Saturday, April 02, 2011

Care to Help Anderson with his Addiction?

On Wednesday this week Anderson Cooper put out a Tweet asking for suggestions for new TV shows to watch. We all know AC has a penchant for enjoying very diverse television programs but did you know he actually did a commercial for television addiction back in 1999?

While we're on the subject of Cooper and his viewing habits here's a clip with he and Erica Hill (April '09) discussing favorite television programs.

And it seems from this clip (July '09), even though he denies it, that AC has more than a passing knowledge of The Bachelor:

And we'll end tonight with an Anderson Cooper & company tribute to a classic television program, The Andy Griffith Show:

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ACAnderFan said...

Love Anderson's commercial for TV addiction. Its nice to see his snarky side. He has a great sense of humor and its too bad we don't get to see it more often on 360.

I remember all the controversy over Anderson asking the bachelorette how many of the men she hooked up with and slept with. I thought the controversy was ridiculous. Anderson was just asking what most people have thought while watching the show.

judy said...

Looks like AC is going to have talk show competition from none other than Katie Couric according to Huffpost.
Although she has not made any official announcement, it will be syndicated and start in 2012.
That leaves The Evening News position open and something tells me Erica Hill might just be in the running along with Scott Pale who is excellent.
Thanks for the back history of AC's Middle East adventures but right now his mind seems to be on syndication.
It will be interesting to see how he works in 360/Libya and a talk show that isn't about the news.