMPA MAGAZINE Interview from Saturday, April 23rd ~

Anderson talks about hoping to return to Haiti to interview the new president; among other things Haiti.

From London today ~

Anderson was interviewed by Richard Bacon of the BBC Radio 5Live program today

Sharon Osbourn "tweeted" this photo ~

Sharon with Anderson and Kevin Frazier at the taping of the Insider.


Terri Seymour "tweeted" this photo ~

"Anderson Cooper has been practicing his English phrases on me. His favorite one seems to be "cheeky monkey"! And from Extra today ~


From via Huffington Post Media ~

Anderson Cooper on the Royal Wedding & Whether He'd Like To Get Married

Written by Jack Mirkinson

Anderson Cooper is usually known for reporting from the latest war zone or disaster. But for the past few weeks, he has been busy trying to figure out who the Earl of Wessex is, researching hat makers and treating wedding dresses with forensic scrutiny.

Yes, it's royal wedding time, and Cooper has been sent by CNN to London to cover the union of Prince William and Kate Middleton. He is one of a small army of anchors, reporters, fashion mavens, resident Brits and technical staff to descend on the British capital to deliver wall-to-wall, moment-by-moment documentation of the event.

"I was here covering the funeral [of Princess Diana]," he told The Huffington Post on Thursday. "It's nice to be here for a much happier event."

Some, of course, might see the explosion of coverage as a bit much. But Cooper defended the amount of coverage the media is devoting to the wedding.

"We're a global news-gathering organization," he said. "This is something of great interest to people." He acknowledged that the "fairy-tale mystery" that used to envelope the royal family had been ruptured by the Charles-and-Diana years, but said that he could feel a "huge amount of excitement" in the English air. While he couldn't quite gauge the amount of interest the wedding is getting in the States, he said he thought Americans were naturally curious about the monarchy.

"There's this fascination that people have with the whole idea of a royal family," he said. "It is this odd, anachronistic system and yet it has great relevance."

Cooper is co-hosting CNN's coverage with, among others, lifelong British person Piers Morgan. Has his colleague's famous cockiness reached new heights now that he is on his home turf?

"I actually haven't seen him," Cooper said. "I don't know where he is!... He certainly knows this story backwards and forwards."

He is not, however, without more helpful U.K. natives. He said he was turning to them to get a hang of royal etiquette -- he still doesn't quite understand how you are supposed to pronounce "ma'am" when you meet the Queen a second time -- and of British slang.

"I just learned 'cheeky monkey,' which is my favorite so far," he said.

And what of the wedding itself? Cooper said he is looking forward to the "pomp and ceremony" of the event, but that, in general, he is "not a big fan of weddings."

"This is something I would enjoy far more than a regular wedding," he said. And why is that?

"I think I get stressed out at weddings," he said. "They're always such a big event, and I always feel like the bride and groom are so stressed." He said that the weddings he's been to and enjoyed tend be smaller and more intimate. And could he ever see himself tying the knot?

"Sure, I guess," he said. "Who knows?"

(I guess Mr. Cooper doesn't watch The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson as 'cheeky monkey' is one of Craig's favorite phrases!)

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I am glad John King lead with the storms in the south. So sad to see so much destruction. The show was kind of bipolar last nite with John King having the coverage of the storms and then Anderson all giddy about the wedding. I will say I did enjoy Anderson talking to Isha and Richard Quest. I am glad ATA will cover the event as I am going to watch the BBC instead of CNN.

aries moon said...

Unbelievable footage of the destruction in those tornado ravaged states--the loss of lives and homes is tragic and heartbreaking.

On a much lighter note, this ATA post is really filled to the brim with info and extras, nice work. :)