Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bachman & Politics Blah, Blah, Blah

BACHMANN AGAINST PLANNED PARENTHOOD, Testing waters for possible 2012 presidential run: David Gergen, Carol Moseley Braun and Ari Fleischer (thank you AC360!)

BUDGET DEAL SCRUTINY, Rep. Ron Paul on policy riders, govt. spending: Anderson interviews Rep. Paul (R) Texas

BIRTHER ISSUE PUSHES TRUMP TO THE TOP, Is he serious about running for president?:
Piers Morgan was the expert because he interviewed President Obama's half sister (I am not making this stuff up) and Gloria Borger also contributed to the discussion

JAPAN'S FOUR-LEGGED SURVIVORS, Hardship for dogs after earthquake and tsunami: Kyung Lah



An ATA reader sent us a link to a Channel One video that features some of their former anchors giving advice to those interested in the news business. Here's AC's message:

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast

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ACAnderFan said...

Nice to see 360 giving us an update on the dog who was found floating on a pile of debris. So sad to hear about all the abandoned animals. I hope at some point the animals are able to be rescued.

The RidicuList was great. Loved Anderson saying Snooki gets a "Show up and throw up" fee...too funny. This was snakry Anderson at his best, loved it!

Anonymous said...

Tuesday night's 360 was the worst program in the last two months. And that's saying quite a lot considering Loesch was MIA.

Not sure who put the program together, apparently Anderson was too busy Tweeting to realize how totally aweful it was. From the crazy of Michelle Bachmann, the bashing of POTUS for the content of a speech he has yet to deliver, whiney Ron Paul, giving The Trumpster air time and having Piers (the British host of CNN's version of a talk show) weigh in with his opinion on US politics to once again giving Snookie air time. I know Snookie was the RidicuList and Anderson's snark can be funny -- but really, Snookie again?

The only segment worth my time was the one on the dogs in Japan.

I find it quite ironic that John King USA (based in Washington DC) started out tonight's program with news out of Egypt and a great report by Fred Peighten in Libya, while AC 360 was all just crazy politics.

There are so many important issues to be discussed concerning the debt ceiling, the budget debate, etc. Fareed Zakaria did an excellent job breaking down Scott Walker's proposed budget and how it won't do what it claims. And 360 presents us with Michelle Bachmann's crazy claims. In the past Anderson has ripped birther's to pieces, but Trump was treated with kid gloves.

I'm afraid AC360 has switched to full politics mode and it's Tea Party/Birther/Crazy politics. If that's the case, this long time viewer won't be watching. All I ask for is reasonable political reporting on important topics -- not every nut job being given a platform and pundit specuation on what might happen.

I got the impression that even Anderson thought most of the content rather silly. He seemed to be engaged during the report on the dogs in Japan and pretty much mocking the crazy the rest of the night.

Dear AC360, please go back to the international news, where your anchor was engaged, and report on US political news when it happens; not US political crazy.

I kind of felt like I was watching a bad reality program, not a news program. I know 360 can be better when effort is put into programming. The NY Times Journo special that was pre-empted Friday night would have been a huge impovement over tonight's program. Something tells me that while hyped, it will never see the light of day. And that's just sad, but so typical of 360.

360 has been on a roll lately, with mostly good program content and an engaged anchor. Unfortunately, something must have happened over the weekend.....

judy said...

I have to say I rather enjoyed 360 tonite because it had a good mix of stories.
Yes, it is true. Piers Morgan was made expert for the day and even worked for "The Donald," and won the Apprentice! Oh, now that's impressive!
The one question the media fails to ask Trump is what he has in common with the middle class or any class other than the top 2%. Someone has to remind Mr.Ego that WE vote, and we make up the other larger percentage of voters that he'd like to ignore.
The strongest segment had to be on the lost dogs, and stranded pets left behind in the nuclear disaster. What will become of them?
But it is good to know that the Japanese have pets and do care for their animals unlike other cultures who will not be identified.

Anonymous said...

@12:36AM; While I agree with you about the dog segment, you are wrong about the show being on a roll. Not ALL last week it wasn't.
Please check TVN ratings and see for yourself why international news was left out, and I for one am glad it was, unless AC is in the field with actual breaking news.

Anonymous said...

Friday Anderson's ratings were very high. The ratings seem to go up and down because it is strickly a news program. Not everyone wants too watch the news every day.
It was odd that the show had no news of Libya.
Not sure how much control AC has over what is on his show.

