Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Emergency Budget Talks

EMERGENCY BUDGET TALKS UNDERWAY AT THE WHITE HOUSE Obama, Biden meeting with Speaker Boehner, Leader Reid: Details from Dana Bash

GADHAFI REGIME TOSSING OUT JOURNALISTS At least eight told to leave Libya: Discussion with Nic Robertson, Fareed Zakaria, Anne-Marie Slaughter

LIBYAN WOMAN SPEAKS OUT Eman al-Obeidy accuses Gadhafi soldiers of rape: Discussion with Nic Robertson and Reza Sayah

EMERGENCY BUDGET TALKS UNDERWAY AT THE WHITE HOUSE Obama, Biden meeting with Speaker Boehner, Leader Reid: Discussion with Gloria Borger, David Gergen, Dana Bash and Dan Lothian

EMERGENCY BUDGET TALKS UNDERWAY AT THE WHITE HOUSE Pres. Obama: "We just had productive meeting": Continued discussion with David Gergen, Dana Bash, and Gloria Berger

360 BULLETIN: Isha Sesay

The second hour continued with discussion from Gloria Borger, David Gergen, Dana Bash and Dan Lothian on the emergency budget talks at the White House but then went into the regular taped program.


Building Up America from Tuesday night's program

Also a young man tweeted that he had lunch with Anderson at Time Warner today. Here's the picture.

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast

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ACAnderFan said...

I could not get into 360 at all, though I do give them credit for having a little more variety on the program.

Nice pic of Anderson and the person who had lunch with him.

judy said...

Finally, finally, finally, in the eleventh hour, we heard from not only Dana Bash, whom I've missed, and David Gergen, but the POTUS!!
And then there was the Speaker of the House who as Dana pointed out, began to "tear up," after he was given a standing ovation.
I'm not sure why, he was given a standing ovation, nothing was accomplished. (Imagine what he will do when something is.)
But an enlightening discussion on President Obama's leadership or lack there of, was pursued.
Yes, it seems he does have a "different style of leadership, as AC politely referred to it.
Some would call it no leadership, but that's another show in itself.
Sooo glad to see the gang back.
Do ya think AC read this blog or could it have been he has been "ratings challenged" these passed few nites??

Anonymous said...

President Obama's leadership style may not be the way AC and the pundits would like it to be, but that doesn't mean he's not getting anything accomplished behind the scenes. Has everyone forgotten the lame duck session back in December?

Parker said...

@ Anon – 4/6/11 - 1.56 am

Firstly, can we dispense with the name-calling please. If you can’t have a civil discussion without the name calling, perhaps you should take your comments someplace else that suits that kind of temperament.

Secondly, whether I approve or disapprove of the term "alleged victim" has no bearing on my disappointment and disgust in some of the comments articulated over last 3-4 weeks, comments of which were directed directly at Anderson for his continued commitment in reporting on not just the crisis in North Africa, but lending his voice to the story of a young woman who had the courage to stand up and ask the world to hear her plea.

Additionally, from a legal standpoint, like it or not even in the most heinous of crimes the term "alleged victim" is used universally, and is used until a burden of proof has been established.

Lastly, unless you’ve walked a day in my shoes, witnessed the horrors I have both internationally and domestically, don’t you dare accuse me of “pontificating” or label my disgust at some of the comments on this blog as my “outrage is bogus”. You have no right to judge me unless you’ve lived a day in my shoes!

Parker said...

@Anon 4/6/11 – 11.17 am

I don’t have to be with CNN to articulate an opinion and/or respectfully disagree with some of the appalling comments made by certain individuals pertaining to the ongoing crisis in Northern Africa and Anderson’s coverage of it.

Like you said “we are not clones of one another or walk in lock step as in a dictatorship”. And, just as you suggested, I choose to speak out, as do you, we just have different terminology and articulate our selves differently I guess.

Parker said...

@ Anon/Sarah...4/6/11 – 12.09 PM

Please understand in my world, in my line of work WORDS MATTER.

