Monday, April 25, 2011

Birthers, War and A Wedding

Anderson Cooper was live at the AC360 anchor desk in NYC on Monday night taking on the birther issue.


BIRTHPLACE FACTS, NOT BIRTHER FICTION, Getting the story straight from the source: Gary Tuchman travels to Hawaii and interviews key officials in the Obama birth certificate saga

TRUMP DOUBLES DOWN ON 'BIRTHERISM', Claims Pres. Obama's birth certificate is 'missing': Anderson interviews Donald Trump by phone


Part 1

Part 2

FOLLOW UP DISCUSSION: Gary Tuchman and Jeffery Toobin

NATO HITS GADHAFI COMPOUND, Accused of assassination attempt: Frederik Pleitgen reporting

MISRATA UNDER SIEGE, Civilian areas under attack: Anderson spoke with Marie Colvin by phone

ROYAL WEDDING DRESS SECRETS: Isha Sesay reporting from London



Book Asylum came across a mention of AC in James Patterson's book Don't Blink.

The comment comes while the protagonist is filling us in on the press coverage of the murder and the prior trial coverage.

Vincent Marcozza was killed by a hitman while in a restaurant. He was a mob lawyer and had just failed to get his boss off of charges of usury. He had done a sloppy job of defending his client.
Toobin and Anderson are on CNN discussing the mob guy who was murdered in NYC (eyes plucked out as well) and Jeffrey Toobin says to Anderson Cooper, "Marcozza really took his eyes off the ball this time."

You can download the first 27 chapters of the Sept. 2010 book free at the Barnes and Noble website. The Cooper mention comes near the end of chapter twelve.

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast

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ACAnderFan said...

Anderson's interview with Trump was rather rather amusing. Typical bither, never answering Anderson questions. Does Trump not see how stupid he looks bringing up this birther crap.

Good for Anderson for defending himself on the RidicuList. Hannity playing a 2 second clip like that is stupid. Anderson does seem to have aged a good bit since 2003, still looks good!

Anonymous said...

@acanderfan The president is smart, and Donald Trump is intelligent :) It gonna get tough I think

judy said...

Thought there was a good mix of stories tonite and Gary Tuchman's segment was especially well focused on the health dept offical..and she's a Repub.
AC's in depth interview with The Donald wasn't exactly ruthless, but he showed determination in trying to get behind the spin.
It is obvious Trump can't stand the scrutiny.
Jeff Toobin's conversation was very enlightening by reminding AC:
"Don't bother Trump with the facts," on the birther issue.
The Ridiculous List was again ridiculous if only because it took place in '03, so what then was the point?
Good to see Isha in London enjoying herself.

Anonymous said...

@judy, if you had watched the segment tonight, you would have seen that Hannity's show about "media bias" was last week. Hannity used a clip of Anderson from 2003, but he used it last week! That was the point!

aries moon said...

Trump and all birthers should be ignored since they are incapable and unwilling to grasp facts. I wanted Anderson to push Trump much harder than he did, but AC could barely get a word in edgewise. Trump's claim about his birth certificate "investigators" in Hawaii was nicely debunked in Gary Tuchman's report. Apparently there aren't any.

I liked seeing Isha reporting on her own in London, it's too bad that it was for something relatively unimportant, but I did enjoy her banter with Anderson--she's quick witted and sharp.

Anonymous said...

Anderson seems to be excited about being in London for the wedding. Sometimes I think he volunteers for these assignments - they are fun for him, and he gets to travel on CNN's expense.

Anonymous said...

I liked the way Anderson handled Trump. He backed himself with facts. He let Trump hang himself,really coming off as an idiot.

Anonymous said...

I understand the need to address Trump on this because you don't want to seem like you gave him a pass, but as Toobin correctly pointed out, Birthers don't care about facts. If the Health Dept hand-delivered the original document to one of them, they'd say it was fake because it doesn't list religion on it or whatever BS they think is being hidden. No matter to them that NO ONE has that info on the certicate in Hawaii.
Trump annoys the hell out of me. Let's try to remember that he's not running for anything. And I doubt he will. He cares about all of Obama's personal details, but he's not going to share his own.

Nebraska Fan said...

It's becoming pretty obvious why President Obama won't produce his birth certificate or address this in any way - it simply wouldn't do any good. No matter what he does, someone will always say he is lying, or it is fake, etc, etc. This shows how smart he is - he had all of this figured out long ago and wisely decided not to beat his head against the wall like I sometimes feel like doing just from hearing about it!

Broadway Bound Bunny said...

Tis Birther thing is getting way out of hand, every site you go to has comments on it and some are really stupid and out in left field. And giving Trump another forum is just fueling the fire, though most people think Trump is an idiot. I hope tonight will be the last time CNN/360 devotes any time to the topic.

Anonymous said...

@2:29PM: Come on. There's bias in BOTH directions in the media and I did see the entire segment.
Hannity was wrong for taking something out of context and using it to fit his theme, and how many times has AC said negative "things" pertaining to Obama? He may believe he's born in the US, but he's not a supporter and neither is David Gergen.
Hannity was dead wrong for using something from '03 and splicing it, but if you don't want to sound "cheesey", let it go.

Anonymous said...

It will be fun to watch Trump on RidicuList.