Friday, April 15, 2011

Anderson Cooper MIA

John King was in the anchor chair for Anderson tonight. Since Anderson is taking the night off, we are too! (No disrespect intended, John.)

For your viewing enjoyment ~

This week's RicicuLists and second hour extras.

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Tuesday - Building Up America

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Thursday - Perry's Principle

This week's Hero -


I just came across this picture of Anderson and his father. If you look in his hand -- he has his snake! I'm guessing it's Sam? From last Saturday's post ~ He sat one night watching, Sam, his beloved snake, curling around his hand, marveling that this wild creature actually belonged to him, and he asked it, with wonder in his voice, “Sam, is dis all a dream?" ~ Wyatt Cooper in Families

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ACAnderFan said...

Thanks for posting the RidicuLists from this week. I am glad it has finally made a return. Its nice to see the program end on a lighter note.

Anonymous said...

I missed Anderson. Do you know if he is on his way to the Gulf or just took the day off?

Anonymous said...

Anderson takes a lot of days off. Has he always takin this many days off? Seems to always be on Friday. I hope he goes to the Gulf,I will be disapointed if he just anchors the program from N.Y.

Phebe said...

What a great job John King did anchoring AC360 tonight. Varied topics and some seldom seen (on AC360) pundits made for a fast paced, interesting hour.

@anonymous 11:45, AC hasn't taken off more than a few days (I think it’s 2) so far this year.

Not sure if AC is going to anchor from NOLA yet, we haven't received a press release. If we do we'll post it.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Anonymous said...

Phebe are you saying AC 360 is slow and boring when Anderson anchors? I personally do not think he has been the same since Egypt. Maybe he is spending a lot of time on his talk show and is distracted. I am happy for him but I think he is taking away what he does best and that is reporting from the field.

Tedi B said...

He hasn't taken that many days off at all this year????

I never begrudge him taking time off, he works so many hours he deserves it.

Thanks for the cute :)

judy said...

I agree. John King did a great job anchoring, at least for the first fifteen minutes I watched.
He went after some birther from yes, Arizona, again, who had ears as big as the state itself.
While I don't think John or AC are Obama supporters they both did and do, and excellent job in defending stupid lawmakers that persist in denying that the POTUS was not a natural born citizen. They must see the "long form," and after that, I'm certain they will invent something else to add fuel to the fire.
John King even went as far as to call this particular House member a racist, and asked him if he'd question Obama if he were not black.
And oh the indignation that prevailed from this idiot whose name might have have been Carl
Have to agree with Bill Maher on this. Arizona may have many smart people in it, but their lawmakers are some of the "stupidest" in the country.

ACAnderFan said...

@anonymous 12:43am, what do you mean that you don't think Anderson has been the same since Egypt?

Anonymous said...

Big thanks for posting all the Ridiculists!

Maybe Anderson is on his way to the U.S. Gulf states or maybe to Libya or maybe he's working on another 60 Minutes report. Maybe he's taking the day off for a well-deserved vacation or maybe he's scrubbing the urine off of his building and guarding it against other drunken slobs.

Was the urine-attacked building the one with the remodeled penthouse he's had for a while or was it the firehouse biulding (if he's already moved in)?


Anonymous said...

@Jaanza: I had to laugh at your "urine scrubbing" remark.
Yes, for sure, that's it, that is exactly what he is doing.!!
The building will never be the same.

Anonymous said...

Andy must have been taping the digital short for SNL! He was on tonight. It was an awesome surprise! He was hilarious with Pee Wee Herman. Best Digital Short ever!

Anonymous said...

SNL was a re-run

Anonymous said...

I just want to say Thank you to CNN/AC360 for using John King to fill the anchor chair in Anderson's absence. John was always my favorite "sub" for Anderson and I was happy to see him back on Friday night.

While John's style differs from Anderson's, he very effectively took down the crazy birther. My sympathies to the state of AZ -- apparently all the crazies have settled in your state! For all their mention of the Constitution, Tea Party & Birthers seem to have very little actual knowledge of it, which I find very amusing and telling.

And thank you for using David Frum as the Republican pundit on the political panel. A man that makes valid arguements - whether or not I agree with them, I respect his opinion and knowledge on the issues. That being said -- I'm not sure the need for Daivd Gergen to be on 360 so often. The man has an obvious bias against President Obama and his WH - so to me, it throws the "balance" of the panel off to a degree. (He was masterful in showing the absurdity of Dana Loesch last week, but seems to be back to his anti-POTUS/WH tone again.)

Here's hoping we see John King back in the 360 anchor chair soon. Anderson is entitled to his vacation time and he sure has earned it this year.

And thanks 360 for airing the "Captured in Libya" special. I was glad to see that it saw air time vs. never to be heard of again; as has often happened to promoted specials in the past.