No matter how big or small, no matter how unintentional or inconsequential an impact we think they may have, or we may have meant it to be, WORDS MATTER.

Anderson himself has used that statement over and over agian over the years, and I beleive in that statement – WORDS MATTER.

When you say quote ...“lucky us, we live in that part of the world where people are entitled to their own opinion”.

Your right, how we choose use that freedom and the impact that it has, is really up to each and every one of us...

Parker said...

@ Judy 4/6 – 1.34 am - this is in response to your response/comments referencing my April 05th comments which were made and posted April 06th...I am quoting you in response to your comments/statements...

judy said...4/6/11 – 1.34 AM
@Parker: While I respect your views and your well written accounts of your travels, who ever said "we accused AC of romanticizing this woman's story?"

Respectfully, it really does not faze me one way or another if you “respect my views or well written accounts of my travels”, because I doubt you will ever come to fully understand or appreciate where I was coming from nor would you comprehend the experiences I have had to bear witness to in my lifetime and that I sometimes choose to share here... Honestly, I really could care less what you think any more about what I choose to share, however, I would suggest to you, you may want to rethink your own choice of words “who ever said "we accused AC of romanticizing this woman's story?" before you accuse me of miss-quoting or misinterpreting what people say or mean... Case in point...

Let’s take a look at the exact wording of the comments made by “Anon/Sarah” shall we....and I am quoting her here....

“I feel that AC is captured by the romantic idea of the uprisings in the Middle East, in a way that prevents him somehow from looking at the bigger picture,.....”
Second last paragraph....Quote...
“I understand That AC approach to news is to explore the human side, the face behind the big story, but I feel that lately he is missing the actual story and falling into some romantic movie type of reporting”

To which a response from “Anon/Judy” 4/5/11 at 6/44 PM responded.... and I quote
Anonymous said...
@Sarah and Jennifer: I agree with you both. Strong arguments from each of you.
4/5/11 6:44 PM

Part of Quote...
I respect other people's opinions and you should do the same and stop interpreting what you "think" they said as opposed to what they actually said.
And it is about time AC stopped "sensationalizing," which is a much better analogy than "romantizing," certain aspects of the news for, oh my, RATINGS!!
Yes, now there's a word that might really throw some of us off the edge, to think that realistically, he may, just be doing this......” 4/6/11 1:34 AM

Matter of fact I respect most people opinions, whether I agree with them or not is another matter, what I do not appreciate, nor will I ever stand for is when people like yourself insinuate Anderson is Quote - “sensationalizing certain aspects of the news for, oh my, RATINGS!!” end quote - as you did in the above paragraph.

Comments like those just sicken me to no end for this simple reason – IT IS NOT, NOR HAS IT EVEN BEEN Anderson Cooper’s style of reporting of the News. He has been, and continues to be a man if integrity in his field of Journalism. To even suggest or imply he would use this story in that way is utterly preposterous and absolutely uncalled for.

Parker said...


@ Judy
Moreover just last week you suggested and I quote part of your quote which read....
(this was with reference to the nuclear power plant issue in Japan....)

Plutonium, according to recent studies, is very dangerous and a small amount can cause cancer in human beings. Having said that, I too am disappointed in this "stuck in a rut" mentality on 360.

Quote – “If Anderson is that interested in international news, than he should apply to CNNi and become a foreign correspondent and be done with it. This show no longer gives a 360 view of the world, it gives half a slice”.

Time and time again Anderson has had Dr. Gupta and Michael Friedlander talk about this issue, we know they’ve talked about it’s impact and long term affects, they’ve talked about the dangers and underlying issues reporting on a story like this when you are unable to verify facts onsite for yourself as a reporter, they’ve talked about people close enough to the site to report on actual day-by-day progress due to the dangers involved, they’ve addressed that time is of the essence in finding a fix to this damaged plant based on the potential dangers and long term affects, we know there are men risking their lives each and every single day to content with this issue, unless its MORE New updates on the progress of this chaotic situation there is made available, what more do you want them to tell us that they haven’t already told us?

