Saturday, April 30, 2011

The End of A Storybook Day

It has been an extraordinary day here in London; and tonight it's now 3am and they are still celebrating, not just in homes across the country, but behind me in Buckingham Palace where the lights may be dimmed and off the external lights, but inside several hundred friends of William and Katherine's are drinking and dancing the night away. There were fireworks a few moments ago. The happy couple, of course now called the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. On this day where many in the Southern US are suffering, and so many in Syria and elsewhere are struggling; a global audience joined together today for a few moments to pause and watch a young couple start their new lives together. An heir to the Throne and his college sweetheart exchanging vows...

DEATH TOLL RISES FROM TORNADOES: A report by Anderson Cooper and follow up discussion with Reynolds Wolf and the mayor of Tuscaloosa

DEATH TOLL RISES FROM TORNADOES: Anderson's discussions with Rob Marciano in Tuscaloosa, AL and Martin Savidge in Smithsville, MI

360 BULLETIN: Tom Foreman

THE ROYAL PARTIES: A report by Isha Sesay



MOST MEMORABLE MOMENTS, Highlights from a day of Ceremony & Celebration: Anderson's discussion with Richard Quest, Hamish Bowles & Isha Sesay


ROYAL WEDDING, Most memorable moments of storybook day: Anderson's continued discussion with Richard Quest, Hamish Bowles & Isha Sesay (see tonight's extras regarding Anderson's experience with a "Bacon Buttie")


A MODERN ROYAL WEDDING, Kate & William's groundbreaking day ~



Some behind the scenes photos from today thanks to the AC360 Website and Cat Deeley ~

A behind the scenes video tweeted by Piers Morgan ~


And in case you missed it the full video from earlier today...

In addition to learning a few new British phrases, Anderson had a new "food experience" foisted upon him this morning during the Royal Wedding coverage. Piers brought him a "bacon buttie" after much discussion had ensued about said sandwich being served at the "Survivor's Breakfast" at Buckingham Palace on Saturday morning. Enjoy the video ~

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

360 was good last nite. Loved Anderson talking to Isha and Richard Quest about the wedding. Seems like Anderson had fun covering it. Anderson taking a bit of that nasty looking sandwich is funny.

Broadway Bound Bunny said...

Channel surfed last night to see what everyone had to say about the wedding and it was interesting. Barbara Walters did a little piece on the the wedding of Chuck and Di compared to the one of Wills and Kate, but it was different due to the fact that Babs brought up the fact that Camilla attended Chuck and Di's wedding - can you imagine.

As for British food well I partially agree with AC, it is different. Wimpy burgers are a burger chain there and serve the worse hamburgers ever. The only food I liked was the black currant jam on toast.

Welcome home AC, can we get back to real news and let's not include the Donald.

susan said...

Does anyone think Anderson will go to the south when he returns? I hope he does, but I doubt he will.

Em said...
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Em said...

WOW! What an awesome job you did blogging the coverage of the wedding. I know how many hours this must have taken. As always, the ATA bloggers are incredible!

Enjoyed catching as much of the coverage as possible. The wedding was especially fun for Mr and I since we were able to go to London in 2010.

On a more serious note, my thoughts and prayers go to the people of North West Alabama. My mother was born there and has been anxiously waiting for news about her family. Most of them have storm shelters and we are praying they are safe. I am hoping Anderson will go there when he gets home.

Thanks again ATA! Love the pictures and the clips...hope you get some much needed rest today!