Anonymous said...

Tuesday's 360 was very good with a variety of new news stories. I really enjoyed Anderson bashing the looniness of Michelle Bachmann. More media needs to hold her accountable for all the crazy/stupid things she says. Bachmann was elected by the very conservative 6th district here in Minnesota, not by my own very sensible 4th district so don't blame me.

The interview with Ron Paul was okay, I don't like analysis/predictions of a yet-to-be-given speech and would take Piers Morgan over Dana Loesch as a political commentator any day of the week.

The segment about all the dogs and cats left behind in the evacuated area of Japan was so sad. I gave my cat Inky a hug and extra treats and promised never to leave him behind if an earthquake and tsunami hits Minnesota.

Loved the snarky Ridiculist regarding Snooki and look forward to seeing it again here on ATA this weekend.


Anonymous said...

@Anon 12:36pm: Why & when was Fareed Zakaria discussing a budget proposed by the Gov of Wisconsin?

Anonymous said...

The entire show was worth watching just for the hilarious rant on Snooki.
How much control does Anderson have on what and who goes on his show?
Also I don't think he can compete with the other networks just doing a straight news show. I know people who love and respect Anderson but only watch him when actual breaking news happens.They do not want to watch news on a daily basis. Doesn't help that the second hour is basically a re-run. Then a hour later the two hours repeat again. I do the ratings for Neilson and I make sure to record and watch the 7-9 block of the show. If i miss I know I can watch it again in an hour.

Anonymous said...

I watched the program last night and actually thought AC was having a mental breakdown and asked out loud "who is this guy?" The low was Bachmann and then things just got worse. After a while, I thought the show was a parody of the real 360. I don't know what happened, but I'm not watching if it happens again.

Asterisk said...

lame show..I tuned out half way through. Andy has been more a talking head then a reporter lately. He ran away from Japan, hid in a room in egypt. Why hasnt he gome back to the gulf to find that oil? Or staked out DC and ambushed people there? Or gone to Yemen, Syria or even Israel for the upcoming Gaza war?

This show was just news that isnt news.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 4/12/11 10:19 PM
Anderson had a funny twitter tonight. He said they were going to check on the stray dogs tonight in Japan? Some kid whose picture on twitter was him flexing his muscles, responded that Anderson should be worried about the people in Japan instead. Anderson's response was hilarious. He told the kid to " keep flexing little man, you'll get there".

Am I missing something? According to your comment this person gave their opinion. Where's the hilarity? Anderson's response seemed a little mean IMO.

Anonymous said...

I have been wondering why he is not out in the field also. He can not go to Syria because they will not give them a visa. Who knows may be CNN will not let him go to any of the places you mentioned.Last nights show did she a little off. I think sometimes 360 doesn't know what they want to cover. No direction from producers.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8:17 - Sorry, I meant Paul Ryan. (And it was Sunday on Fareed's program.) Guess I've been hearing too much about Walker in my local news lately and his name was on my brain while I was typing last night.

I would rather see 360 educate viewers on real issues, but they seem intent on just taking on the crazies.

Not saying much when people prefer Piers to Dana Loesch. I see it only as the lesser of two evils, not a good segment.

While I am very accepting of a variety of topics, I expect good content -- variety alone doesn't make a good program in my opinion.

I know the 360 ratings have been declining, but that's the news cycle. Doesn't mean you drop a story (the ME & North Africa) completely.

And speaking of ratings -- why do you think Piers was even on 360 last night? Could it be the man that CNN has invested in "save" CNN has ratings lower than Mr. Cooper's?

I've come to expect more from AC360 and last night's program was a huge disappointment to me.

aries moon said...

The fact checking of Bachmann and John Kyl was well done and an important segment, hope they keep this up for both parties as the political season kicks into high gear. Anderson's take on Snookie was hysterical.

Anonymous said...

I saw the tweet from Anderson and he's right, it was a "cheap shot" for that person to imply that he didn't care about what happened to the people in Japan, only the dogs. Unfair and untrue.

Anonymous said...

AC gets crazy stuff and attacks tweeted to him 24/7. I think the occasional mocking of one of those people is both understandable and amusing.

Anonymous said...

@1:54AM: Everyone's ratings were high on Friday because of the pending shut down of the federal gov't.
Again: Breaking News.