Yes there are stories on the rescue and recovery efforts, but unfortunately, another crisis has erupted in Northern Africa that is holding the media’s attention at the present time, but to suggest “Anderson apply CNNi to become a foreign correspondent and be done with it” just because he chooses to focus on a part of the world that may or may not necessarily interest you, or on a part of his job that focuses on a story in Northern Africa that may or may not hold your attention, or on a story that matters to millions living in that Region or people dying for our help, to suggest he apply to become a foreign correspondent and be done with it is a little much, don’t you think? What about those folks in Northern Africa, don’t they matter, doesn’t their battle matter?

Anderson has dedicated his life to bringing us stories that matter. Certainly over the last couple of months the International Media focus has shifted to the crisis in Northern Africa, and if he had his way, he would be on the ground reporting from Libya or Syria or Yemen or Bahrain but that option has been taken out of his hands. At least he has the guts and the courage to stick with this story that matters to millions over there, despite what the ratings are doing for his show out here.

What saddens me most about your comments is it’s constant focus on RATINGS, and berating of Anderson’s intentions for Ratings. I just don’t understand you. This man’s job is about the story, it’s never been about ratings.

Granted there may be dozens around him whose life it is to worry about ratings, but why can’t you just see that to Anderson, he could give a hoot about ratings.


Anonymous said...

Parker, do you know why Anderson is not in Libya?

Anonymous said...

Last night was a really interesting show for me, which got me thinking (especially in light of yesterday's discussion here), that it's really impossible to please everyone. We are all different, so it may have been a great show for me but ACAnderFan says he couldn't get into it. There is no right or wrong here... just a matter of personal taste or interest.
I liked yesterday show because there was a good mix of topics. The Libya + Eman Al-Obeidy update was very good. I like Nic Robertson, there's something about him that strikes me as the "next door neighbor" type, the kind who works at a bank or some office and has the most regular life, but then he goes to the most dangerous places and does excellent reporting. I also like Fareed Zakaria, he is so knowledgeable and intelligent and has some sort of calm way of talking. The White House news was interesting and the panel was good. Not that I miss the pre-election shows, when all we got was a full hour of talking heads in a divided screen, but last night was a perfect amount for me. Am I the only one who sometimes misses Paul Begala? I don't always agree with him, but he is smart and his sense of humor has provided some great moments...
@Parker- I understand from reading your comments, that you have traveled and experienced a lot. I don't know you, or anyone else in this blog. Please, don't make assumptions about people you have never met. I don't plan to start a "who has seen more atrocities" competition, but let's agree that since this is an online blog and though the names we use feel familiar, we don't really know each other and we can't assume what other people may have or have not experienced certain things, just because it wasn't mentioned here. Sarah

Wonz said...

@Parker Thank you for sharing. My thoughts and prayers are with you and I mean that sincerely.

@Anon 10:49am -

If you look at Anderson's tweets, he had planned to go to Libya (bag was packed) and then got sent to Japan instead b/c of the earthquake/tsunami --

andersoncooper Anderson Cooper
I had my back packed for #Libya today, but will be going to #Japan instead. We'll cover both on #ac360 10p
11 Mar

And then this --

andersoncooper Anderson Cooper
@ @SusanWagener yes, I'm back. Was unsure of my travel plans when I left tokyo saturday, but ended up tonite here in NY
21 Mar

judy said...

@Parker: "I wouldn't comprehend the experiences I've had to witness."
"It does not faze me one way or the other if you respect my views or well written accounts....."
All I can say Parker is, MY MY MY!
And you call yourself respectful?
We must have hit a nerve and I'm absolutely delighted that you've spent 2 parts of your blog on ME!
Oh, am I worthy of such contempt?
How very thoughtful of you.
(Someone can't take criticism.)